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Generally focused on gaming and other random shit I upload (Marine Corps experiences, fun party times, etc). I enjoy video editing during my downtime so whatever creations I come up with usually end up on here. Check out my livestream at in order to interact with me live.

XBL Gamertag - TF Cobra493

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Insurgency Sandstorm: Pre-order Beta Co-op
Delving into Insurgency Sandstorm's Co-op during the pre-order beta cycle. - Watch live at
2018-08-10 10:23:20 AM ● 389 views ● 18:45 95.24% liked
Splitgate Arena Warfare Alpha: Operation Supply Drop 8 bit event.
the mil-spec stream team decided to conduct an event for the developers of Splitgate. Was more than happy to oblige. Very solid gameplay for...
2018-08-05 8:53:59 PM ● 81 views ● 9:25 100.00% liked
Let's Play
Update and Month of August plans
Just an update on what has been going on and what is soon to come this upcoming month.
2018-07-31 3:53:07 PM ● 110 views ● 1:38 100.00% liked
The A-Positive Team Episode 1
THIS IS MEANT TO BE HUMOROUS (Pull the stiff stick from your ass) A priest, a redneck, Mr. T, and a beach bum walk into a bar....or into a military...
2018-06-17 8:03:02 AM ● 683 views ● 1:15:13 96.67% liked
ARMA III Al Rayak Offensive - Veteran Recon Team (Recon Marine Team Leader)
All veteran recon team with an 11B, 11M (old school), 0311 (myself), and 0321 team leader. All great friends of mine. Conducting zone reconnaissance...
2018-05-24 7:00:01 AM ● 2,825 views ● 1:39:34 96.88% liked
ARMA III Murphy Ops - Tank Bustin and Blackfish Gunship
Recon patrol gone bad which turns into busting of enemy armor assets.
2018-05-06 2:11:12 PM ● 809 views ● 35:22 92.86% liked
ArmA III Al Rayak Offensive - Operation Hulk Fist (OPORD included)
Rapid assault on oil facility in conjunction with a Marine assault on oil derricks.
2018-05-03 7:09:42 AM ● 1,072 views ● 40:45 94.59% liked
ARMA III Bloopers - Easy Landing
Or you know.....maybe not so easy landing... twitter: twitch: Youtube: you're on...
2018-05-02 9:03:42 AM ● 399 views ● 1:01 81.25% liked
ARMA III Al Rayak Offensive - Nighttime Helo Cast Oil Site and Airfield Raid
Pardon the breathing, Im getting sick. Nighttime insertion via Helo Cast to recon the area, turned into a raid opportunity to hit vital enemy...
2018-04-26 9:21:43 AM ● 889 views ● 1:28:37 90.00% liked
ARMA 2 (2009)
ARMA III Al Rayak Offensive - Water Insertion, 2 Man Recon Team
New map, new challenges. After conducting the COIN operation in Kunduz, TF ZFG has been deployed to Al Rayak to conduct reconaissance missions...
2018-04-25 8:51:14 AM ● 2,231 views ● 44:25 97.67% liked