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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Ireland based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
21 hours agoIreland Kawaii Games15,700The Lord of the Rings: Conquest (PS3) Longplay/Walkthrough NO COMMENTARY HD 1080p4:28:28
1 day agoIreland Retro Q Gaming853Which games did you want to be good, but sucked after all?13:16
1 day agoIreland DBG134,000YOU NEED TO BUY THIS POINT GUARD NBA 2K20 MyTEAM!! FREE OPALS In TTo!!- Road To Glory #1428:56
1 day agoIreland nubkeks43,600Maximum depth! // Subnautica - 2459:08
1 day agoIreland AllCast Irish Gamers2,000An Evening with Petso | Apex Legends - w/ Minyon?1:45:20
1 day agoIreland CreepersEdge624,000we discovered a RICH SECRET underwater Minecraft BASE! - Hide Or Hunt #621:36
1 day agoIreland BigBossIncarnate3,970Resident Evil HD Remaster PC Invisible knife and dagger only no saves WATCH ME SUCCEED3:33:15
1 day agoIreland Alpha Pyxis325🔴Rising World🔴 Random Building and Chilling Etc!(PC) #344:28:40
1 day agoIreland Softwerker2,380Gestorben, verkackt und selbst getötet 🎬 Twitch Clips - FTB Horizons - 27.10.2017 (Rescuewolf)1:01
1 day agoIreland TheApexHound93,600AO Tennis 2 Career Mode Episode 50 - ANOTHER ONE? | PS4 Pro Gameplay39:38
1 day agoIreland AloversGaming6,610Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater Part 15 - Non-Lethal Sorrow Boss Fight! Eva Cave Meetup!54:13
1 day agoIreland RoPo1,460,000Minecraft - HOW TO BECOME GRU!14:43
1 day agoIreland yzrd195FIRST GOLD GUN in Modern Warfare5:58
1 day agoIreland Syntac591,000THE TEK GIGA IS TERRIFYING! - Ark: Genesis [DLC Gameplay E36]54:39
1 day agoIreland iFerg605,000*NEW* BEST GUN IN COD MOBILE! ASM10 IS THE BEST GUN EVER!10:26
1 day agoIreland LastLivinSouls39Joey's deck is trash2:26
2 days agoIreland Ross Mahon40,900Predator: Hunting Grounds - Tutorial6:41
2 days agoIreland RopeDrink9,860Deathless Darkest Dungeon & Saturday Shenanigans3:49:03
2 days agoIreland KantoKairyu4,650LIVE SHINY HUNTING RIOLU FOR CHARITY! Pokemon Sword & Shield Charity Livestream!1:26:42
2 days agoIreland RTGame Stream Archive69,600RTGame Archive: Minecraft [PART 38] + Town of Salem4:13:34
2 days agoIreland Call Me Kevin2,220,000Dreams but they are horribly cursed11:18
2 days agoIreland Kelly Plays - Little Kelly3,040,000A METEOR STRIKE... CAN WE SURVIVE?? Little Kelly | Custom Roleplay Minecraft Adventure18:38
2 days agoIreland Terroriser3,400,000WE'RE LOCKED IN A GOLF IT PRISON ESCAPE ROOM!15:22
2 days agoIreland SuperGamerGoomba143That's a Fine How do Ya Do | Overwatch Part 241:03
2 days agoIreland RTGame2,130,000Ruining Miitopia by making Obama gay10:41
2 days agoIreland ShellzHD676Season 2 Review & Analysis | Football Manager 2020 - Manchester United #21 (FM20 Man Utd Career)21:01
2 days agoIreland Free Games Explorer181,000Wordy Weekend: Name Hunting with King - Subway Surfers: Iceland25:00
2 days agoIreland Tactical Potato354,000The Most Wanted Warframe - For Now!4:37
2 days agoIreland Krwawy Joe641Path of Exile Delirium #4 - Ponaklikiwane - Zagrajmy z widzami57:46
2 days agoIreland Game-Smack353Let's chill! :) - Half-Life: Alyx (26/03/2020)2:03:12
3 days agoIreland Android Games30,200Hay Day Level 106 Update 4910:46
3 days agoIreland Caolan Robinson1,150My modded PS1 Classic March 2020 with netplay and achievements7:40
3 days agoIreland BasildoomHD292,000Minecraft Ray Tracing Graphics 2020 vs 2009 - Minecraft With RTX4:27
3 days agoIreland Conor3D237,000TWO MORE EGG HUNT 2020 EGGS LEAKED! (ADMIN & DEV EGGS?) | Roblox1:20
3 days agoIreland 8-Bit-Relic67Vega (Commodore 64)5:55
3 days agoIreland Turkish Gamer82421call of duty modern warfare live35:00
3 days agoIreland illequine178Satisfactory3:26:17
3 days agoIreland EdragonXX3,110Summer Sweetheart #6 Jealousy1:20:55
3 days agoIreland Chris The Irish Gamer5,190Silage old school Farmig Simulator 19 Growers Farm2:03:22
3 days agoIreland Shepples274Monolith: Relics of the Past Review (The Video Game Autopsy)14:23
3 days agoIreland Setanta Eurasia2,840Formula 1 Esports Series on Setanta Sports0:31
3 days agoIreland MrJreapers201The Walking Dead Telltale Season 2: No Going Back Part 226:13
3 days agoIreland TooOld4Gaming161IT'S THE LEAST I CAN DO......5:07
3 days agoIreland Amorgin Gaming2,070STFC Community Panel 18 - Borg Arc 31:25:10
3 days agoIreland IGS - Impact Game Station6,980Miles & Kilo | Nintendo 3DS Gameplay9:50
3 days agoIreland Eccentric Emerald - Minecraft13,300NEW LAVA MOB! Minecraft 1.16 - snapshot 20w13a13:07
3 days agoIreland Dee Bee Geek147,000Walk it off Chief!! - Playing Halo 3 for the very FIRST time! (HEROIC!)1:08:58
3 days agoIreland Francis John12,90050 Nomadic Tribal : Do you like Plasteel? we got Plasteel : Rimworld27:55
3 days agoIreland TomekGun414Reaction To New Rocket Pass And Playing Unranked Matches *FUNNY*21:41
3 days agoIreland ShadowRealmFox14,500Pokémon Shield - A New Championship Reign!!! (Part 32)18:17
3 days agoIreland ShadowMeowstic1,150Pokémon Shield - A New Reign Begins!!! (Part 32)18:17
3 days agoIreland SpitfireSpud159Torchlight 3 Sharpshooter Reveal0:57
3 days agoIreland Games4Kickz113,000Resident Evil 3: Raccoon City Demo25:45
4 days agoIreland QubicTom161Let's Play JUMP 1/2! - 32 - The Red Riddler17:24
4 days agoIreland DUBS140,000WE LIVE HERE2:13:55
4 days agoIreland IceShimmer x7,320WWE- Bayley Custom Entrance Video (Titantron)1:57
4 days agoIreland PotatoMcWhiskey64,600Finishing the war - Macedon Domination Ep. 555:43
4 days agoIreland Twinkle102,000Berkcan Güven taklitcilerle konusuyor13:43
4 days agoIreland jacksepticeye23,200,000Going On A Date With My Girlfriend In Animal Crossing New Horizons39:08
4 days agoIreland Totally Not Mark317,000Dragon Ball: SUPER Review (Part 2) - The Universe 6 Tournament21:27
4 days agoIreland MechaGamezilla24,800The Infinite Review / 20 / Dinosaurs14:12
4 days agoIreland Oolykee Gaming558Dawn Of Man - Lake valley - Ep.1019:47
4 days agoIreland Bolloxed178,000★Just Released!★ Half-Life: ALYX - Full Game Walkthrough 【Max Settings】5:38:53
4 days agoIreland TweaK29,600BUDGET TO BEST | SA-58 | Escape from Tarkov | TweaK13:22
4 days agoIreland Jacob's Music Lounge598Ascension | Ambient Soundscape5:17
5 days agoIreland Lythero Streams9,930SNOIPIN'S A GOOD JOB M8 (surprise COD with the lads)5:01:18
5 days agoIreland CaptainConco776[05] Baby Drago Attack Squad | Mother 3 Blind Let's Play (Stream Archive)58:20
5 days agoIreland Mecha Gaikotsu203,00030 Minute Missions Brings The Heavy Weapons - Alto Ground Type and Option Set 117:22
5 days agoIreland Lia Rein767Quarantine can't contain This | TF27:39
5 days agoIreland Paddy Galloway88,200Here's How MKBHD is DOMINATING YouTube - Marques Brownlee11:53
5 days agoIreland Mysterious Jojo11,200Caramelldansen (Isolation Mix) - Now That’s What I Call Quarantunes0:19
5 days agoIreland TheBusterNick4,190F1 2019 Career Mode RED BULL LIVE STREAM1:05:29
5 days agoIreland Laobi14,0001 Minute DCS - FW190 A-8 Anton - WG21 Rocket Tutorial1:48
5 days agoIreland Vanessa Randall3,170OpenWow Real Claw Machine3:49
5 days agoIreland BG Ollie56,200Super Mario Bros 3 - Grass Land Map2:01
5 days agoIreland MobileGamesExplorer57,500Brawl Stars - Brawl Ball: Warped Arena - Brawler: Maple Barley15:58
5 days agoIreland MadSkillzzTV35,4008.3 BEST HEALER Class for Horrific Visions *RANKED* | Top Solo Vision Healer Spec - WoW BfA 8.314:35
6 days agoIreland itsGOOSEYx21Can't Sleep / Let's Rat47:35
6 days agoIreland Eastyy2,860Sonic Smackdown Rouge New level 3 super0:10
2020-03-23Ireland Dazran30381,200SUPER MARIO MAKER 2 | Expert Endless Streak 3795 - 3900 w/ Dazran3038:05:17
2020-03-23Ireland Lossy27,800UNRELEASED GUNS & CHARMS! | Battlefield 5 "CUSTOMISATION" Datamine2:41
2020-03-22Ireland Cranked6,900Warzone Playing For Wins ( Call Of Duty Modern Warfare)1:24:13
2020-03-22Ireland Happy Bananas Production507GOD OF WAR 4 - SHOW NO MERCY - 50 VIDS & COUNTING25:30
2020-03-22Ireland Ronan Schuster792kYT Draft part 26:16
2020-03-22Ireland Rob Allen8Unist 22nd March48:05
2020-03-21Ireland MagickCore585Nioh 2: Co-op Part 12 | The Eye of... a Owl? |2:40:57
2020-03-21Ireland Real-Time Commanders37,100Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Operation Knockout24:32
2020-03-21Ireland CreatingBeyondLimits1,760WE GOT MARRIED! Wedding Pictures, YouTube Return, Virus Outbreak - Channel Update 20208:32
2020-03-21Ireland StraightUpIrish64,000How to Play Skyrim on Legendary | Illusion Mage - Part 139:38
2020-03-21Ireland Ackros Gliceas3,740// Surviving Saturdays / Eradicating the pandemic that is Doom4:47:33
2020-03-20Ireland Ballsdotie4,850Let's Win The Euros! - Football Manager 2020 - Ep. 319:32
2020-03-19Ireland SpatulaHat63Let's Talk About Alan Wake [Discussion] [Commentary] [Gameplay] [In Play]32:55
2020-03-18Ireland miracleofsound538,000Corona Virus Charity Event! (plus Some Doom Eternal gameplay)2:44
2020-03-18Ireland Derek Foley270Foley Plays Nioh 2 for a bit1:06:24
2020-03-18Ireland Vincent O'Brien12Ultra Street Fighter 4 ranked Evil Ryu Vs Deejay3:34
2020-03-17Ireland LH437Super Mario 64 Z Opening Comparison1:49
2020-03-17Ireland garrettkidney221Nintendo Indie World March 2020 Reaction and Recap - Exit the Gungeon, Baldo, I Am Dead7:30
2020-03-17Ireland KickaDan116Tragedy has struck! Banished Adam & Eve Ep324:10
2020-03-15Ireland WAL3RKZ74Tom Clancy's The Division 239:06