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1.Canada DampFijiWater269,742,258
2. Kubz Scouts125,554,171
3. TheFrenchSpartan86,143,789
4.France SiMusicGH384,731,869
5.United States SSundee53,488,561
6.Russian Federation EugeneSagaz49,073,221
7.Canada Gloom43,676,653
8. Android Developers43,487,344
9.Philippines Ayieeeks41,628,680
10.United States Markiplier37,142,828

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1.Thailand True4U246
2.United States Dirty4andahalf233
3.Korea, Republic of 대도서관TV (buzzbean11)165
4.United States Duke University142
5. TheSheepWielder126
6.France Pixl Pixl124
7.United Kingdom BAFTA Guru123
8. Envato Tuts+122
9.United States TacoCabra Televisión117
10.United Kingdom Random Stoat112

Latest Let's Plays For 60 Seconds!

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-08-31United Kingdom Gregory :/Gregory plays 60 seconds Part 243:3742
2023-08-06 doitallModding a PS3 in 60 Seconds... Again!! // FW 4.90 // PlayStation 3 Modding Made Easy! #shorts1:003,038
2023-08-02Japan Game Gengo ゲーム言語How to use あげく in 60 seconds!! - JLPT N2 Grammar0:582,199
2023-07-30United Kingdom PlatQuestFast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3R PLATINUM TROPHY was GONE IN 60 SECONDS!7:32136
2023-07-29 JayBoyModzPlay N64 on your PS Vita in 60 Seconds!1:0094,428
2023-07-15United States MIGGTA 4 in 60 seconds - Agent ULP1:0010
2023-07-11United Kingdom Ninja.HarrisonRocket league Duos Win 60 Seconds - Ninja.Harrison Plays1:0093
2023-06-17India Success of Trade1 Minute Scalping Strategy for Beginner Traders #stockmarket #scalping #trading #tradeforbeginners0:1458
2023-06-07 Tech TwoEvery PlayStation in 60 Seconds!0:52395
2023-06-02India Greeni shortsdop abc level 1 - 100 in 60 seconds ✅️ alphabets | #shorts #gaming #dop0:5272
2023-05-29Philippines Mr. GodfreyNBA’s Top Plays of the Night In 60 Seconds! 2023[SeanTV0:571
2023-05-24United States LeyLynnPlayStation Showcase Thoughts In 60 Seconds1:00552
2023-05-20Canada Yuuma BushidaYuuma Plays 60 Seconds!2:03:161
2023-03-28New Zealand RyuSensei LIVERyuSensei Plays 60 Seconds - Streamed Mar 29th 20231:13:1352
2023-03-15United States xQc GamingxQc Plays 60 Seconds!41:07160,619
2023-03-02Czech Republic Sampstra Games - Top Strategy GamesTop Strategy Games of February 2023 - Wargames, City Builders, RPGs...8:20231
2023-02-16France YanSculptsHow to Sculpt Cat Mario in 60 Seconds - Blender 3.4 Timelapse1:047,409
2023-01-28 Reaper OfficialReaper Plays: 60 SECONDS: FIRST TIME TRYING SURVIVAL23:5811
2023-01-22 BitHead1000Playstation to Dreamcast in under 60 SECONDS!!1:05:388,079
2023-01-19South Africa ArgentleosChannel#Letsplayanything60 Seconds Reatomized - (Part 2) @letsplayanything13:2213
2023-01-15 PokeymonsterEvery letter of the Alphabet a Holographic Pokemon Card in 60 seconds Part 2.1:00472
2023-01-10 iRyanRabbitKilling Blatönn the Alpha Wulver in Under 60 Seconds! #shorts #gow1:01604
2023-01-05Canada Dual Wield ShieldsGone in 60 Seconds - Final Fantasy XII (#17) | Dual Wield Shields25:0611
2022-11-24 TheFrenchSpartanAlphabet Lore Sound Variations in 60 Seconds1:00245,260
2022-11-12Belarus The LordТЕД СКИЛЕТ?! | 60 SECOND | НАСТОЛЬГИЯ!!!14:2547

Latest Reviews For 60 Seconds!

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-08-23United States Bricks By MindEVERY Lego Ninjago Zane Minifigure in 60 Seconds! #shorts0:4684,697
2023-08-22Australia The Beta NetworkFort Solis - Review in 60 Seconds!1:00451
2023-08-09United States The RPG BlenderEnclave - Diceless RPG Reviewed in 60 Seconds!0:59269
2023-08-07United States Cynic The OriginalArkham Asylum Review In 60 Seconds0:53567
2023-08-04United States JBuck ClipsMEG 2: THE TRENCH (2023) Movie Review In 60 Seconds! | Jason Statham Summer Blockbuster SHARK Movie1:003,798
2023-08-03Canada Nam’s CompendiumPersona 4 in 2023 in 60 seconds0:474,287
2023-07-30Australia Harlequin_ade60 seconds review Remnant 20:5612
2023-07-30United States JustinDGMy thoughts on Neon White, in 60 seconds or less! #review #gaming #neonwhite0:48127
2023-07-29 GameLusterRemnant 2 - 60 Second Reviews0:5929
2023-07-25United States NERDY JOHN.T02Quinton Reviews Drama Explained In 60 Seconds #shorts0:47827
2023-07-24 Nerk IRL60 Second Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron Battle for Coruscant Battle Pack Review! 🤩 #starwars1:01109
2023-07-24 TheSheepWielderLegacy Cloudcover in under 60 Seconds #shorts #video #transformers #toys #review #fyp #viral #short0:3311,342
2023-07-21United States The ELT NetworkBatman Arkham Series Review in 60 Seconds0:59449
2023-07-21United States BAD Tech UnlimitedVortex Viper - 60 Second Review - 6MOA - $221.80 worth it?1:0014
2023-07-19 DNZStar Platinum in Under 60 Seconds #jojo #shorts #anime #review0:51139
2023-07-15 memeing420ELITE Gamer REVIEWS Exoprimal in 60 Seconds 🗿0:54258
2023-07-15Canada NIXNEExoprimal Review in 60 Seconds #shorts #exoprimal #ps51:001,809
2023-07-14United States Delkery60 Second Movie Review: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny #shorts0:59120
2023-07-06United States YellowMotionStreet Fighter 6 Review In 60 seconds #shorts #streetfighter60:571,014
2023-07-06Australia Stump D. GachaLEGEND NAMI/CARROT REVIEW in 60 SECONDS! [OPTC | トレクル] #shorts1:04731
2023-07-05 Game BassOxen Free 2: Lost Signal Review under 60 seconds!1:00279
2023-07-04United States Jathan DillerStreet Hoop Review In 60 Seconds! #gaming #shorts #nostalgia0:5762
2023-06-25 Guy Who GamesFinal Fantasy 16 Review in 60 Seconds!0:5836
2023-06-22United States The Indiestructible NoobNO SPOILERS!!! The Blackening review in 60 seconds or less! #moviereview #comedy #horror0:5753
2023-06-22United States BostonBrew60 Second Arcade Review: Quik Drop0:57268