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The Tragic History Of Kong & How He Lost His Parents To The Skullcrawlers
In kong skull island, we learned of kongs isolated existence, being the only one of his kind left alive, but the history of kong and his parents...
2019-02-20 6:00:06 AM ● 3,240 views ● 7:47 99.71% liked
Alien TV Series Is An Animated Alien Isolation Web Series recently broke the news that there may be an animated r rated series in the works, an alien isolation web series to be exact. I...
2019-02-20 1:36:24 AM ● 4,747 views ● 4:26 98.91% liked
Story Details REVEALED For Avatar Sequels
James Cameron has revealed exclusively to empire some key elements about the story for his avatar sequels and how family is playing a key role....
2019-02-19 9:14:03 AM ● 4,248 views ● 3:25 99.15% liked
VENOM Concept Art Is Nightmare Fuel! R Rated Venom
Concept art from jared krichevsky reveals a very clearly r rated version of venom #sony #venom #news amazon Affiliate link -
2019-02-19 8:45:37 AM ● 7,723 views ● 2:15 98.77% liked
Hellraiser REMAKE Is In Discussion Stages Says Jason Blum Of Blumhouse
cinemablend has recently spoken with Jason Blum of blumhouse productions and he has echoed what was previously stated by Miramax ceo, they are...
2019-02-19 8:16:54 AM ● 3,642 views ● 4:29 99.58% liked
New Image Reveals HARD R Scene For Hellboy Reboot
A new image has surfaced showing just how bloody and hard R the new hellboy reboot movie will be! hellboy spoilers -
2019-02-19 7:50:15 AM ● 4,438 views ● 2:25 98.59% liked
Darth Bane Dark Lord Of The Sith - Star Wars Explained
Darth bane was a dark lord of the sith with an expansive history and story in the previous expanded universe for star wars, with the wiping of...
2019-02-19 5:45:04 AM ● 1,943 views ● 4:49 98.47% liked
Netflix Officially Cancels The Punisher & Jessica Jones
thats right folks, Netflix has come out and officially cancelled Jessica jones and the punisher, marking the end to the marvel tv shows on the...
2019-02-18 1:47:13 PM ● 6,483 views ● 2:48 98.46% liked
The Rizzle Horror Short Film Review - Short Sighted EP 3
today I review an entry to huluween, the sizzle, a short film that was submitted to me by the writer and director, Josh Tanner. current short...
2019-02-18 12:45:35 PM ● 1,054 views ● 13:06 99.41% liked
Suicide Squad 2 NOT A Reboot? Harley Quinn Rumoured To Appear
as per the title, suicide squad sequel is now potentially not a reboot at all, as Harley Quinn is rumoured to appear. #suicidesquad #suicidesquad2...
2019-02-18 9:12:25 AM ● 1,779 views ● 2:12 98.72% liked