Top 100 Channels From Ireland With The Most Videos

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Ireland based on the most published videos on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelVideosLatest VideoLiked
1.Ireland Android Games13,072Hay Day Level 104 Update 66 HD 1080p11:1676.92%
2.Ireland jacksepticeye4,255I Made A SHRINE To Ireland In Minecraft - Part 2651:4599.15%
3.Ireland TheApexHound3,191My Plans For FIFA 20 - Career Mode & Volta Football3:4890.48%
4.Ireland Games4Kickz3,151The Dark Pictures: Man Of Medan | Part 5 | Ending1:05:07100.00%
5.Ireland Dazran3033,072SUPER MARIO MAKER 2 | Expert Endless Streak 3211 to 3431 w/ Dazran303 [Part 2]6:40:0391.30%
6.Ireland Little Lizard Adventures2,992I built an ENTIRE CITY in a GRASS BLOCK!10:0998.41%
7.Ireland CreepersEdge2,523This RICH Minecraft base made a MASSIVE ERROR.. (RAIDED!)19:3698.81%
8.Ireland nubkeks2,469"A Little Bit of Everything" comp // Teamfight Tactics35:19100.00%
9.Ireland Little RoPo & The MineVengers2,315Minecraft - HOW TO BECOME PENNYWISE FROM IT CHAPTER 2!19:0195.59%
10.Ireland DUBS2,309NEW PORSCHE MACAN IS PRETTY FAST | Forza Horizon 411:5098.62%
11.Ireland DBG2,2112k gave michael jordan 3 hof badges but is he the GOAT in nba 2k20 myteam?....12:0998.10%
12.Ireland RSP2,209*32 SECS* Fortnite Max Height WORLD RECORD? - Fastest 90s0:33
13.Ireland Little Carly Minecraft2,004GET BACK TO WORK! (Little Carly Roblox).14:4794.61%
14.Ireland Little Kelly Minecraft1,983MINECRAFT IS... SCARY !!! Finding the SCARIEST Mine... in Minecraft| Little Kelly Survival #434:0296.42%
15.Ireland Sharky Minecraft Adventures - The Little Club1,961BABY ELLIE IS BRAINWASHED BY BENDY AND BORIS THE WOLF !! Minecraft (Custom Roleplay) w/ Little Kelly16:2994.93%
16.Ireland MagickCore1,944Monster Hunter World Iceborne: Co-op Part 10 | MR2 - MR3 Barioth | 2P2:05:00100.00%
17.Ireland BigBossIncarnate1,916Blair Witch PC | Is this a Scary Game? | Bad Ending7:20:3694.29%
18.Ireland Rubycored1,818Big Kahuna Reef 2 (2006, PC) - 06 of 79: Levels 54~63 [1080p60]28:36100.00%
19.Ireland Web Summit1,777#CollisionConf 2019: You got the moves but have you got the trust?24:59100.00%
20.Ireland Delphron1,776Going Deep - Wildcraft #221:48100.00%
21.Ireland Syntac1,756THE BAD ENDING... FINALLY FIGURING OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO MIA! - Green Hell [Storymode Part 11]26:3298.28%
22.Ireland PotatoMcWhiskey1,738I made a retro gamers worst nightmare in arcade form - Arcade Tycoon18:1194.68%
23.Ireland Donut The Dog - Minecraft Animations1,709Monster School : IT CHAPTER 2 SEWER CHALLENGE - Minecraft Animation13:0694.48%
24.Ireland Dee Bee Geek1,680After 20 years he actually wins......12:2997.55%
25.Ireland Setanta Eurasia1,646October on Setanta Sports1:31100.00%
26.Ireland IGS - Impact Game Station1,638Reading Rush | Release Date Trailer1:26100.00%
27.Ireland Rusted Ground1,604[TWITCH VOD] - Darksiders II - Part 4 - [BLIND PLAYTHROUGH]3:48:30100.00%
28.Ireland AloversGaming1,570Pokemon LeafGreen Playthrough Part 34 - Three Island's Biker Gang Needs Manners!19:16100.00%
29.Ireland Kawaii Games1,483Tomb Raider: Legend (GAMECUBE) 100% ALL SECRETS Walkthrough Gameplay NO COMMENTARY5:03:0394.29%
30.Ireland Ross Mahon1,474Star Wars: Bounty Hunter - Gardulla's Palace12:08100.00%
31.Ireland Retro Q Gaming1,449Quack Experimental Podcast Episode #24 - Borderlands 3 DRM, Gamestop troubles & more1:04:2775.00%
32.Ireland Softwerker1,262Endlos Material Inc?⚙️ Let's play Minecraft Enigmatica 2 Expert [S2E26][German/Deutsch][1.12 modded]40:17
33.Ireland Caolan Robinson1,219Spyro in CTR Nitro Fueled6:51
34.Ireland Conor3D1,207[GLITCHED EVENTS] How to get NINE FREE EVENT ITEMS | Roblox10:0895.73%
35.Ireland AllCast Irish Gamers1,204European Games Week = CANCELLED ?????10:09100.00%
36.Ireland Terroriser1,195THIS IS WHAT IT'S LIKE TO RECORD WITH VANOSS...(Minecraft Bloopers)12:3099.16%
37.Ireland MrJreapers1,144Darksiders 2: Blind Lets Play: Journey For The Golden Compass Part 211:56100.00%
38.Ireland Krwawy Joe1,131The Forest #11 - Prezent urodzinowy - Zagrajmy16:10100.00%
39.Ireland Eastyy1,129Sonic Smackdown training mode with Shadow4:17100.00%
40.Ireland BlueBlur The Legend • BlueBolt Gamer1,106AKIRASONIC First Alpha Release | Hack Showcase4:14100.00%
41.Ireland ShellzHD1,102The Last Ever Juventus Career Mode on FIFA | FIFA 19: Juventus Career Mode #122:110.00%
42.Ireland Derek Foley1,010Foley's Games of August | 201922:05100.00%
43.Ireland Al Valentyn997Warcraft Legion | Black Temple Timewalking | Subtlety Rogue PoV46:0492.31%
44.Ireland EireBornFenix968Takeshi's Hastle │ CS:GO Funny Moments10:2999.54%
45.Ireland Bolloxed956★Just Released!★ Black Mesa: INTAKE PRIME - Full Walkthrough14:1197.51%
46.Ireland Chris The Irish Gamer925more work on the map and just chillinng on giants editor1:28:4896.55%
47.Ireland Tactical Potato911This Bad ass Bullet Sponge Battle11:2993.53%
48.Ireland Mecha Gaikotsu893Is the New RG Nu Gundam Worth The Extra ‎¥90?! - Jet Effects Review‎15:1097.73%
49.Ireland Shepples864Tenebrous Dungeon Review (The Video Game Autopsy)15:26100.00%
50.Ireland Call Me Kevin862Bear Simulator but I can barely stand it13:5199.59%
51.Ireland CherryRsR843Goodbye.3:1497.97%
52.Ireland RTGame818We tried to cook food using only our elbows in Brunch Club ft. QueenRhianna5:4198.94%
53.Ireland MrEmeralddragon799St Patricks Day Collection The Montserrat9:560.00%
54.Ireland QubicTom799Nachos and Fried Oreos - 15 FINAL - Tarred and Dunked23:19100.00%
55.Ireland CreatingBeyondLimits799It All Makes Sense - Death Stranding - Briefing Trailer Reaction11:11100.00%
56.Ireland KantoKairyu793*LIVE* CROSS-PLATFORM MINECRAFT! Live Bedrock Minecraft Survival With Members!1:31:44100.00%
57.Ireland iFerg774This MECH Battle Royale Experience is INSANE! ( Super Mecha Champions)14:5388.41%
58.Ireland Real-Time Commanders768Taskforce 21 Team Hub Channel - Videos, Streams and more!1:15100.00%
59.Ireland Lossy767New Snow Map: Insurgency Sandstorm Update 1.4 (Sandstorm Gameplay)12:5798.41%
60.Ireland RopeDrink751Dead Frontier ☠ Heading to SEZ [Sneaky Stream]2:38:32100.00%
61.Ireland Veneke748Hearts of Iron 4 Death or Dishonour | The Reich surrenders | LP #3723:0895.24%
62.Ireland Эйзенхайм663ЛЕТСПЛЕЙ с ПОДПИСЧИКАМИ на ТЕЛЕФОНЕ 2 СЕРИЯ ГОРОД КРАЯ Minecraft Pocket Edition Выживание на Сервере12:1397.25%
63.Ireland Cranked661FIFA 20 DEMO HYPE - Playing Viewers on the demo !2:31:5382.81%
64.Ireland CaptainConco645TMI #16: Catch-up Session!11:1287.50%
65.Ireland Vanessa Randall632PS4 Date a Live Rio Reincarnation Limited Edition4:45
66.Ireland ShadowMeowstic627Megadimension Neptunia VII - LEANBOX GOLD TOWER!!! (PART 53)31:33
67.Ireland Loud Mouth Gaming601MHW : Iceborne (About God Damn Time) Pt5 More Iceborne3:33:48
68.Ireland Alpha Pyxis594🔴No Man's Sky🔴 Finding Home! (PS4) #563:01:42100.00%
69.Ireland WintersGaming59127 - Winters Top Tips Series - Recruiting from New Romulus4:4090.91%
70.Ireland BFViking572Is There a Future For BATTLEFIELD 5?.....(It Isn't Dead?)6:4690.00%
71.Ireland Vmancool571The Crew 2 Lets Play Part 8 Final Street Racing Event And P1 Gameplay and Customization12:51100.00%
72.Ireland Game-Smack544VR Stream (Crawling of the Dead, Blade and Sorcery, Contractors) - 16/09/20191:29:54100.00%
73.Ireland MadSkillzzTV540My Healer Main & Why | WoW Classic - World of Warcraft13:2393.24%
74.Ireland ShadowRealmFox505Megadimension Neptunia VII - LEANBOX GOLD TOWER!!! (PART 53)31:33100.00%
75.Ireland KickaDan504TIME TO KILL SOME BEASTS!! : Conan Exiles Stream #23:12:17100.00%
76.Ireland Oolykee Gaming502Surviving Mars GP - Curch Of The New Ark - EP.942:09100.00%
77.Ireland Mysterious Jojo488Shinji And Warhammer40k: Chapter 19 - Don’t Cry For Me, Tokyo-3 (Part 3)2:50:29100.00%
78.Ireland IceShimmer x476WWE- Sasha Banks Custom Entrance Video (Titantron)1:5396.23%
79.Ireland RedKai Revolution456updates3:09100.00%
80.Ireland Ballsdotie440Sports Direct Hurling Skillset Challenge: The Final2:31100.00%
81.Ireland TooOld4Gaming434WE ARE THE BEST TEAM EVER!10:56100.00%
82.Ireland ModernRetroGamer406Entering Metropolis: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Episode 1629:1087.50%
83.Ireland JellyFix390Biggest Tsunami 2019 Global Warming20:4694.07%
84.Ireland SpitfireSpud386The Surge 2 Trailer1:46
85.Ireland Husii Show383Theo Got Stuck! | Celeste #3 (Full Stream)1:00:59
86.Ireland thePsychGamer365Festival of the Lost - How to get to the Haunted forest PS416:46100.00%
87.Ireland Lythero364UMvC3 Top 8 at Celtic Throwdown 2019 TOP 8 (Feat. IFCYipes on Commentary Top 4)1:56:1897.78%
88.Ireland BoneIdleGaming363Train Sim World Trailer1:04100.00%
89.Ireland rwmovies359The End of Rwmovies 2008 - 20168:3089.29%
90.Ireland Turkish Gamer82358Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Beta, PS4 pro canli yayin,live stream 1080p 60fps,54:02100.00%
91.Ireland TheBusterNick346F1 2019 Hungaroring f1 2019 carreer mode38:33
92.Ireland Just Dean346Is Rockstar Games Becoming More UnBelievable?12:1686.96%
93.Ireland zeppy prime343Rags to Riches Duo Win With AdamWilson23:13
94.Ireland Nexas340ARE PC META HAND CANNONS TRASH ON CONSOLE??? - Destiny 219:4792.93%
95.Ireland GamEir340A Knight's Quest Announcement Trailer1:06
96.Ireland Little Lizard - Fortnite Films325DRIFT GETS FAT OFF TACOS!! - Fortnite Season X12:1297.18%
97.Ireland Lythero Streams309Sans Undertale completely overshadows Banjo in my stream. thanks Toby5:14:53100.00%
98.Ireland Ackros Gliceas305FIRST PLAY : WOLFENSTEIN YOUNGBLOOD [IE//PC]1:04:50
99.Ireland ThePandaPuncher293Hearts of Iron 4 | LIVESTREAM | Part 6 - Taking back Asia!1:01:56
100.Ireland BadIrishGamer (B.I.G)291Pokemon Ultra Sun in HD 4K Longplay#1 - Fullspeed! Could it look like this on Switch? [Sickc Build]1:03:26100.00%