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War Robots Bulgasari Still good in 2019 ??
War Robots Bulgasari Epic Gameplay. after the Bulgasari shield was nerfed to the ground , and more powerful content got released , is it still...
2019-02-15 8:49:45 AM ● 4,904 views ● 12:59 92.69% liked
War Robots Best Hangar for 2019 (No Modules, No boosters)
War Robots Best Hangar for 2019 with No Modules or Boosters. This is how far i was able to upgrade my hangar (with a help from Premium) and i...
2019-02-12 12:21:25 PM ● 11,862 views ● 14:02 91.56% liked
back to War Robots with a new Test Server video. Today we got a New Hangar Redesign , is always i like to Review things that comes free to everyone...
2019-02-09 7:27:42 AM ● 7,977 views ● 10:02 87.47% liked
Path Of Exile Energy Shield (Everything You Need to Know)
Path Of Exile - Everything You Need to Know about Energy Shield. Hello Guys and welcome to a New Path Of Exile Tutorial video , Today We cover...
2019-02-02 3:22:39 PM ● 1,649 views ● 6:04 88.52% liked
Path Of Exile Full Elder Fight (Righteous Fire Build)
Path Of Exile Full Elder Fight with Righteous Fire Build. i will be covering what build i used in the next video but for now you guys can enjoy...
2019-01-29 9:18:56 AM ● 896 views ● 4:48 82.22% liked
Path Of Exile All Elder Guardians Walkthrough
Path Of Exile All Elder Guardians Walkthrough. Here you See me Using my New Righteous Fire Build inspired by another YouTuber (Righteous Fire...
2019-01-26 11:04:43 AM ● 844 views ● 8:02 87.72% liked
Path of Exile
Path Of Exile - Apex Of Sacrifice Full Run (Budget Build)
Path Of Exile Apex Of Sacrifice Full Run. One of the the hardest Boss runs in this game for new Players , however i managed to beat it with 0...
2019-01-22 11:49:57 AM ● 987 views ● 11:22 84.21% liked
Path of Exile Best Build for Beginners (Fireball)
Path of Exile Build for Beginners. Hello again Fellow Exiles , in Today's video we got a fire based build intended for new players and even those...
2019-01-16 9:36:05 AM ● 1,300 views ● 14:17 75.61% liked
The Rise of Path of Exile and Fall of Diablo
Path of Exile Vs Diablo summed up. Path of Exile is super fun , i am finding hard time leaving my PC to do anything while i can sit down and...
2019-01-12 8:50:17 AM ● 1,874 views ● 10:05 88.55% liked
in Response to War Robots YouTubers (and the Mobile Gaming Market)
Very important notice: This video is protected by Fair use and freedom of speech Laws that YouTube Follows , any Legal Action Taken against this...
2019-01-01 12:55:59 PM ● 17,473 views ● 16:41 91.31% liked