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Hey guys it's MarshalONE and I'm aiming to create a fun and chill community for people to hang out, ask questions, and have a good time. I'm going to do my best to support and help anyone I can. I want this channel to be a positive force for good! I'm mainly playing FPS games but I can play anything else at any time! I'm here to run away from real life problems and enjoy in games. Will try to stream as much as I can anytime I feel good and I'm in mood. I don't have fixed schedule so make sure to click that bell button or follow me on social media. Hope we gonna have good time !
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Escape from Tarkov - Relaxing
Escape from Tarkov relaxing montage made from Lab kills that I had on my PC. Enjoy and thx for watching! ● SUBSCRIBE ME ON YOUTUBE:
2019-03-14 2:49:15 PM ● 220 views ● 4:26 95.83% liked
Escape from Tarkov - Maybe Montage
Escape from Tarkov montage made from Lab clips. Hope you gonna enjoy. Thanks for watching! ● SUBSCRIBE ME ON YOUTUBE:
2019-03-11 1:41:33 PM ● 668 views ● 3:07 93.88% liked
Dirt Rally 2.0 Polo GTI PC Gameplay - GTX 970 (2K)
Testing Dirt Rally 2.0 on my MSI GTX 970 4g. Working very nice on ultra settings while keeping my temps on minimum. In this video I'm using Polo...
2019-03-10 2:07:36 PM ● 267 views ● 3:48 100.00% liked
DiRT Rally (2015)
Escape from Tarkov - Laboratory Montage
Here is my first montage in Escape from Tarkov. Decided to edit my laboratory clips and make one nice video out of it. Hope it's worth your time...
2019-03-06 5:53:31 AM ● 814 views ● 4:51 91.49% liked
How to render videos in 2K & 4K with Camtasia Studio 8 | Camtasia 9 (2019)
In this video I will show you how to render your videos in 2k or 4k resolution, works with Camtasia Studio 8 and Camtasia studio 9. Also I think...
2019-03-03 8:40:46 AM ● 155 views ● 3:25 100.00% liked
Forza Motorsport 7 - GOLF 7 Top Speed 367 Km/h (PC Gameplay)
Forza Motorsport 7 is a racing video game. It features over 700 cars and more than 200 different configurations to race on across 32 locations...
2019-03-01 12:45:00 PM ● 203 views ● 4:13 100.00% liked
Diry Rally 2.0 - Ford Fiesta R5 Gameplay (PC)
Playing Dirty Rally 2.0 with Ford Fiesta R5 on PC, this is my 2nd time playing this game so please don't judge my corner cutting or driving line....
2019-02-25 12:44:38 PM ● 196 views ● 3:55 90.00% liked
Dirt Rally 2.0 Max Settings i7 7700 - MSI GTX 970 4g PC Gameplay
Check out how well the MSI GTX 970 performs in Dirt Rally 2.0 at Max settings using a resolution of 1920x1080, playing on PC with keyboard without...
2019-02-24 2:53:26 PM ● 727 views ● 2:52 97.44% liked
DiRT Rally (2015)
Escape from Tarkov vs Contract Wars Weapon Comparison (Snipers & More)
In todays video I've compared all Snipers and shotguns from Contract Wars to Snipers and shotguns in Escape from Tarkov version 0.11.2. As developers...
2019-02-21 8:40:00 AM ● 988 views ● 12:06 95.52% liked
Escape from Tarkov vs Contract Wars Weapon Comparison (Assault Rifles)
In todays video I've compared all Assault Rifles from Contract Wars to Assault Rifles in Escape from Tarkov version 0.11.2. Also in this videos...
2019-02-19 10:41:32 AM ● 721 views ● 9:33 93.22% liked