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Hiyo! I'm a decent Super Mario Galaxy 2 player who likes showing interesting things in said game. However, this channel is for Mario in general. I'm very passionate about showing mods, so if you enjoy rom hack videos then consider subbing here as I'll probably show one you've never heard of.

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Can you beat New Super Mario Bros. Wii WITHOUT collecting any coins?
The true finale for New Super Mario Bros. Wii Coinless. Major shoutouts to Ceave Gaming and Gamechamp3000 who beat me to the punch. Expand the...
2018-10-14 4:19:16 AM ● 6,166 views ● 8:45 98.09% liked
DGR vs MayroSMM
2018-10-12 8:22:18 AM ● 1,584 views ● 2:23 99.50% liked
Full Mario Odyssey Hack & Biggest DS Game Ever?! - Mario Modding Spotlight
Trying something a little bit different. Please refer to my community post and Twitter if you're wondering where regular uploads went. LINKS!!...
2018-10-10 3:39:53 PM ● 4,311 views ● 6:32 99.73% liked
Super Mario Party - Mario loses because he is RARTED
What? He is. Art: Please read my community post if you are wondering...
2018-10-09 8:56:11 AM ● 1,989 views ● 3:15 97.84% liked
Whomp's Domino Ruins - Super Mario Party Coinless (No Commentary)
Whomp's Domino Ruins, finishing the game with 0 coins. Harder than it looks. I have no intentions of making this into a series. For more details...
2018-10-06 10:11:36 AM ● 2,425 views ● 5:16 98.29% liked
Now THAT'S pretty backwards (New Super Luigi U Hacks)
Catch my livestreams at... honestly it's whenever I feel like it. Just hit the bell if you want notifs. Not gonna force ya. But yeah I'm making...
2018-09-30 6:39:26 AM ● 3,359 views ● 4:16 98.07% liked
[MKWii] Bowsette's Crown Castle - Release Trailer & Download (Texture Hack)
Crown Castle holds a Corrupter which takes the pure and supplies them with a Super Crown. But what happens when an unknowing Bowser enters the...
2018-09-25 1:15:01 PM ● 8,906 views ● 1:26 89.37% liked
Puffprod Peaks WITHOUT Touchscreen, Microphone OR Powerups! (Super Mario 3D World Challenge)
If 90 degree walljumps are so good, why didn't they make 45 degree wallju- oh. Improved it. Probably no coinless this week - episodes take hours...
2018-09-24 4:47:52 PM ● 2,214 views ● 1:51 99.57% liked
High Bounce Highlands WITHOUT Mushrooms or Powerups! (Super Mario 3D World Challenge)
J4N Chan from my comments section taught be some interesting rosalina tech that I had never seen before so I thought I'd use it for some 90 degree...
2018-09-21 8:12:42 AM ● 4,014 views ● 2:34 98.72% liked
Sprawling Savanna Coinless Update [Orange] - Boomerang Strat
We were discussing how this could be done in my discord server ( and then Froggo (
2018-09-20 7:33:55 AM ● 2,040 views ● 0:12 100.00% liked