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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Ireland based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
2 hours agoIreland Aragon9,390NEW Bard Songblade AOE DPS Build - Mod 21 Neverwinter24:58
6 hours agoIreland Forgetful Hatter13,600Sims 4 **v** Patreon - Nora Meets N16:17
7 hours agoIreland Ard Mc Cooligan Games1,080F1 Career Mode Grand Prix 2018 Part 5 Let's Roll1:16:43
7 hours agoIreland Ocean Lemon1,700TWICE - 'BETTER' M/V (Reaction)12:06
9 hours agoIreland Ireland Deity1,190UNDERTALE Underground Ruins - Leaf Pile Aaron LV 1 Froggit Hopped Close Show Some Mercy 01.08.212:04
10 hours agoIreland Free Games Explorer208,000Angry Birds 2: King Pig Panic8:29
10 hours agoIreland Android Games36,100Hay Day Level 117 Update 35:18
14 hours agoIreland Cosy Connoisseur380Do You Think Love Can Bloom, Even In Twin Snakes?5:59:36
15 hours agoIreland Daithi De Nogla7,330,000This game broke Vanoss computer10:33
16 hours agoIreland oathbliv17Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Part 2123:55
16 hours agoIreland WAL3RKZ82ETS 2 Stavanger Oslo0:46
16 hours agoIreland VKC Smash65Smash Ultimate | Grand Finals - John! (Wario) vs AN2 (Samus) @ Thomas' House47:05
16 hours agoIreland DBG269,000i let twitter pick my squad in nba 2k21 myteam and i got trolled....28:20
16 hours agoIreland twotonemurphy5,560MSFS | 7 Wonders | Part 5 Petra | Group Flight3:16:51
16 hours agoIreland Dee Bee Geek310,000I did it!! I got every Mask in Majora's Mask!!!1:18:54
16 hours agoIreland KantoKairyu5,920LIVE SHINY SHAYMIN HUNTING! Shiny Hunting In Pokemon Platinum!1:34:19
17 hours agoIreland The Mysticle76,300An Absolute INSANE Amount Has Happened In VR & Where have I Been! Let's Talk Live1:14:06
17 hours agoIreland Colm McGuinness Music190,000Old Maui (Sea Shanty) Cover3:18
17 hours agoIreland Angelshade55Space Haven (Alpha 12) - Part 6130:11
17 hours agoIreland ChikoLad1,450DFFOO GL - Freya Lufenia Saga #52 - Divine Brothers COMPLETE23:10
18 hours agoIreland Bardon Plays700Ep14 Tussle - The Brawlers - Necromunda Underhive Wars44:08
18 hours agoIreland Softwerker3,260Das beste Schiff nach dem Labourer! 🦾 Let's Play Starbase [S2E09] [German/Deutsch]36:04
18 hours agoIreland Ackros Gliceas3,420First Look // EndZone - Survival City Builder2:42:39
18 hours agoIreland Games On Point426BEST "XM4" CLASS :: Call of Duty WARZONE #SHORTS #SHORT0:27
19 hours agoIreland BigBossIncarnate5,080Resident Evil 3 Nemesis PSX Mod | Dark Infection NEW MOD6:47:43
19 hours agoIreland PotatoMcWhiskey265,000Khmer are so STRONG I won in less than 200 turns! - Civ 6 Khmer33:35
19 hours agoIreland joey39My favourite solo queue game13:01
19 hours agoIreland Caolan Robinson1,740Magikarp Is space 🐟0:27
19 hours agoIreland Dirty Tyler76,100Want to see some GTAO or other videos covered by me?2:18
19 hours agoIreland Terroriser3,810,000VANOSS has gone SOLO in Golf It15:33
19 hours agoIreland SamiDaKilla1,600Resident Evil Village | Part 10 - Escape The Factory28:33
19 hours agoIreland PES Universe9,350eFootball | Fifa vs PES Debate, Why we still play PES 2021 - Ft. Mednasah & Spoony1:16:28
20 hours agoIreland V-Tuber Amber Rachel3,480SONIC FORCES Episode 18 Stage 16 Capital City8:07
20 hours agoIreland Call Me Kevin2,730,000This game evolves itself but I kept breaking it22:46
21 hours agoIreland MagickCore727Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles Co-op - PS3 First Playthrough Part 2 [02]1:16:05
21 hours agoIreland Fhiach4682: Thorek Ironbrow - Total War Warhammer 21:18:23
21 hours agoIreland Laobi18,500DCS Syria1:17:52
21 hours agoIreland Seasons 2593,000LEBRON JAMES IS CAUGHT FLIRTING with the NEW GIRL SUMMER SKYE.. Fortnite12:20
21 hours agoIreland Francis John57,400Ep 21 : Water Water everywhere : Oxygen not included Spaced out32:21
21 hours agoIreland TweaK76,100THE EASIEST TARKOV MONEY MAKER! MAKE EASY MONEY WITH 0 COST | Escape from Tarkov 12.11 Guide | TweaK8:02
21 hours agoIreland Mysterious Jojo15,300hey hi yeah what does this noise mean0:11
22 hours agoIreland BroGameTime ✔35,200FIFA 16 PS317:27
22 hours agoIreland MrJreapers783Power Washing Simulator: Smells Like Feet Loool..,34:32
22 hours agoIreland Enter The Unown83,600Letting an AI Rewrite Ash Ketchum's Journey38:16
22 hours agoIreland Monday Madness767Madness Plays | Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Part 74: The Chief's Presents20:04
22 hours agoIreland Alpha Pyxis350🔴Creativerse🔴Chilling, Building and Music (PC) #03 {Streamed 31-07-21]1:58:11
22 hours agoIreland Lossy46,000Battlefield 2042 Exodus Short Film Teaser!3:55
22 hours agoIreland InsideAgameR5,430JARDesign A340-500 Full Flight Tutorial - Cold And Dark - MCDU - Autopilot - ILS Landing52:05
22 hours agoIreland SpatulaHat69The Galileo Seven - Star Trek : The Original Series Review S01E12 [Podcast]24:12
22 hours agoIreland QubicTom191Ratchet and Clank - 12 - Cheapskate Enhancer37:35
23 hours agoIreland Art.Simple.184,000How To Draw Toga | Step By Step | My Hero Academia26:11
23 hours agoIreland Oolykee Gaming1,850Soviet Republic - Mod Monday 30 - Cyprus map, Tunguska and the statue of Stalin!!!!16:26
23 hours agoIreland Pavelzs171,620the weirdest ending to a most wanted round lol4:44
23 hours agoIreland Petrifying Pumpkins2,790Fracking is Good | Fracked PSVR With the AMAZING Move™ Controllers1:12:04
1 day agoIreland Rainbow6 Hub136,000Why You Need To Warmup Like Shaiiko... Rainbow Six: Siege8:28
1 day agoIreland Bero Tech2,130Resident Evil Village | Native vs Interlaced vs FSR | RX 6700XT + Ryzen 7 5800X5:22
1 day agoIreland rwmovies768Getting my Covid19 Vaccine (Ft Me being awkward in public)2:39
1 day agoIreland TheApexHound144,000THE ULTIMATE RAGE QUIT - Elite Open Rounds 1 & 2 (PGA TOUR 2K21)39:03
1 day agoIreland The Alannator114The Walking Dead Telltale S4 EP41:48:28
1 day agoIreland DerAva3,310Battlestar Galactica Boardgame - Session 1 (4 players, Base+Exodus to Kobol) - Part 140:41
1 day agoIreland Conor3D510,000How to get the SECRET BADGE in the ESCAPE THE CONSTRUCTION SITE OBBY | Roblox3:11
1 day agoIreland SpitfireSpud Gaming242A Trip to Coney Island | The Division 2 4K HDR Gameplay26:50
1 day agoIreland The Real UpRising2,220How To Improve as a Trio | Ultimate Trio Practice Routines (Part 1)18:47
1 day agoIreland iFerg2,200,000How to WIN UNDEAD SIEGE ZOMBIES HARD MODE everytime in COD Mobile...0:54
1 day agoIreland P.B. Horror Gaming94,100Deca (Final Build 2021) Full Gameplay Walkthrough No Commentary2:35:55
1 day agoIreland Foley Plays277Weekly News Recap | 26 Jul - 1 Aug 20211:01:17
1 day agoIreland iHasEntertainment14Fastest Way to Return to Vesper Bay #Shorts0:35
1 day agoIreland Rubycored14,1007 Lands (2007, PC) - 01 of 13: Levels 1.1~2.1 (01~05)[1080p60]18:24
1 day agoIreland RustyDoesYT3,9605 Small Brown Trout, The Wroeken Offering Altar! [Assassin's Creed Valhalla] #1532:44
1 day agoIreland LT Gaming86Storybook Brawl Early Access | First Impressions | A F2P strategy card game inspired by fairy tales!28:23
1 day agoIreland RTGame Stream Archive138,000RTGame Archive: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney [5]6:47:46
1 day agoIreland JReg Gaming3,020Subnautica: Below Zero | PS5 Playthrough | 60 FPS | Part 1526:27
1 day agoIreland The Republic of Players642Astro's Playroom Review - More than a Tech Demo!6:19
1 day agoIreland Pranaw Gorkhali Pradhan34Live Blues Jam Session31:12
1 day agoIreland AloversGaming6,950Persona 3: FES - Part 78 - Walkthrough - PS2 - Kenji Dog Walk! Yukari's Maid Outfit!27:13
1 day agoIreland Quoundo Games3,520Guild Wars 2 - World Boss Rush!2:34:27
1 day agoIreland games mania doherty1,960Xbox Complete Game Collection Review Part 2 -202115:24
1 day agoIreland Ross Mahon52,000Aliens versus Predator - Alien - Bonus IV: Caverns2:14
1 day agoIreland IceShimmer x9,520WWE - Eva Marie Custom Entrance Video (Titantron)1:51
1 day agoIreland nubkeks64,300My Thoughts on Preach and MadSeason quitting WoW16:29
1 day agoIreland Seasons1,750,000BUGHA GETS BRAIN SURGERY.. Fortnite10:01
1 day agoIreland Davidm16187Ratchet and Clank(2002) - Part 5 - Planet Umbris37:22
1 day agoIreland RTGame2,640,000Beating Dark Souls by completely stupid means29:01
1 day agoIreland Eastyy3,460Skullgirls Umbrella Alpha Teaser0:18
1 day agoIreland Mama Qala231,000🔴SSSSSSSSSSSSS KurdLabs🔴2:42:32
1 day agoIreland Silent Game1,200RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE Gameplay Walkthrough - #2 - [PS5 4K 60FPS] - No Commentary36:00
1 day agoIreland Amanda Harper234Bloodborne - 6 - Back to Good Ole Old Yharnam37:14
2 days agoIreland RockPaperMario2,250Let's Play NiGHTS Into Dreams, Part 3 - A Dream to Fly17:12
2 days agoIreland tbcoop386A Modern Review of Bioshock49:42
2 days agoIreland Syntac902,000I Accidentally Entered Deinonychus Nesting Grounds! - ARK Fjördur [E6]39:14
2 days agoIreland saevid190,000WE QUALIFIED for FNCS FINALS (7th) (Week 1)19:32
2 days agoIreland MadSkillzzTV59,900Shadowlands Healer Addon Guide | Grid2 Health Frames & How to Add Raid Debuffs - WoW 9.110:39
2 days agoIreland Stormcloud Live1,240Apollo N Car Hunt Riot / Koenigsegg Regera Legendary Weekend - Asphalt 9 Legends - Nintendo Switch23:51
2 days agoIreland FMJR116Red Dead Redemption58:13
2 days agoIreland The Disabled Gamer1,650The Sims 4 2021 Base Game Let's Play Part 11:04:29