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United Kingdom
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About Randomised Gaming

Welcome to Randomised Gaming, this is our supporting YouTube channel to our tumblr gaming blog. Our videos are designed to showcase the huge variety of video games available to buy from both the domestic and import markets, both modern and retro.

The aim of Randomised Gaming is to review games at random, as chosen by a randomiser website. To help us with our goal, we create high quality video content to support our reviews. As a result all our videos use 1080p or 720p at 60fps and are captured directly from the original consoles where possible. Gaming emulators simply don't provide an accurate representation of many systems and we will only use them when we have no other choice.

Being able to capture from original consoles allows us to showcase games that most YouTube Channels haven't even heard of and we will continue to do so.

Want to know more about us? Then, read our first ever blog post here:

Blog: http://randomisedgaming.tumblr.com

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