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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Ireland based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
20 hours agoIreland All Nations Church Dublin3,230Ellen Sullivan38:39
20 hours agoIreland TiGGy 31,100Conan Exiles : We Continue... Cautiously #conan #survival #solo0:00
1 day agoIreland Fergus2k814,500Why I Think Zafina Is The WORST Character In Tekken 87:11
1 day agoIreland Davidm16484Into the Ruins of the Pizzaplex - Five Nights At Freddy's Security Breach: RUIN- Livestream49:59
1 day agoIreland Call Me Kevin3,410,000Animal Shelter Simulator but my shelter should be illegal18:51
1 day agoIreland Softwerker4,380Softi goes Multikulti 🎬 Twitch Clips - #wow - 18.09.2022 (me0rian) #shorts0:12
1 day agoIreland Sod Passion Gaming519Do Crazy, Silly, Legal Stuff To Promote The Channel #Vtuber #Shorts #Ravenlok #Furry0:50
1 day agoIreland bret15,300always check your surroundings... #r6s #rainbowsixsiege #rainbow60:34
1 day agoIreland Silver Panther15,500Wet Fart0:03
1 day agoIreland DerAva6,240Berserker Queen, Round Two! - Long War of the Chosen Patch 1.1 (Beta) - 911:05:39
1 day agoIreland eFootball Universe41,700TOP 50 META STRIKERS RANKED | eFootball 2024 Tier List19:03
1 day agoIreland Furg601,000He Got Saved in Arena Breakout...0:19
1 day agoIreland Eccentric Emerald41,600Untamed Wilds 1.20.1 (Full Mod Showcase)12:30
1 day agoIreland Bulbatron3,780Bulbatron plays GOD OF WAR RAGNARÖK: VALHALLA - post-game #30:00
1 day agoIreland Oolykee Gaming2,720Soviet Republic - Nowa Polska - Ep.50 - Cost of Expansion32:08
1 day agoIreland Jigzaw_Killer30,400The Evil Within 100% Storyrun / AKUMU / Microsoft Store Version4:24:35
1 day agoIreland agrace932152,000|~Hermitcraft: Nice Chatting~|0:27
1 day agoIreland General Pol6,520Paradox Mega Campaign - CK3 to EU4 to Vic3 (West)0:57
1 day agoIreland Ross Mahon58,100Starship Troopers: Terran Command - Ascension1:17:17
1 day agoIreland Amanda Harper265Dragons Dogma Livestream - 22 - Catacombs or Grigori...GRIGORI!1:40:49
1 day agoIreland Free Games Explorer216,000Angry Birds 2: Boss Battles #21116:07
1 day agoIreland itsBenny5,420XDefiant Release Date DELAYED AGAIN?! (Founders Packs, Achievements and Download on PS5 & XBOX!)4:31
1 day agoIreland iFerg3,090,000Free or Paid Gunskin in CODM…0:47
1 day agoIreland Pusheen Girl929,000❤️ JAK NIE WSTAWAĆ DO SZKOŁY | Pusheen Girl #shorts0:23
1 day agoIreland Nogla7,440,000HELLDIVERS 2 WITH FRIENDS WAS A MISTAKE31:16
1 day agoIreland Resident Dih11,000HOJE É NO AMOR! | Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X - CAÇADOR DE ACHIEVEMENTS4:21:00
2 days agoIreland Android Games38,000Plants vs Zombies 3 Level 192:20
2 days agoIreland Cattigan619746Cattigan619 Streams: Sonic Superstars pt3 (Finishing Trip's Story/Finale)4:03:12
2 days agoIreland CJSeedge331Voice Of Cards Forsaken Maiden, Finale, No Commentary26:18
2 days agoIreland Zedex GG55,200Barbers getting a little too close 🤣0:25
2 days agoIreland Dylanos5,450Sidewinder sprint 32.627s World Record0:38
2 days agoIreland oathbliv96Vigil: The Longest Night - Part 1432:08
2 days agoIreland Big Blue's Banter317When the door buttons break in FNAF 1... #fnaf #fnafedit #fyp0:37
2 days agoIreland elismart1310,600When Minecraft hits Deep #animation #minecraft #00130:23
2 days agoIreland Monday Madness9,180Bucket List | Black Mesa Part 14: Big Blue Blazer19:17
2 days agoIreland AuraDragoon ZX721Subnautica | Part 153:21:44
2 days agoIreland Seasons 2918,000Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles get ELECTROCUTED.. Fortnite41:33
2 days agoIreland Kawaii Games156,000Tomb Raider I–III Remastered: UNFINISHED BUSINESS [PS4, PS5] LET'S PLAY Commentary FULL GAME🔴4:19:25
2 days agoIreland Krwawy Joe1,910Baldur's Gate 3 (Mnich) #127 - Jaskinia pod świątynią - Zagrajmy34:58
2 days agoIreland Ali Jehan3,450PES 2014 PS3 VS PS214:57
2 days agoIreland Keanu1,170Jak żyć lepiej? Najlepszy sposób na depresje!? Moje subiektywne wylewne porady1:02:31
2 days agoIreland The Hound12,000THE DRAGON OF DOJIMA - Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth - Chapter 7 (PS5 Gameplay)2:20:32
2 days agoIreland Fili Zi44,600Here Is Why Everything Is RESET In MW3, MWZ & Warzone0:57
2 days agoIreland Ballsdotie9,450Stephen Ferris On Dan McFarland Leaving Ulster & Previewing This Weekend's Six Nations Games7:10
2 days agoIreland Fhiach2,2204: Beginning of Caribbean Legend Full Version Release1:27:41
2 days agoIreland movie trailers archive115Irish Wish Official Trailer Netflix2:35
2 days agoIreland Adrian Logan ftw1,110RTE is falling and not much loss4:36
2 days agoIreland GameOnGabru481Wrestlemania XL Cody Rhodes Vs Roman Reigns - WWE 2K23 PS5 Gameplay8:38
2 days agoIreland PSX Gaming Memories2,140Battle Master PS1 Review6:06
3 days agoIreland The Crazy Man From Ireland1,220Farming Simulator 22 mason county is insane so much to Do23:08
3 days agoIreland Angelshade604World of Guns - Nambu Type 144:13
3 days agoIreland GameGuyZ427Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Forest Law Ending[4K RPCS3 No UI]2:04
3 days agoIreland Nexas9,180THE GOAT IS COMING BACK???? Relentless is gonna slap based on the twid!!!10:21
3 days agoIreland Irish Frog12,500out of context0:16
3 days agoIreland Deebeegeek388,000DEE REACTS: Elden Ring - Shadow Of The Erdtree trailer7:08
3 days agoIreland TheApacheKing1,570'Jayce Lewis Drumsliced' [Flex Plugin] - Every Preset Preview - Listen Before You Buy! (Fl Studio)13:08
3 days agoIreland BigBossIncarnate7,000Help me Find all SECRETS in Tomb Raider 2 Remastered - DAY 4 #tombraider !star9:31:16
3 days agoIreland Mecha Gaikotsu430,000NEW GUNDAM GAME INCOMING!!!9:08
3 days agoIreland twotonemurphy11,900King Air 350i | Persian Gulf | Group Flight0:00
3 days agoIreland Just Man Up Plays3,310I Arrested Justin Bieber on GTA RP0:38
3 days agoIreland Mysterious Jojo21,400Worst One Yet1:00
3 days agoIreland BroGameTime 122,000FIFA 10 PS3 In 202422:47
3 days agoIreland LT Gaming8,109Solium Infernum - Quick Review - Devilishly Delightful 4X Strategy10:08
3 days agoIreland Doig & Swift41,800Is that PirateSoftware?0:40
3 days agoIreland InsideAgameR24,000Supermarket Simulator - Early Access - New Products - Episode#241:50
3 days agoIreland Little Lizard Adventures4,010,000Minecraft - The DragonFire ADD ON Let's Play! (2)27:45
3 days agoIreland RTGame2,830,000Disneyland Kinect: A Cursed Disneyland for your Home22:40
3 days agoIreland Francis John97,600A more Civilized Raft : Raft48:24
3 days agoIreland BlueBolt The Legend4,720Sonic Heroes | IbisPaintX Speedpaint (Happy 20th Anniversary)1:59
3 days agoIreland kennyS193,000I WENT TO MALAYSIA ! [VLOG] - Blast The Draft Season 111:44
3 days agoIreland Conor3D675,000How to get the GOLD BAR ENDING & BADGE in the EASIEST GAME ON ROBLOX | Roblox4:37
3 days agoIreland Art.Simple.603,000How To Draw The Blob | Step By Step | FNAF15:10
3 days agoIreland TinyTurtle826,000DragonFire Add On - Let Play #228:58
3 days agoIreland Arseblog26,500Porto 1-0 Arsenal – Champions League 2024 | Arsecast54:09
3 days agoIreland Dr Phoxotic103,000Donald Trump on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire5:19
3 days agoIreland Cutie Bear - Alexi3,840Chapter 25 Light The Flame Of Tomorrow Act 8 25-05 Sirin's Deepest Wishes #HonkaiImpact3rd5:17
3 days agoIreland EdragonXX8,100Infinite Wealth - Violence in front of the child5:40
3 days agoIreland TheElderIrish468The Elder Scrolls Oblivion Challenge Part 63:09:25
3 days agoIreland DirishFella202Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 The Space in Between [CORPO]31:13
3 days agoIreland Adam & Adrian2,640Watching THE BEST of our Skyrim Together Series - Part 11:24:06
3 days agoIreland MCGames2,980How to catch Lily & Lyleen in Palworld3:32
4 days agoIreland John Brady118Front Mission 1st: Remake PS5 Gameplay opening quick look39:10
4 days agoIreland Jamie 417Chill Red Dead Redemption 2 Western Music Livestream3:58:00
4 days agoIreland MagickCore803Tomb Raider 1 Remastered - Pistols Only/Limited Saves/No Meds/Under 5 Hours? - PS5 Part 1 (2024)3:53:42
4 days agoIreland Penguin cat46An apex clip, so good my dad came back0:25
4 days agoIreland Battle Lizzard390WoW Classic WoTLK Рейд #twitch #wowclassic4:02:50
4 days agoIreland JssyN419Grass took me out - Forza Motorsport (2023)0:45
4 days agoIreland Terroriser3,880,000The Vanoss Crew goes to HELL…🔥24:56
4 days agoIreland EasyShock346ICE AGE: Scrat's Nutty Adventure Part 10 ICEBOUND GALLERY Walkthrough Gameplay (No Commentary)16:37
4 days agoIreland The Mysticle208,000Better Quest Tracking, More Vision Pro Apps, Neural Inputs & Tons More!10:33
4 days agoIreland WDGaming010957The Battle Of Pantora - Fall of the Republic 1.3 Mod - S2 - Ep 57 - Star Wars Empire at War1:08:27
4 days agoIreland Richard McConkey812Richard Re-Plays Tomb Raider II #1 - The Great Wall21:58
4 days agoIreland QubicTom241Let's Play Nonsense! - 27 - Tosser19:58
4 days agoIreland Suzie Gaming42,700SUMIT / PAPA MOGAMBO vs SYNTHE / ERYAM | Clash of Clans25:46
4 days agoIreland DBG308,000I Had 12 Hours to Complete the NBA 2k24 Nuzlocke31:45
4 days agoIreland TheApexHound184,000INSANE BIRDIE STREAK IN TGC TOURS - Elite Rounds 1 & 2 | PGA TOUR 2K2338:32
4 days agoIreland Totally Not Mark897,000Returning to Dragon Ball's Grounded Combat0:58
4 days agoIreland jacksepticeye30,600,000Open World Driving Horror Game - Pacific Drive2:12:56
4 days agoIreland Marks36,900DayZ's 2024 Roadmap Is Here And It's Interesting!!9:39