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5.United States TheDevildogGamer28,587,859
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1.Korea, Republic of Gusuk Malamust1,311
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7.United Kingdom Piranha788
8.United States YoungSaulz723
9.Germany Doctorwue672
10.Russian Federation Анька Трямс601

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2 days agoUnited States lil indigestionOne Raid A Day [DAY 64] -- Escape From Tarkov .12.9 playthrough28:055
4 days agoUnited States MortusEscape From Tarkov: Rags to Riches [S4Ep24]1:00:401,107
4 days agoUnited Kingdom Sips - Live!Sips Plays Escape From Tarkov - (4/2/21)2:05:353,737
2021-02-20United States GHostLPsLet's Dick Around - Escape from Tarkov (SP Mod 0.12.9) - 13 Hunting the Hunter24:0953
2021-02-08United Kingdom Xander SweetmanEscape from Tarkov - Multiplayer Fun!4:17:3032
2021-02-02Ireland TweaKTWEAK REACTS TO YOUR EFT CLIPS! Big Plays & Funny Fails | Escape from Tarkov18:2524,316
2021-01-29 summit1gSummit1g Helps Viewers Make Money in Escape From Tarkov11:5944,282
2021-01-21Philippines PeenoisePlaysWE ESCAPED FROM TARKOV AGAIN - PEENOISE ESCAPE FROM TARKOV #310:2537,640
2021-01-20United States MarkstromTVMonster AK101 Plays | Escape From Tarkov10:273,804
2021-01-19United States FreakEasyLuckiest Scav Spawn Yet! (Escape From Tarkov)25:5840
2021-01-16United Kingdom ASMRplaysASMR: ESCAPE FROM TARKOV - RAIDING DORMS!35:18307
2021-01-12Germany PureChris🔥BEST of @Knueppelpaste #02 🔥 | Escape from Tarkov | GER/PC | PureChris8:382,493
2021-01-11United Kingdom MagpieGamingPharmacist Quest Help - ESCAPE FROM TARKOV5:4247
2021-01-09Philippines VANILLABlue Keycard Spawn on Custom - Peenoise Escape From Tarkov12:103,952
2021-01-09Germany Dhalucard"ROTE MÜTZE" ist GNADENLOS... 🎅 - ♠ Escape from Tarkov ♠25:5816,189
2021-01-07United States Twitch PogChampShroud Plays Escape from Tarkov | January 4, 202141:00633
2021-01-05Germany mouzAkrobatDer große Tarkov Playthrough 2.0 "Erster Raid" [Gameplay - Deutsch - Escape from Tarkov]59:3218,433
2020-12-27Canada xQcOWxQc Plays Escape from Tarkov with Shroud!49:05162,412
2020-12-15Spain OskuroGAMEPLAY PRE-ALPHA 0.01.06 - MARAUDER EN ESPAÑOL23:511,208
2020-12-02United States SwampFoxTVThe Helpful Scav - Escape from Tarkov9:343,680
2020-11-04United Kingdom SacrielShroud, Klean, and Sacriel help a FIRST TIME Tarkov Player12:053,869
2020-10-12Russian Federation OffinersВыживаем в Escape from Tarkov3:41:023,002
2020-10-07Russian Federation VORDOG#VORDOG КОМАНДЫ МЕЧТЫ ► escape from tarkov ► Все Для Вас1:00:2424

Latest Reviews For Escape from Tarkov

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4 days agoUnited States PMA_Nomad_GamingEscape From Tarkov (EFT) Cheat Sheet Walkthrough17:4658
2021-01-11Netherlands KRASHEDEscape From Tarkov - GUN REVIEW : UMP45 - KRASHED13:5516,051
2020-12-04Spain GaTu ReviewsEscape from Tarkov: 1001 maneras de morir (en pocos segundos)1:56:3041
2020-11-28Australia GameReviews AUBadlanders Android Gameplay | OPEN BETA | SHOOT N LOOT | ESCAPE TO WIN | BATTLE ROYALE30:5171
2020-11-26United States JaronSummit1g Goes Insane...13:1170,958
2020-11-16Austria M-TECM-Review Escape from Tarkov /Beta Test/ Stauraum Simulator mit Potential11:2745
2020-11-03Germany xHeavenBadlanders (iOS) ⚡️ Das neue Escape from Tarkov? - Review (Deutsch / German)20:17549
2020-10-27 OnepegThe WW1 Chaos That is "Beyond The Wire" - A Review10:541,242
2020-10-25United Kingdom DanExertNEW 12.8 Review w/ KS-23, RFB, Animations & More | Escape From Tarkov News15:00166
2020-10-22Germany SuWu84New Pistol - Escape from Tarkov 12.8 - M45A1 vs M1911A1 Pistolen und Munition Review / Mod Guide4:32440
2020-10-20Germany iRedsevenKS-23 THE CHAD KILLER - Escape From Tarkov 12.8 Weapon Review 202011:254,898
2020-08-17Ireland TweaK1V5 INTERCHANGE SQUAD PVP | RAID REVIEW #11 | Escape from Tarkov | TweaK31:1413,853
2020-08-08Lithuania Crazy SeedWeapon review | Mods + Bullets + Spread | AKM VPO-209 | EFT6:531,913
2020-07-08United States SwitchCornerVigor Switch Review | Free to Play Escape From Tarkov?14:228,850
2020-06-22Canada The Crescent ArcadeEscape from Tarkov : Beta Test Review & Gameplay11:1755
2020-06-17United Kingdom MagpieGamingRMT's Banned & Ping Limit Review - ESCAPE FROM TARKOV4:10953
2020-06-01United States KareetiBEST Portable LED LIGHT For FILMMAKING on the GO!11:30160
2020-05-29France Jeuxvidéo NextEscape From Tarkov (Game a la veille de la Wipe)35:3615
2020-05-25United States GobotchEscape from Tarkov | 2020 REVIEW | Is EFT worth buying as a Casual or Newcomer?15:0345,137
2020-05-13Canada DeeEggsEscape from Tarkov Inventory Review3:3448
2020-05-12 animalito 1000escape from tarkov, podremos salir vivos!1:03:2720
2020-05-08Australia PestilyNew Guns! M1911 & PPSH - Details and Review - Escape from Tarkov14:10174,659
2020-05-08United States VeritasCan You Spot the Enemy? || Escape from Tarkov Interactive Gameplay Review10:3484,839
2020-04-27United States NoiceGuyTarkov 12.5 The Good & Bad - Escape from Tarkov Initial Patch Review2:1621,307
2020-04-25Brazil Léo Da AkatsukiTarkov TV Review Patch 12.5 NA PRÓXIMA SEMANA! (PT BR) - Escape From Tarkov15:50175