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About Dinoracha

Hello all, I play video games and commentate over them; a very original premise I'm sure! My 'gimmick' however is to make videos that're great for easy viewing and to strike up conversations about the video game industry. Specifically why we play them and the feelings we get out of them.
I mainly produce Let's Play series, but I also cover games in semi-review/critiques while trying to be comedic. I also fire out the occasional one-off gag video and stream both here on Youtube and Twitch currently, all of which you can be notified by following me on Twitter. All those links can be found under the Details section.
While my upload schedule is sporadic due to my health, my intentions in the long run is to build a platform that will allow me to spotlight lesser known games either that have been produced or are in production that could use more eyes on them, direct viewership to different charitable organizations and to raise greater awareness on mental health. Let's save the dang world.

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