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Generally focused on gaming and other random shit I upload (Marine Corps experiences, fun party times, etc). I enjoy video editing during my downtime so whatever creations I come up with usually end up on here. Check out my livestream at in order to interact with me live.

XBL Gamertag - TF Cobra493

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Ground Branch Developer Interview Q&A
I speak with John and Kris from Blackfoot Studios about Ground Branch and what is to come. Broadcasted live on Twitch - Watch live at
2018-10-11 7:59:06 PM ● 174 views ● 1:09:48 100.00% liked
Ground Branch: New Map Showcase
Showcasing the new map that came back from an early build called Storage Facility. Playing with randos. Exciting things coming.
2018-10-06 3:37:36 PM ● 469 views ● 9:22 100.00% liked
SCUM: The Taxman Adventures #2
Part 2 of the Taxman adventures on the Thunderdome RPPVP SCUM server. This part we encounter Little Lady (again) with the Trader and collect...
2018-09-30 9:11:30 PM ● 72 views ● 18:30 100.00% liked
Ring of Elysium: First Person Duo Slaying Victory
Bighead and i slaying bodies as we proceed on to hit that final circle and extract by helo testing the first person mode. - Watch live at
2018-09-27 12:09:27 PM ● 41 views ● 18:46 100.00% liked
Ring of Elysium: Tactical Toolbox (3rd person)
Sharing what I know from my experiences in Ring of Elysium. This shit works for me. Take what works for you, dump what doesn't. Live:
2018-09-23 11:46:34 AM ● 94 views ● 8:50 92.31% liked
My First Game Of Ring of Elysium
Firing up Ring of Elysium for the first time. I must say...i like it....I like it. Free to Play? How can you beat that? - Watch live at
2018-09-19 9:03:50 PM ● 116 views ● 24:25 100.00% liked
CoD: Blackout Battle Royale Impressions and Victory Reel
My impressions and some solo and duo kill/victory reels featuring Whiskeyfive, two Marines slaying bodies and doing what we do best. Watch Live...
2018-09-17 6:13:57 PM ● 69 views ● 11:21 90.91% liked
CoD Black Ops 4: Bighead Is A Beast!
This just happened on Blackout Beta for Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Epic crazy panic to slaying. Nuts. - Watch live at
2018-09-16 9:32:01 PM ● 100 views ● 0:48 85.71% liked
Insurgency Sandstorm: Versus Body Slaying
Learning the versus game mode and adapting. - Watch live at
2018-09-14 5:07:29 AM ● 172 views ● 15:45 90.00% liked
Scum: Taxman Adventures
The taxman comes to collect on Scum. Just some Roleplay / PVP action. Server IP: FILL IT UP AND PLAY
2018-09-08 11:28:57 PM ● 406 views ● 10:56 96.43% liked