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Generally focused on gaming and other random shit I upload (Marine Corps experiences, fun party times, etc). I enjoy video editing during my downtime so whatever creations I come up with usually end up on here. Check out my livestream at in order to interact with me live.

XBL Gamertag - TF Cobra493

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Ground Branch: Mod Map Showcase, Antibes
Matt Farrow (Fatmarrow) allowed me to showcase his Antibes map that's designed for Ground Branch implementation once mod support goes live. Many...
2019-01-11 12:39:00 PM ● 569 views ● 7:57 97.06% liked
Insurgency Sandstorm: Versus Killfeed
I've been playing a fuckton of Insurgency Sandstorm and decided to pull some footage from my livestream for you all. Also fucking with a new...
2019-01-10 8:53:30 AM ● 498 views ● 10:56 100.00% liked
Ground Branch: Drunk OPORD
Lots of booze and hilarity. No, he doesn't actually talk like that but this was done for humor. Those of you who've lived the life will appreciate...
2019-01-02 11:38:46 PM ● 1,128 views ● 12:26 96.08% liked
Last Video of 2018 With Some Questions Answered
I answer a few questions this New Years Eve and usher in 2019 with bourbon. Happy New Year to all of you.
2018-12-31 4:47:57 PM ● 363 views ● 4:44 100.00% liked
Ground Branch: Gaming With Devs. Depot Night SAW.
Gaming with the dev build team and Kris from Black Foot Studios (lead programmer). Doing some coop clearance of Depot at Night (arguably one...
2018-12-30 7:07:45 PM ● 989 views ● 25:38 97.14% liked
ArmA 3: From The Vault. Liberate The Oppressed.
Merry (late) Christmas. Here is my gift to those who have been craving my ArmA footage. This is from around 8 months ago that I never got around...
2018-12-27 10:21:06 AM ● 538 views ● 38:58 95.65% liked
ARMA 3 (2013)
Ground Branch: Dev Build Test Team VBSS (12/10/2018)
Ground Branch dev Build team conducting a sweep and clear on Tankership map. Was awesome to play with these guys and feed off of each other in...
2018-12-13 11:56:50 AM ● 7,907 views ● 13:34 98.28% liked
Ground Branch: Pistol Challenge On Dev Build (12/09/2018)
You guys wanted it. I provided it. Got into the dev build testing with AI improvements and I enjoy challenges so why the hell not. Enjoy. Watch...
2018-12-10 12:26:58 PM ● 3,234 views ● 9:04 100.00% liked
Star Citizen: Checking Out The Hammerhead
I fired up Star Citizen three days ago and was super surprised at how smooth it was playing and functioning. My buddy informed me of this new...
2018-12-03 8:31:08 PM ● 227 views ● 13:21 100.00% liked
Ground Branch: Practice: 4 man element.
Practicing with 4 bodies. Also Dave's first day on the game. Brilliance in the basics. Getting acclimated to each other and constantly evolving....
2018-12-01 4:06:00 PM ● 12,748 views ● 8:39 97.18% liked