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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Ireland based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
8 hours agoIreland ForgottenGemVods42Zelda Breath Of The Wild 100% Vod 12:01:24
9 hours agoIreland Dylanos4,410Fall guys speed slider and lily only24:26
9 hours agoIreland Herrscher Of The Bear - Alexi-Bear3,710Mega Salamance Raid #PokemonGo #TeamMystic #MegaRaid4:30
12 hours agoIreland Lethal_SZN1,000Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in 2023... (9 Years Later) #shorts0:30
12 hours agoIreland Bardon Plays73931 - Risky Business - Phoenix Point1:13:59
15 hours agoIreland Carbine Carlito10,200Dead Space Remake 2023 Gameplay Walkthrough Scary Moments Reaction pt31:12:26
15 hours agoIreland InsideAgameR15,300Fenix Simulations A320 - Simply Connect Virtual Airline - Microsoft Flight Simulator - Vatsim0:00
16 hours agoIreland Oolykee Gaming2,370Soviet Republic - Mod Monday - S03E05 - Soviet Highrise, Baseball Stadoium and the best city sign15:30
16 hours agoIreland Ross Mahon57,200Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - Chapter 9: The Weapon21:15
17 hours agoIreland EasyShock270Deliver Us Mars: One Small Step Part 3 Walkthrough (No Commentary)34:54
17 hours agoIreland Leeeg 🦵18,700Greg & Holly hold hands 😳 (REACTION) #shorts0:24
17 hours agoIreland General Pol3,840Crusader Kings 3 - The Witcher's Realm - A 700 year A.I only Timelapse5:28
18 hours agoIreland PES Universe24,700eFootball 2023 | MERSEYSIDE DERBY PACK REVIEW - LIVERPOOL & EVERTON with 97 RATED SALAH8:56
20 hours agoIreland SugarDawid410EUROPA JEST TUŻ TUŻ - Kariera Pogoń Szczecin #316:59
21 hours agoIreland svetlanadiaries785Day Z Time33:36
23 hours agoIreland oathbliv56A Plague Tale: Requiem - Odditites25:21
1 day agoIreland Android Games37,400Dragondodo Jewel Blast Level 50:59
1 day agoIreland The Crazy Man From Ireland777farming simulator 2022 Tom pemberton farm2:10:41
1 day agoIreland DBG301,000HOW Is He ONLY 5k Mt....12:02
1 day agoIreland Mysterious Jojo18,300THE 1000TH VIDEO3:28
1 day agoIreland Fhiach1,380Cantata - Turn Based Strategy - Let's give it a lash1:49:34
1 day agoIreland Battle Lizzard273Стрим! WoW Classic: Ретрика бафают. Иду в рейд в Ульдуар 105:04:32
1 day agoIreland Suzie Gaming29,200WORLDS CHAMPIONSHIP WARMUP | Clash of Clans4:53:40
1 day agoIreland Geeky Voice Acts1,840VTuber Daisy and Rosalina: Let's Hang Out!1:51:26
1 day agoIreland IceShimmer x11,700WWE - Zelina Vega Custom Entrance Video (Titantron)2:45
1 day agoIreland Call Me Kevin3,170,000The best pirate game ever made28:35
1 day agoIreland REKIN814,500🧙‍♂️ Cual es tu PATRONUS? CUESTIONARIO ORIGINAL de HOWARTS LEGACY14:57
1 day agoIreland MsGoldberga1,830GOD OF WAR RAGNARÖK Part 21 _ The Summoning59:48
1 day agoIreland Doig & Swift36,100Sonic CD Let's GO! Pixelart Animation #shorts0:14
1 day agoIreland LT Gaming2,2307 Demos to Play at Steam Next Fest8:00
1 day agoIreland BroGameTime ✔94,100PES 2019 PS4 4k22:50
1 day agoIreland Art.Simple.398,000How To Draw Batman | Step By Step | Flashpoint9:38
1 day agoIreland DC 841,640FUTURE STARS FRENCH 😳#fifa23 #futurestars0:15
1 day agoIreland Marks32,400DayZ's Most Game Breaking Bug Is Finally Fixed!!8:36
1 day agoIreland DUBS388,000THE CAR'S NOT BAD, YOU'RE BAD30:44
1 day agoIreland Petrifying Pumpkins3,000Firewall Ultra Rated | GT7 VR A Shot in the Arm | More PSVR2 Hands-On Impressions | Touching Tips1:40:13
1 day agoIreland John Brady82Marvel's Midnight Suns Ending59:59
1 day agoIreland Rogtronic2,600BY 1 POINT! #marvelsnap #shorts0:29
1 day agoIreland DerAva5,280Finally the First Advent Network Tower - The Highlander Mod Jam Campaign - 511:07:48
1 day agoIreland Seasons 2867,000Vampire Ageless' UNHINGED attack on innocents.. Fortnite1:00
1 day agoIreland BurnoPlays2,820THE START OF A 'SHINY' NEW SERIES || Pokemon Ultra Sun HARDCORE Shinylocke LIVE ❗0:00
1 day agoIreland TheApexHound167,000THE ALT SHOT TOURNAMENT - Group Stage Match 2 Highlights | PGA TOUR 2K23 Gameplay27:14
1 day agoIreland saevid210,000THIS WAS NAAAAASTY, RADIANT SOON 👀0:38
1 day agoIreland Davidm16405Escaping the Nightmare -Part 4 - Dead Space(Remake)- LiveStream2:09:41
1 day agoIreland Ireland Deity1,270The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind PAL Region Version Case Box Manual Map 25.01.230:53
1 day agoIreland PSX Gaming Memories1,350Moto Racer PS1 Gameplay HD - Full Playthrough1:11:27
1 day agoIreland Moth Girl Hina749Spiders, Man... [PNGTUBER]1:33:50
2 days agoIreland One Handed Gamer1,310RESIDENT EVIL part 3 PS5 HYPED FOR REMAKE #re4 #retro #remastered #leonada #rmake #re02:41:49
2 days agoIreland Cattigan619597Cattigan619 Streams: Conker's Bad Fur Day pt20:00
2 days agoIreland Mecha Gaikotsu379,000Worth it for the AWESOME shield! - HG Beguir Pente Review14:42
2 days agoIreland Nexas8,100Return of the wolves?? with the recent shotgun slide changes?????12:33
2 days agoIreland Deebeegeek340,000The MOST ACCURATE REACTION to Lingering Will in Kingdom Hearts 20:57
2 days agoIreland Fili Zi39,000This Year Is Amazing For Video Games0:31
2 days agoIreland Nogla7,370,000Gmod moments that feel like the good old days14:52
2 days agoIreland kulo valorant124wonderfull ace with sova0:29
2 days agoIreland Free Games Explorer213,000Angry Birds 2: King Pig Panic12:26
2 days agoIreland TiGGy 31,030SCUM : Weekend At Last #survival #newdawn #update9:57:50
2 days agoIreland IGS - Impact Game Station9,250Fear In Hospital: Escape Horror Story | Nintendo Switch Gameplay19:29
2 days agoIreland Just Man Up Plays2,240House Robbery on GTA Roleplay Gone Wrong😂0:51
2 days agoIreland Micky D233,000How NOT to Play Oblivion!28:13
2 days agoIreland Conor3D612,000[EVENT] How to get the FOOTBALL AURA in SUPER NFL TYCOON | Roblox0:59
2 days agoIreland Bosherbosh1,330I GOT BULLIED IN PROP HUNT!10:16
2 days agoIreland Dirty Tyler88,600Moseying about in Red Dead Redemption 2 online [Livestream]2:13:39
2 days agoIreland ChikoLad1,640DFFOO JP - Knights of Final Fantasy IX in Current SHINRYU21:09
2 days agoIreland Websplaining15,200How To Depixelate And Deblur Face Photos With AI For Free4:19
2 days agoIreland DopeyD507Pulling a gold Giratina VStar but online... #shorts0:22
2 days agoIreland KWFoxy8,640Live at
2 days agoIreland MagickCore766No Weapon Upgrades/Reflex Mode & Offline | Metal Gear Solid 5 - PS5 Part 123:34:00
2 days agoIreland Softwerker4,230einmal EIER kraulen 🎬 Twitch Clips - Surgeon Simulator 2 - 12.09.2021 (just_passion_)0:24
2 days agoIreland ETU Two2,080Pokémon Crystal Clear NUZLOCKE | Stream Twenty-One | Twitch VOD2:44:03
2 days agoIreland RTGame2,770,000A Man With No Rhythm Plays Rhythm Heaven Megamix1:44:42
2 days agoIreland JellyFix36,200ATOMIC Explosion0:59
2 days agoIreland Stevebillybob1,070,000Minecraft: Villager OR Wither??? #shorts0:27
2 days agoIreland Krwawy Joe1,610Dark Souls: Remastered #17 - Zbieracz - Zagrajmy31:42
2 days agoIreland vPA1N1,950My Movement Is On A New Level With Mantle Jumps10:40
2 days agoIreland Kawaii Games142,000Earthworm Jim 3D | N64 | 4K60ᶠᵖˢ UHD🔴| 100% Longplay Walkthrough Playthrough Full Movie Game5:20:26
2 days agoIreland The Celtic War Room2,550Exalted Flamer of TZEENTCH | Total War Warhammer 3 #Shorts0:30
2 days agoIreland Gears181Neotokyo° Support Clutch1:49
2 days agoIreland Al-Ameen Adewunmi194,000Sonic.EXE VS Rewrite (YCR Encore) - Friday Night Funkin4:06
2 days agoIreland Foley Plays292Foley Fables: Deliver Us Mars | Part 12:45:29
2 days agoIreland Aragon18,200How to Make the MOST of The Challenge of the Gods! BEST Profession Tool Available! - Neverwinter M248:34
2 days agoIreland The Code Crown6,880Choco Alignment and Ranked Battling | Splatoon 3 | Splaturday3:09:09
2 days agoIreland Tom O'Regan21,000how plague doctors worked (reupload)6:57
2 days agoIreland CreatingBeyondLimits5,140The Dean and Castiel - Gone Gone Gone You've Been Waiting For | I Requested This! #shorts #reaction1:00
2 days agoIreland games mania doherty1,890The End of Game Collecting for me is near or is it ?? (shy of 300 games)14:44
2 days agoIreland iFerg2,630,000THE BEST SKIN THEY'VE EVER ADDED in COD Mobile for MAC-100:47
2 days agoIreland OGGY Gameplay4,310Warzone 2.0 Quads 4K Gameplay (No Commentary)23:35
2 days agoIreland Kyle AOS357Crash Bandicoot Stream2:29:02
2 days agoIreland Little Lizard Adventures4,040,000How I BECAME A DRAGON in Minecraft!8:13
2 days agoIreland Irish Nerd Life920Packages & Pickups #119 - Mini Collection Complete5:06
2 days agoIreland Amanda Harper246Elden Ring Blind Live Streams - 38 - Let's Go Deeper Underground1:54:19
2 days agoIreland movie trailers archive103GUY RITCHIE’S THE COVENANT Official Trailer2:43
2 days agoIreland Pusheen Girl731,000❤️ CO MI KUPIŁEŚ? | Pusheen Girl #shorts0:20
2 days agoIreland xRaiiRaiix505Dead By Teabag with AiakuKu and @crazylegsjan | Dead By Daylight ฅ^._.^ฅ1:31:15
3 days agoIreland Superrome771,740Seinfeld AI Becomes Self-Aware0:52
3 days agoIreland The Wanderer327Bullshit0:15
3 days agoIreland HickeyGG1,910WTF MOMENT #shorts0:08
3 days agoIreland P.B. Horror Gaming125,000Who wants a Beer ? (Half-Life ALYX)0:08
3 days agoIreland Angelshade343Front Mission 3 - Mission 3642:50