Taiwan, Republic of China
Taiwan, Republic of China

Terengineer實況主阿祐 is a Taiwanese content creator on YouTube with more than 1.14 thousand subscribers, with his content totaling roughly 660.33 thousand views views across over 2.82 thousand videos.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/terengineer實況主阿祐

About Terengineer實況主阿祐

Hey guys, my name is Terengineer, someone know as Wilson Connor.

I'm YouTuber, and live streamer, sometime has vlog video, I'm got friend channels, I'm upload video, and live stream was 100% perfect, last 4000 hours mission not completed!

So hope you guys this channel, please don't forget subscribe!

This channel rules(Live stream for live chat rules in description down below):
1. Do not attack this channel, if you do it, you got break rules!
2. Do not report this channel, except someone break rules!
3. Do not call emergency, except for real happened!
4. This channel only speaking Chinese, and English!
5. Do not say my mic is very bad from video comment!
6. Do not spam in this channel for video comment!
7. Do not put unknown link, and nsfw link in this channel for video comment!

If your doing break rules, sorry you got blocked, and reported!

Sponsored in the business inquiries the e-mail(Legitimate only, strictly prohibited illegal).

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