Terengineer #SaveTF2 #FixTF2

Terengineer #SaveTF2 #FixTF2

Taiwan, Republic of China
Taiwan, Republic of China

Terengineer #SaveTF2 #FixTF2 is a Taiwanese content creator on YouTube with more than 1.31 thousand subscribers, publishing more than 4.56 thousand videos which altogether total approximately 763.87 thousand views.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@Terengineer

About Terengineer #SaveTF2 #FixTF2

👋Hey guys, Terengineer here, The Gaming YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, and Live Streamer!~

💪Hope you guys this channel, Subscribe! Smash like button👍! Turn on Notification🔔! And Shout-Out📢!

👮This channel rules:
To do✔️:
1. Only speak Traditional Chinese, and English(Except Earthquake monitoring live)!~
2. Seriously call my Nickname!~
3. Some Viewer violation rule(s) can Report!~
4. Real Happened can Call Emergency!~

Strictly prohibited🚫:
1. Hack, and Attack!~
2. Report all(Except some viewer violation rule(s))[Malicious will be permanent block]!~
3. Call Emergency(Malicious will be permanent block)!~
4. Put unknown link, and nsfw link!~
5. Press dislike button👎!~
6. Any political!~
7. Announcement anything(Except Terengineer owner channel)📢!~

⚠️If you do it a violation rule(s), 1st remove, 2nd report, 3rd permanent block, and report(With joined Terengineer Discord)!~

🤝Sponsored in the business inquiries e-mail(Legitimate only, Strictly prohibited illegal!~).

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