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Channels With The Most Views

1.Chile ZetaSSJ362,721,710
2.United States DashieGames348,665,095
3.Japan ちはやYT341,450,351
4.Italy Antonio Palmucci274,055,807
5.Japan ぽこにゃん243,401,574
6.Japan Fate Games241,139,377
7.United States GameGrumps185,978,406
8.United States packattack04082142,915,032
9.Japan CO-DAのぐっばいちゃんねる!140,654,635
10.Japan たくっち140,524,242

Channels With The Most Videos

1.United States Nintendo Thumb15,474
2.Germany DarkX2 - Nintendo Gameplays3,695
3.Canada Retro Zen1,083
4.Germany Troplay1,019
5.Japan ちゃあ/chaa's895
6.Japan ちはやYT890
7.United States Blue Television Games839
8.Japan Fate Games818
9. Gamercouch809
10.United States StephenPlays720

Latest Let's Plays For Super Mario Maker

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-04-18 チョコ。[マリオメーカー2]Insane Asylum [70s]1:5021,187
2021-04-04 ChizPlaysI LOST THIS LEVEL BY ONE PIXEL [MARIO MAKER]9:1527,452
2021-03-28United States Nintendo ThumbPULP FICTION by ROODY 🍄 Super Mario Maker #anl1:47728
2021-03-25Finland Joel Plays Ytfortnite suomi areena grindausta7:4010
2021-03-12United States TheKennyDubzMario Maker: The Midnight Run #132 - We help each other4:2199
2021-03-10United States CrazyMarioBrosBowser Jr Plays SUPER MARIO MAKER23:17620,497
2021-03-03United States GTLiveRoss Brought BACKUP! | Super Mario Maker 2 (Super RubberRoss World ft Alpharad, GameGrumps & More)46:5199,252
2021-01-19Brazil Variation PlayerSuper Mario Maker - O Jogo Maldito Gameplay Playthrough9:54438
2021-01-10United States Newbornkilik Plays!Scalpers are after OUR FIRST CLEARS! - First Clear 411:1227
2021-01-03Germany Tromator LPLPT ShellShock #145 [German/Deutsch] |Let's Play together7:452
2020-12-25United States KaffeineGamingSanta's Helper - Plague Inc - Merry Christmas!14:5347
2020-12-06United States MetalSmasherGamingSunday Longplay - F-Zero: A New Beginning (SNES ROM Hack)1:00:291,109
2020-12-05United States rokninRoknin Plays MARIO MAKER on a HITBOX [EP 19] - SUGAR PLUM DESERT26:4611
2020-12-03United Kingdom premydaremyCLASSIC SONIC LEVEL CREATOR GAME!!!14:3012,905
2020-11-19 GamercouchSony DualSense Wireless-Controller für PlayStation 5 Unboxing^^ [DE]/[1440p60]9:1644
2020-11-14 WeegeepieLuigi Plays: SUPER MARIO MULTIVERSEEE (SUPER MARIO MAKER ON PC!!!)8:58835,068
2020-11-06United States StephenPlaysNoxious Noteblocks | Morning Mario #11505:497,666
2020-10-25 TheConsole KillerThe Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (Wii U) Unedited Easy Mode Playthrough (Missing Footage)2:03:4337
2020-10-25 Bananasaurus RexRex plays Super Mario Maker - Part 2!5:36:0644
2020-10-23Austria Sir WarrockLet's Play - Desperados 3 - 061 - Auf zum Cañón del diablo39:496
2020-10-17United States King CanePLAYING HILL CLIMB!!!8:2153
2020-10-16Germany ChaosEmerald95Let's Play Super Mario Maker (Deutsch) Part 11 - Arinomäßiges Ende44:5027
2020-10-04Singapore MeltyTVgenshin impact - world rank up quest - AR 35 - Adventure rank ascension 215:33153
2020-09-27 inmortalgamesDolphin MMJR y Citra MMJ Regresan , Super Mario Maker Engine Actualizado, Super Smash Bros Crusade?10:4314,978
2020-09-07United Kingdom MCW UKLevels Created Using Only 12 Items! Super Mario Maker 2 12 Item Challenge Playthrough Round 231:03:2045

Latest Reviews For Super Mario Maker

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
6 days agoCanada COGconnectedGame Builder Garage Review - Powerful and Accessible6:33947
2021-05-02Australia Silent ManMERRELL TWINS' PROM KNIGHT Review17:21238
2021-03-26United States Gamer Guys and Gals ReviewsHellbreachers Achievement Help and Reviews32:4514
2021-03-09Ireland BroGameTime ✔Super Mario Maker Wii U19:201,061
2020-09-06Peru Jairo MakerSMMWE 2.0.0 B3 android Port REVIEW | Super Mario Maker World Engine3:1715,019
2020-08-24 Foxman productionMetal Mario, Mario Maker, And Dry Bowser Plush Review5:34400
2020-08-06United States NintenGod 1Super Mario Maker REVIEW - The Nintendo God5:554
2020-05-23United States Nintendo DadsLevelhead Review4:35844
2020-05-09United States The Catholic Gaming NerdSuper Mario World (SNES) Video Re Review12:4922
2020-05-07United States TimeToGrindLevelhead Is A Better Version Of Mario Maker | Levelhead Review10:343,987
2020-02-20United States Lone Bear GamerMy Gaming Reaction: Dashie's Tricky Castle (Super Mario Maker) World Record [YouTube] #RoadTo200Subs3:473
2020-02-09 Fatal MephistoTHE CHILL ZONE - Mini Reviews and other topics1:36:4546
2019-12-14Austria Ceave GamingWhich New Item, is the Best New Item in Super Mario Maker 1.2 ?12:38621,273
2019-10-26Canada FleakeeFiver $$$ + Panga Level = 👏 Edit 👏 Review14:4786
2019-09-19 GameXplainNintendo Switch Lite - REVIEW8:33200,675
2019-09-17 Maniac536Mario Kart Cake from Cold Stone Review - Maniac’s Kitchen (1080p HD)9:181,880
2019-09-09Germany SynLetoLet's Review: Super Mario Maker9:213
2019-08-17United Kingdom Today I PlayedSuper Mario Maker 2 - Today I Played2:4722,762
2019-07-29United States Ashley and Lancelot ShowSuper Mario Maker 2 Review4:1012
2019-07-17United States BeatEmUpsI'm NEVER playing Mario Maker 2 again because of this...12:42239,358
2019-07-16Australia Good Game: Spawn PointSuper Mario Maker 2 | Game Review4:432,121
2019-07-16Canada Games CageSuper Mario Maker 2 - REVIEW (Story, online & EVERYTHING)8:20101
2019-07-14United States MumblesVideosGame of 2019? - Super Mario Maker 2 - MumblesVideos Game Review9:46152
2019-07-13Mexico GameOverXMINI REVIEW MARIO MAKER2:351,367