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Gaming, anime, and comedic content that's OVER 9000!

Hello wonderful people. I am The Black Mastadonte. On this channel, you will find a unique collection of gaming related videos, an assortment of anime discussions, and a TON of comedy. If you are into gaming, anime, or just love to laugh, then you are definitely in the right place. So sit back, relax, and enjoy my unique brand of creativity and comedy.

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Sunday: 930PM - 11PM
Monday: 9:00PM - 11PM
Tuesday: 9:00PM - 11PM
(The schedule is subject to change as I get used to streaming more. However for now, these are the day that you can expect to see me streaming.)

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods - What REALLY Happened
Experience MY rendition of the story told in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. No script! No research! Just me telling you what I remember and how...
2019-03-08 3:58:18 PM ● 11,960 views ● 14:31 99.50% liked
[Mortal Kombat] The Story of Raiden
Mortal Kombat 11 is rearing it's beautifully brutal head, and I personally cannot WAIT for the game to drop. However, I for one know that the...
2019-03-01 3:58:45 PM ● 30,355 views ● 12:33 99.23% liked
[Mortal Kombat] The HONEST Origins of Sub-Zero
Mortal Kombat 11 is right around the corner, so we don't have a lot of time to go over everything that happened before this in the Mortal Kombat...
2019-02-22 3:58:12 PM ● 23,653 views ● 11:22 99.18% liked
[DmC: Devil May Cry] The Honest Origins of Dante
With all the MAIN Devil May Cry characters already explained on this channel, and Devil May Cry 5 just around the corner, it's time that we cover...
2019-02-15 3:57:45 PM ● 40,371 views ● 13:01 98.87% liked
[Bayonetta] The Story of Bayonetta
At long last, it's time that we FINALLY cover a female character in Honest Gaming History! So in this episode, we cover the famous Umbra Witch!...
2019-02-08 3:58:15 PM ● 31,101 views ● 17:17 99.66% liked
Bayonetta (2009)
I AM TRASH AT THIS GAME! | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Online Gameplay)
So I am trying something new/old this time. Since streaming apparently does more harm than good for channels like mine, I decided to record my...
2019-01-26 4:00:09 PM ● 3,272 views ● 13:02 100.00% liked
I DON'T WANNA BE STATIC! | Static Shock X Freedom Ep. 4
Static's and Freedom's worst enemies decide to team up to take out the two heroes. Will they be able to defeat this combined threat? Find out...
2019-01-18 3:58:16 PM ● 4,402 views ● 18:50 99.17% liked
You Should've Had My Back! | Static Shock X Freedom Ep. 3
With Static and Freedom now working as a team, protecting New York City has become MUCH easier. However, they share different opinions on certain...
2019-01-10 10:25:21 PM ● 3,905 views ● 18:36 99.75% liked
Do You Wanna be a Team? | Static Shock X Freedom Ep. 2
After Static and Freedom share their secret identities with each other, they begin to develop their bond. However, with a new threat arriving...
2019-01-04 4:57:43 PM ● 6,814 views ● 18:19 99.21% liked
It's been real 2018! [VLOG #34]
I can honestly say that 2018 was the best year of my life. I started the year gunning with the goal of growing my channel and now that the year...
2019-01-02 4:00:02 PM ● 2,427 views ● 14:56 99.08% liked