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Welcome to the JyuKen Forever Channel. My Channel will bring you V-Logs, Megaman Reviews, PR/Sentai Reviews, Kamen Rider Reviews,Ninja Turtles Reviews and Problably some Transformers Reviews. My Name is Eugene so feel free to call me Eugene I refer my Viewers as Friends and I am a very easygoing guy. I am a Huge Gekiranger Fan and that is why my Channel is called the JyuKen Forever Channel. So Feel Free to check out my Reviews & V-Logs also be warn when I put a Review up the Comments will stay on only a week you can thank the Trolls for forcing me on doing this. So you can enjoy the Comments for a week and that it so if you don't like that I am sorry I had to get a Little Strict here. I purchase my Items from CS Toys, Mandarake, AmiAmi, HLJ, Riderproxy and sometimes ebay (Depending on their prices). Clearly my Passion will always be Super Sentai when doing reviews. So Thanks for Stopping by and JyuKen Forever...!

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