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Gaming, anime, and comedic content that's OVER 9000!

Hello wonderful people. I am The Black Mastadonte. On this channel, you will find a unique collection of gaming related videos, an assortment of anime discussions, and a TON of comedy. If you are into gaming, anime, or just love to laugh, then you are definitely in the right place. So sit back, relax, and enjoy my unique brand of creativity and comedy.

Sunday: New Episode of #AskDonte (my q&a series)
Wednesday: Live Stream of the Donte Anime Academy Podcast (an anime discussion podcast)
Thursday: New Episode of the Donte Anime Academy Podcast that was live streamed the night before
Friday (sometimes): New Episode of Honest Gaming History

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You Should've Had My Back! | Static Shock X Freedom Ep. 3
With Static and Freedom now working as a team, protecting New York City has become MUCH easier. However, they share different opinions on certain...
2019-01-10 10:25:21 PM ● 2,374 views ● 18:36 100.00% liked
Do You Wanna be a Team? | Static Shock X Freedom Ep. 2
After Static and Freedom share their secret identities with each other, they begin to develop their bond. However, with a new threat arriving...
2019-01-04 4:57:43 PM ● 1,909 views ● 18:19 99.64% liked
It's been real 2018! [VLOG #34]
I can honestly say that 2018 was the best year of my life. I started the year gunning with the goal of growing my channel and now that the year...
2019-01-02 4:00:02 PM ● 1,672 views ● 14:56 99.29% liked
Who I Really Am | Static Shock X Freedom Ep. 1
In New York, there lies a hero who guys by the name Freedom. He gained the powers of super speed and time manipulation from an illegal experiment...
2018-12-28 3:58:45 PM ● 6,420 views ● 13:34 99.45% liked
After asking me for about a year now, I finally fulfilled your wishes. YOUR BOY IS NOW SELLING MERCH ON TEESPRING! I am selling 3 custom designed...
2018-12-26 8:00:03 AM ● 614 views ● 2:41 100.00% liked
People think that motivation is the most important thing in the world. Without motivation, you feel like you're allowed to feel like garbage...
2018-12-21 4:00:03 PM ● 3,252 views ● 11:09 99.80% liked
On this episode of Honest Gaming History, I cover one of the BEST gaming characters to ever be created. Today, I give you the full story of Nathan...
2018-12-07 3:58:20 PM ● 22,209 views ● 26:46 99.47% liked
THE POKEMON LEAGUE!!! | Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Part 6 (LIVE)
After a long playthrough, we finally made it to the end of this awesome game. On this episode of the Pokemon let's Go playthrough, we challenge...
2018-11-23 7:12:08 AM ● 1,918 views ● 2:34:30 98.06% liked
These Legendary Birds are ANNOYING!! | Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Part 5 (LIVE)
On this part of the Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu live playthrough, I begin hunting the legendary birds by starting with Zapdos. My GOD was catching...
2018-11-18 9:47:28 PM ● 1,955 views ● 3:50:48 98.72% liked
Taking Down Team Rocket! | Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Part 4 (LIVE)
On this part of the Pokemon Let's Go playthrough, we finally put an end to Team Rocket and continue collecting more gym badges. - JOIN THE CHANNEL...
2018-11-18 9:42:03 PM ● 1,635 views ● 4:29:48 100.00% liked