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My channel is about everything that encompasses my life and where I'm at. For example, if I go somewhere I'll make a driving video. If I figure something out I'll make a tutorial video and share it with others. If I'm stuck at home exploring the internet I'll find something interesting and make a useful website video. I like landscape photography which is reflected in a lot of my videos too. I like a good photo slideshow. Although most of the photos I use are mine, I do use public domain material at times. My main hobby is collecting and trading banknotes. I have a rather large volume of banknote videos on my channel. I also collect ceramic pigs and PEZ dispensers. I also do some rants and vlogs. I try my best not to ramble on and keep my videos nice and short. Recently my product review and Bigfoot videos have gained a little traction. I just create what I want. Do what makes you happy and the journey you have here on Youtube will be a lot less stressful!

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