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Top 5 Resident Evil Waifus
Everyone's got a waifu! No matter what fandom! Strong, independent female heroes are something to be celebrated after all, even if some people...
2018-11-22 12:33:28 PM ● 329 views ● 8:49 72.73% liked
Love on the Battlefield - Toonami Inspired
"Do you think love can bloom? Even on the battlefield?" In the same vein as classic Toonami music videos. Love on the Battlefield is...
2018-08-09 11:10:11 AM ● 108 views ● 1:09 100.00% liked
How Persona 5 Marries Gameplay & Story
Balancing mechanics and narrative elements in a game is a tough act. But when done right, it can create a cohesive experience for players. Here...
2018-07-12 4:00:00 PM ● 225 views ● 10:00 100.00% liked
Persona 5
Persona 5 (2016)
How The Legend of Korra Improves Upon Avatar: The Last Airbender
There are three important factors that LOK improves upon from ATLA, which give LOK its own personal strength and identity as a sequel. Though...
2017-09-26 3:30:24 PM ● 41,889 views ● 12:18 77.11% liked
Why You Should Play Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
Capcom has once again breathed life back into the series and has taken it another direction. Here's why you should play the brilliant return...
2017-07-21 4:00:01 PM ● 1,031 views ● 9:31 81.82% liked
Why Does Weight Matter in Video Games?
Weight in video game combat is incredibly important. There are 2 extremely essential parts of weight that can greatly affect how amazing a fight...
2017-06-22 4:21:11 PM ● 667 views ● 9:45 89.47% liked
Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa) - Review
The latest from acclaimed director and animator, Makoto Shinkai. Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa) is a visual masterpiece that tells the story of how...
2017-04-25 4:00:03 PM ● 619 views ● 3:13 100.00% liked
3 Major Elements to any Good Horror Game
Over the many years, horror video games have really evolved and changed the meaning for what comprises a true scare. Even though the genre and...
2017-04-20 2:00:00 PM ● 5,924 views ● 10:41 97.54% liked
Let's Play
INSIDE (2016) - Ludonarrative Harmony
INSIDE is the perfect example of Ludonarrative Harmony, and how games can blend together gameplay and story elements, in order to sync player...
2017-02-23 1:06:12 PM ● 171 views ● 10:00 87.50% liked
Inside (2016)
How Is Overwatch so Addidcting?
This video explores how the map design of Overwatch intuitively teaches players how to play the game. Written and edited by Killermontage References:...
2017-01-19 4:49:12 PM ● 310 views ● 13:19 93.33% liked
Overwatch (2016)