Top 100 Channels From Ireland With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Ireland based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest VideoLiked
1.Ireland jacksepticeye10,658,147,016WHAT ARE THOSE!? | Jacksepticeye's Funniest Home Videos16:4099.24%
2.Ireland Tiny Turtle & Little Lizard Adventures2,383,589,812HOW TO LIVE INSIDE A SECRET CRAFTING TABLE - Minecraft Secret Base17:2495.82%
3.Ireland Little Kelly Minecraft1,488,907,165HONEY, I'M HOME! LITTLE KELLY ARRIVES BACK TO THE CASTLE! | Minecraft Little Kelly14:0298.08%
4.Ireland Little Carly Minecraft635,199,869Minecraft BIRDBOX | Little Kelly and Baby Ellie go missing! (Little Carly Adventures).15:0998.90%
5.Ireland Little RoPo & The MineVengers622,863,799Minecraft DRAGONS - OUR FIRST BATTLE WITH THE FIRE NATION!!33:0598.92%
6.Ireland Donut The Dog - Minecraft Animations490,053,373Monster School: WHO'S YOUR DADDY CHALLENGE!! - Minecraft Animation10:0994.69%
7.Ireland Sharky Minecraft Adventures - The Little Club452,505,791BABY ELLIE IS BRAINWASHED BY BENDY AND BORIS THE WOLF !! Minecraft (Custom Roleplay) w/ Little Kelly16:2994.18%
8.Ireland Call Me Kevin387,777,318Bioshock but I am constantly bio-shook13:3999.53%
9.Ireland Terroriser312,666,657BASICALLYIDOWRK'S FIRST EVER HOMER DRAWING!15:0599.50%
10.Ireland miracleofsound232,087,993My New Music Studio!5:5299.68%
11.Ireland Little Lizard - Fortnite225,011,688The PRISONER has KILLED..14:5197.82%
12.Ireland RSPproductionz - #1 Gaming Glitches171,684,647Apex Legends Glitches: *NINJA* Found A New Glitch "NEW Wallbreach Glitch" (AFTER PATCH)3:3355.71%
13.Ireland RTGame188,698,715A tour of our terrible Minecraft Server19:1299.34%
14.Ireland Bruno The Bear121,554,958BRUNO PLAYS JAIL BREAK!!! - ROBLOX20:0894.77%
15.Ireland Syntac121,301,108EXPLORING THE ICY CAVES FOR THE FINAL ARTIFACT! - Ark: Extinction [DLC Gameplay E56]34:0499.03%
16.Ireland CreepersEdge100,900,960This Minecraft Vault is the most SECURE place on my server..!18:0098.55%
17.Ireland Tactical Potato79,581,512Warframe: 6th Anniversary Weekend Wars3:0198.62%
18.Ireland Эйзенхайм59,672,200МАЙНКРАФТ ВЫЖИВАНИЕ НА ТЕЛЕФОНЕ НА ОСТРОВЕ #23 ЯЙЦО ДРАКОНА ПЕ PE Minecraft Pocket Edition17:1496.48%
19.Ireland Bolloxed60,305,778★Just Released★ Half-Life 2: DARK INTERVENTION - Full Walkthrough7:3797.51%
20.Ireland Dazran30351,306,783TROPICO BATTLE ROYALE FRAG MONTAGE | Infestation: The New Z Gameplay w/ Dazran30323:3390.00%
21.Ireland Super Eyepatch Wolf41,667,056Why You Should Still Watch Hunter X Hunter16:0298.10%
22.Ireland Lythero39,577,402MK8 - Mario Kartastrophe 714:0899.54%
23.Ireland Conor3D38,910,854[EVENT] HOW TO GET ALL OF THE PRIZES IN THE 6TH ANNUAL BLOXYS | Roblox11:3997.27%
24.Ireland Mecha Gaikotsu33,787,016Gundam Kimaris-Chan Appears!!! HGBD Mobile Doll Sarah Review10:0699.01%
25.Ireland Games4Kickz32,074,310Most Fun Horde Night | 7 Days To Die Alpha 17 | Part 2123:2999.19%
26.Ireland Fortnite Moments - Xtremify27,014,886TOP 50 BEST FORTNITE SNIPER SHOTS | SEASON 7 SO FAR! (BEST KILLS COMPILATION)6:0096.47%
27.Ireland Ross Mahon24,744,253Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem - Store6:0996.15%
28.Ireland DBG18,510,783TOP 10 Players You NEVER Want To Come Up Against In NBA 2K19 MyTEAM!!13:0697.21%
29.Ireland TheApexHound23,718,773Apex Legends Milestones & Days Gone Looks Great | The Apex Report #19:5979.17%
30.Ireland Dee Bee Geek22,792,873It’s time1:4496.05%
31.Ireland BasildoomHD20,723,723I BROKE THE CSGO BHOP SPEED RECORD2:3296.99%
32.Ireland iFerg20,307,350Using Sphinx and Private Plork WRO Setup! Copying ROS Youtubers Weapons in Rules Of Survival #124:4398.97%
33.Ireland DUBS17,394,930I BUILT A DRIFT VAN & IT'S UNREAL | Forza Horizon 418:0398.58%
34.Ireland CherryRsR14,901,192Taking A MOM-ent To Look After My Child | Mother Simulator Funny Moments10:0597.45%
35.Ireland RopeDrink16,224,565[MUSIC] Kendo's Theme ☣ Resident Evil 2 Remake - Ghost Survivors5:23100.00%
36.Ireland EireBornFenix14,923,126Takeshi's Hastle │ CS:GO Funny Moments10:2999.62%
37.Ireland Paddy Galloway14,345,497How Unbox Therapy became the Biggest Tech Channel on YouTube12:2197.86%
38.Ireland nubkeks14,564,443Nano boost me mama // The Daily Nub 2023:09100.00%
39.Ireland Android Games12,593,456Hay Day Level 101 Update 19 HD 1080p14:3666.67%
40.Ireland JellyFix10,867,811Mega Tsunami 20187:1295.45%
41.Ireland Ballsdotie10,261,412U-20 Six Nations Rugby Ireland V England Match Night1:50100.00%
42.Ireland squidd8110,279,859The Himuro Mansion - Do you Believe?9:0275.00%
43.Ireland MOB Video Vault0The Richardsons42:35100.00%
44.Ireland Rubycored9,016,320東方水晶鄉/Touhou Bejeweled (PC) Soundtrack 4 of 6 - 帕秋莉 / Patchouli Knowledge (v2)6:39
45.Ireland MadSkillzzTV7,871,849BfA 8.1 BEST CLASSES (Tanks | Healers | DPS) - Mythic Battle of Dazar'alor | World First Top Specs15:2189.84%
46.Ireland Dan Flynn6,763,483HomePlug Technology Explained: The WiFi Alternative5:3693.95%
47.Ireland ShadowRealmFox5,603,628Kingdom Hearts Ⅲ - Vanitas Boss Fight! (Ventus Awakens Scene)11:01
48.Ireland Lossy5,981,517COMBINED ARMS! - WORTH THE WAIT? | Battlefield 5 "February Patch" Details (New Coop Mode Gameplay)10:1295.24%
49.Ireland Real-Time Commanders5,619,538Genesis Alpha One:Review! weapons, Infestation and more1:41:0896.00%
50.Ireland StraightUpIrish5,209,135Skyrim Christmas SPECIAL!3:3399.80%
51.Ireland Kubakerlin4,505,705Counter-Strike: Shitpost Offensive3:3392.98%
52.Ireland FalloutMusicChannel4,513,159Isham Jones - Doin’ The Uptown Lowdown (Fallout 76)2:41100.00%
53.Ireland TheyCallMeConor4,333,735Drive Across the Map: The Crew 2 TimeLapse6:5895.77%
54.Ireland Banjo Guy Ollie3,839,354Zelda Wind Waker - TITLE Screen2:15100.00%
55.Ireland PotatoMcWhiskey5,086,287#4 Let's Play Civ 6 Mali - Mansa Musa - Civilization VI Gathering Storm Preview29:1598.75%
56.Ireland ViperHD3,326,878CONTROLLER PLAYER VS PRO PC PLAYERS *CRAZY BUILD FIGHTS* (Fortnite Battle Royale)10:0991.18%
57.Ireland AloversGaming2,980,034Spider-Man Part 44 - PS4 - Twitch Stream With Face Cam - Peter Parker's Wacky Life!33:17100.00%
58.Ireland IceShimmer x2,777,808Left 4 Dead 2 | Funny/Fail Moments Montage ft. Trisha Paytas (Episode 6)2:05100.00%
59.Ireland Nintendo Impact Gaming!1,996,087Sinister Assistant | Wii U Gameplay13:4560.00%
60.Ireland Delphron2,218,194Luuuurve Camp - The Sims 4 Get Famous #715:34100.00%
61.Ireland Eastyy2,075,693Playing Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf Achse5:49100.00%
62.Ireland Web Summit2,110,313How to best use digital KYC and AI to fight fraud24:03100.00%
63.Ireland Al Valentyn1,565,431Warcraft Legion | Black Temple Timewalking | Subtlety Rogue PoV46:0491.67%
64.Ireland MadYock1,392,850IRISH 101 - HOW TO SAY BAD WORDS IN IRISH (mom don't watch this video)5:5695.72%
65.Ireland BenchmarkLabs1,299,847Fornite - Streaming 50+ Wins11:1542.86%
66.Ireland MechaGamezilla1,165,461The Infinite Review / 10 / Cookery In Colour26:2999.73%
67.Ireland ninjaholic1,045,566Team Fortress 2 Trailer 23:2994.54%
68.Ireland SeshohoCian918,122A Taste for Downtown Jazz0:16100.00%
69.Ireland MikeyF951,120RED DEAD REVOLVER... IN 2019 Part 2!27:44100.00%
70.Ireland rwmovies926,847The End of Rwmovies 2008 - 20168:3088.00%
71.Ireland FARMER PHIL965,530How to spread hills with an umbilical system5:17100.00%
72.Ireland Veneke874,560Hearts of Iron 4 Death or Dishonour | The Reich surrenders | LP #3723:0894.74%
73.Ireland Steven Troughton-Smith844,976Lost Sessions — Direct Flight [Finale]36:27
74.Ireland Nexas837,281Rapid fire frame 9% auto buff!! GUIDING STAR update 2.1.4 - Destiny 217:4097.50%
75.Ireland Illogical Pine728,550WHAT HAPPENED? Touhou Project 7 - Perfect Cherry Blossom3:3699.45%
76.Ireland Wayne Talbot661,088Anthem Freeplay mode1:21100.00%
77.Ireland SvenDaHacker64652,406Switch Custom Themes: Fortnite, Rosalina, Windows 10 & Mario Kart 82:5293.94%
78.Ireland Caolan Robinson615,354WWE 2K19 double chokeslam0:35
79.Ireland TweaK774,280WE GOT THE HEIRLOOM! | APEX HIGHLIGHTS | Apex Legends | TweaK10:2291.67%
80.Ireland Red Dead 2 Videos643,943Red Dead Redemption 2 - Sadie Adler DLC Add On & More?!7:4173.33%
81.Ireland CreatingBeyondLimits604,714We got a PUPPY! Meet Our Newest Family Member3:43100.00%
82.Ireland DrunkRufie540,111Interceptor Gameplay | Anthem Demo7:18
84.Ireland BigBossIncarnate489,154Resident Evil 1 PC | Terminator Mod4:16:5298.36%
85.Ireland Chris The Irish Gamer495,755Marwell Manor Farm | FARMING SIMULATOR 19 | Getting The Work Done1:52:23100.00%
86.Ireland BadIrishGamer (B.I.G)468,878Pokemon Ultra Sun in HD 4K Longplay#1 - Fullspeed! Could it look like this on Switch? [Sickc Build]1:03:26100.00%
87.Ireland Jacob's Music Lounge483,119Rachmaninoff/Segen - Italian Polka/ Transcription for (Violin, Flute & Piano)2:25100.00%
88.Ireland BFViking461,2304 NEW VEHICLES COMING TO BATTLEFIELD 5! | BF5 February Update (Co-op Mode, Weapons & More!)4:0484.44%
89.Ireland Ackros Gliceas419,476First Play | Beta Testing while True: learn() | | #whiletruelearn | Jan 29th34:43100.00%
90.Ireland Forcedminer408,667a pointless starbound mod you shouldn't really look at tbh0:54100.00%
91.Ireland Rusted Ground407,377[TWITCH VOD] - Darksiders II - Part 4 - [BLIND PLAYTHROUGH]3:48:30
92.Ireland ChikoLad411,102CEMU 1.15.2 - Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE 60 FPS Graphics Pack41:06100.00%
93.Ireland Softwerker411,219Jetzt auch mit Mods! 👨‍🌾 Lets Play My Time at Portia [S03E03][German/Deutsch]34:41100.00%
94.Ireland crimes324,718The Wind Rises - M83 - Outro [Music Video]2:40
95.Ireland BlueBlur The Legend • BlueBolt Gamer296,269Team Bolt Soundtrack - Rusted Root ~ Send Me On My Way4:2283.33%
96.Ireland SG Gaming Info306,934let's review - F1 2018 (PC)7:15100.00%
97.Ireland Game-Smack319,327Orb Collecting in Crackdown 3 - Stream 15/2/20192:22:51
98.Ireland peepsbates273,949Rainbow Six Siege: The P stands for 'peek'.0:22100.00%
99.Ireland John Redmond251,683PewDiePie calls Jack Black a SoyBoy Instantly Gets Rekt0:160.00%
100.Ireland Retro Q Gaming247,955The first 2019 streaming setup upgrade is finally here!0:24100.00%