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1.United States Nintendo3,253,925
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3.United States IGN1,267,837
4.Japan Nintendo 公式チャンネル1,258,842
5.Japan 花江夏樹1,255,206
6. GameXplain1,000,907
7.United Kingdom Nintendo UK794,938
8.United States Girlfriend Reviews655,189
9.United States Boss Fight Database650,405
10.Canada WoolieVersus583,468

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1.New Zealand TheGamesEntertainer93
2.Germany Sveneta77
3.Germany lookslikeLink73
4.United States Chaosinthesky1369
5.Poland Lafay Gaming67
6.Canada WoolieVersus66
7. dat Tigerle63
8. Guslok55
9.United States CohhCarnage55
10.United States Video Games Source53

Latest Let's Plays For Astral Chain

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoFrance Bolerodufeu ![FR] Let's play live Astral Chain #21 !2:08:222
6 days agoItaly abcPIPPOLet's Play - Astral Chain - Parte 23: Nemici volanti22:2744
6 days agoUnited States Mustached TomMustached Tom Plays Astral Chain Part 261:06:062
2020-07-28 Zack PainLet's Play Astral Chain - Episode 18 : Noé59:362
2020-07-24United States Silphy Plays【File 4】Astral Chain Walkthrough Gameplay | Humunculus Alpha α Boss Fight1:58:5833
2020-07-03 TheEpikPikminGIR Plays Astral Chain Part 15: The Plot Continues17:595
2020-07-03 HellfirePlaythroughsAstral Chain playthrough [Part 11: Reckoning] *FINALE*2:23:4739
2020-07-02Spain Dark PotionRyujinx Emulator Astral Chain on PC Gameplay Emulator Switch Test Alpha12:44928
2020-07-01Canada TannerOfTheNorthLet's Play Astral Chain [Full Series]3:26287
2020-06-21Canada 88 PlaysLet's Play Astral Chain - Part 46 - Ending15:5123
2020-06-15United Kingdom HellfireCommsAstral Chain playthrough [Part 6: Complicit]3:26:29778
2020-06-08United States Pink GiratinaChimeras???| Astral Chain Playthrough #127:0247
2020-05-02United States NozzivixNozz Plays Astral Chain (Switch) [Part 27] PERSONA 3!33:1945
2020-04-28Canada AcousticHarmoniaSome Helpful Training - Part 5 -⛓️Astral Chain1:12:3021
2020-04-23France Khei_Khan 🎮Let's Play - Astral Chain | Episode Final : Noé ( NC )21:278
2020-04-12 Frederick VandorenAstral Chain . Startup . File 01 & Boss Battle Laius . Nintendo Switch Playthrough26:28303
2020-04-10United Kingdom LightlicePlaysAstral Chain Let's Play #40: Case Closed (Project Finale)23:2339
2020-04-09Australia Version2LPLet's Play Astral Chain - #50 | This Is It My Friend (Finale)40:31122
2020-04-08France Toffytof-TVAstral Chain - Le Film Complet (FilmGame) Part 2/22:21:3887
2020-03-25United States GaroShadowscale StreamsAstral Chain Standard PT Difficulty FULL GAMEPLAY Let's Play First Playthrough Walkthrough FINAL3:00:2368
2020-03-14Germany EmerieosKapitel 11/12 - Die letzte Schlacht?! - Astral Chain Blind / Switch / Deutsch / Let's Play - #5239:296
2020-03-11United States ScribeLet's Play Astral Chain (FINALE) - Noah's Ark35:23999
2020-02-18United States Xenoflux RaidenAstral Chain ➤ 5 - CAT MAN - Let's Play - Gameplay Walkthough - SWITCH49:03885
2020-01-17United States The Musical GamerLet's Play Astral Chain #44 (Finale 2/2): What Must Be Done19:44956
2020-01-17Germany AndTheNukeNeon Genesis Evangelion?! - Astral Chain (Let's Play - Teil 27)31:0418

Latest Reviews For Astral Chain

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-06-18Brazil Coelho no JapãoBayonetta 2 Vs Astral Chain: Qual vale mais a compra? Análise Duelo ❘ Review19:283,964
2020-06-16United States Nintendo EnthusiastAstral Chain - BEST Switch Game You NEVER Played (unless you did)10:081,463
2020-05-15United States Gaming PastimeAstral Chain Video Review11:403,826
2020-03-03United States Gaming With GeeksAstral Chain - The Review7:39285
2020-02-01United States The Black HokageAstral Chain Review15:5415,180
2020-01-31 Local Play OnlyASTRAL CHAIN REVIEW 202042:4335
2020-01-18 wildfang e4Astral chain quick review6:057
2020-01-06United Kingdom MozilloGamesAstral Chain - Game Review16:1676
2019-12-18United States DukectAstral Chain Review9:3833
2019-11-21United Kingdom PlaytendoGuyAstral Chain Review6:2145
2019-11-13United Kingdom Source GamingAstral Chain Critique24:391,225
2019-11-02Canada DodoiteThe Beauty (and Flops) of Astral Chain | Dodoite Review21:53972
2019-10-07United States BobmanAstral Chain Review6:1016
2019-10-01United States Brian SolowAstral Chain Review19:4049
2019-09-29Australia Jay RPGAstral Chain Review: Hook it to my Astral Veins (Nintendo Switch) | Session Impressions11:133,804
2019-09-28 TheRetroReplayAstral Chain Review11:321,000
2019-09-27Brazil Old PlayersASTRAL CHAIN (Análise / Review) - Ótimo EXCLUSIVO do Switch [N-DAY#06]7:19224
2019-09-25United States The Game LootersAstral Chain Review | Is it Worth It? | Best or Worst Action Game of 20198:07119
2019-09-23United States Cyber Shaman 💥Top 100 Astral Chain Twitch Clips!24:196,262
2019-09-23Spain SrSerpiente: En la variedad está el gustoMUY JAPAN PA TU BODY | ASTRAL CHAIN Review9:417,704
2019-09-23Canada Tarks GauntletAstral Chain - Review - Tarks Gauntlet20:224,550
2019-09-23United Kingdom ConsolevaniaAstral Chain (Switch) Review - Consolevania S07E016:05305
2019-09-20Indonesia The Lazy MondayReview Astral Chain | Game Switch Dengan Gambar Terbaik | Lazy Review20:2727,052
2019-09-18United States VCiPzAstral Chain Review - It left me Chained to my Nintendo Switch5:21180