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1. LVNDMARK231,854,387
2.Australia Pestily218,282,301
3.United Kingdom Battlestate125,656,866
4.United States AlsoAqua76,354,807
5.United States DISTRUCT71,519,494
6.Korea, Republic of 씨랙71,210,076
7.United States Siege Tales69,045,369
8.United States JesseKazam59,387,530
9.United States Airwingmarine57,559,860
10.United States General Sam57,105,242

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1. LVNDMARK3,411
2.Russian Federation ХАН БАТОН TV2,379
3.Australia Pestily2,321
4.Denmark Lundoff1,888
5.Korea, Republic of 씨랙1,634
6.Canada Autoalai - Tarkov1,609
7.United Kingdom Piranha1,603
8.United States Airwingmarine1,545
9.Russian Federation GREEK1,510
10.United States JesseKazam1,407

Latest Let's Plays For Escape from Tarkov

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2 days agoUnited States D FizziLDFiZZiL plays ESCAPE FROM TARKOV with FRIENDS, using a Quadstick mouth controller!0:000
2 days agoEstonia FliNNSolo Playstyle That Carries Tarkov...19:55530
2 days agoUnited Kingdom Influential PI FOUND A FRIEND!!! - "Duos Time" - S02EP39 - Influential P Plays ESCAPE FROM TARKOV46:3447
3 days agoUnited States RectorolIt's hard to find good help these days2:5884
3 days ago GoalseyHe Needed ONE MORE PISTOL KILL (You Should Help Your Friends Too) #tarkov0:32465
5 days agoKorea, Republic of VeryBadSCAVThis Website Actually Helps A LOT to Identify Cheaters10:287,781
6 days agoUnited States Malice_PlaysStreets main Plays Streets #escapefromtarkov2:40:3813
6 days agoUnited States 🏝️Z, Queen Of Random🏝️🔴Noob Tasking, Chill Vibes!11:54:57166
6 days ago WaitImCheatingDoes Tarkov Arena Help Your PVP Skills? - Escape from Tarkov12:101,439
2024-04-06United Kingdom Eternal SoldierEscape From Tarkov - Questing / Scaving / Helping Timmys - 6th April4:11:2723
2024-04-05 NoGeneralsThese Rats can’t handle this Playstyle - Escape From Tarkov12:553,360
2024-04-05United States KlemintimeDoes the Core 0 Process Lasso Tweak Help Your FPS in Tarkov? (LIVESTREAM)4:02:36506
2024-04-05Korea, Republic of PocketPokko[VOD] POKKO Plays Escape From Tarkov! [EP.21]2:13:4126
2024-04-03United States RekonsileBobbing and Weaving in Real Life Helps ;) #escapefromtarkov0:29444
2024-04-02 Klonter77 Lets Play Gaming KramEscape From Tarkov #5 - Scav Raider sind BÖSE46:0810
2024-03-30 Daily Does of TwitchEscape from Tarkov: Epic Fails and Amazing Plays6:140
2024-03-30Poland Oloo92 LIVEProject L33T PL Po Polsku EFT LIVE Gameplay ALPHA Konkurencja Dla Tarkov Dzień 29:15:561,905
2024-03-30United States Meticulous Tech🔴LIVE - PART 18 - LEVEL 24 - A NOOB PLAYS ESCAPE FROM TARKOV2:48:1041
2024-03-27Canada leth1Why Talking Helps in #escapefromtarkov0:4511,864
2024-03-26Denmark Ramdolph Oppalot GamingWhen a bad joke makes your brain crash #shorts0:31438
2024-03-26United States AlphaTubeAlpha's Weightlifting Challenge Tarkov Edition1:00449
2024-03-25United Kingdom xDemonicPlayZxJust Proving I don't Use Filters While Playing Tarkov Only On Stream To Help Viewers See More.1:008
2024-03-23Germany MentroX7Lets Play Escape From Tarkov - Einsamer USEC #0122:5542
2024-03-20United States IcepickXIIIbe a diversion0:15215
2024-03-16Canada bwenduhUSE FOOTSTEPS TO MAKE PLAYS #gaming #twitch #funny #streamer #clips #moments #escapefromtarkov #fps0:30434

Latest Reviews For Escape from Tarkov

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3 days agoUnited Kingdom Commando GreenEscape From Tarkov | Weapon Reviews AK-103 Ep4 ᴴᴰ15:1814
5 days ago RatCEORating YOUR Rat Clips! 🐀 || Community Clip Review (Escape From Tarkov)8:00664
2024-04-03United States genoooI reviewed MY OWN VIEWERS SETUP on STREAM... | Viewer Setup #230:11157
2024-03-31United States MrMemeAfter Further Review!0:59364
2024-03-27Canada King Hyphy Gaming🔴-LIVE-ESCAPE FROM TARKOV-DAY-4-0:000
2024-03-03United States Heffy GTony Hawk Pro Scavver (Tarkov .14 Compilation)17:4670
2024-02-29Germany SirHansVader EFTTarkov Arena Review: Guter Patch aber trotzdem ein Flop?!8:355,476
2024-02-27 dreambingerCamping in Tarkov / The Curse Review14:1121
2024-02-22Greece SlothyTechBest DNS Servers for Escape From Tarkov - Ranked & Reviewed2:502
2024-02-12United States Timster918Escape From Tarkov- Patch 0.14.1 Full Review!!8:5182
2024-02-07United Kingdom LoveMittThey Shouldn't Of Doubted Me - Escape From Tarkov Arena2:2740
2024-01-24Russian Federation Fanz HollПЕЛЬМЕНЬ АРЕНЫ ШРЁДИНГЕРА №16 #games #review #игры #shorts #escapefromtarkov #eft #russia #обзор1:0024
2024-01-12United States J B (LT5chw1fty)💥Walk w. Me - a Customs Scav [Raid in Review] (RiR)👀💥 || EFT Full Raid Ep2 || #lt5chw1fty #eft13:1230
2024-01-08United States ChainzThe Best Patch in Tarkov Yet... and It'll Only Get Better10:03700
2024-01-07Australia Javs TechRTX 3060 Ti | Tarkov Arena Performance Review | 1080P, DLSS, 5800X3D11:011,198
2024-01-07United States Dredgen XurEscape From Tarkov: An Honest Review12:17916
2024-01-06United States FlipBrosEscape from Tarkov: Arena | Should you play? | No Bull**** Review4:58507
2024-01-01United Kingdom BeardedbobLive NOW - Grandpa Gamer Tackles Tarkov with FinalMouse ULX11:54:59539
2023-12-29Canada J Dog th3 WiseNOW Is The Best Time To Play Tarkov | Patch 0.14 Review | Escape From Tarkov10:5052,559
2023-12-28United Kingdom Simply FishyTARKOV ARENA: An honest experience and review27:35726
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2023-12-18United States JaronSummit1g Reacts: Arena Is A Hot Mess - Tarkov Arena Review by Pestily16:52124,629
2023-12-17Australia PestilyArena Is A Hot Mess - Honest Escape From Tarkov Arena Review21:47437,005