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Hey there everyone! Welcome to Team Sagemaster's youtube page. This team is made up of several people, the most prominent being Sages, Bockage,Zackamus and last but not least Catpaw.

We playthrough video games and do general gaming videos for your viewing pleasure. So why not pull up a seat, sit back and watch!?

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Colorless Tierlist and how we're going to rate Staff Users.
So for the colorless tier list in Heroes, we will need to adopt some changes to properly show some of the staff users. So we're going to be dividing...
2017-06-25 4:24:11 PM ● 707 views ● 7:27 97.03% liked
Oh Boy Let's check out Fate/Grand Orde- Oh nevermind.
You people got me all excited to try it out, praising it and look at that! I'm kidding, I'm looking forward to what may be in store.
2017-06-25 5:05:16 AM ● 190 views ● 1:13 94.74% liked
Go with Priscilla and get the Prize..illa? Oh god what have I done in Fire Emblem Heroes
I'm so sorry.
2017-06-25 2:56:56 AM ● 741 views ● 7:44 93.41% liked
TOMO MEETS THE END - Miitopia #3
Good bye Demo. Hello Tomo
2017-06-25 12:28:40 AM ● 418 views ● 32:47 95.24% liked
#Orbwatch2017, For all your Daily Orb news in Fire Emblem Heroes
Annnnnnnnnnnd it's cancelled. This joke is the best and I'm glad I get to keep bringing it out. And yes, that intro is a template. You can find...
2017-06-24 6:04:07 AM ● 6,465 views ● 0:49 92.64% liked
Who Will Win the Waifu Wars? I mean Sister Struggle, in Fire Emblem Heroes?
I'm putting my money on Elise myself. :D All credit to reddit user sirbuttles for the tnumbnail, go check it out here:
2017-06-24 3:34:42 AM ● 8,377 views ● 5:31 98.17% liked
This video is better than any Heroes content we've put out ever.
I enjoy baking with Barbie, now who wants our Giraffe cake?
2017-06-23 11:37:50 PM ● 2,799 views ● 26:30 96.72% liked
Changes and Cancellations (Zelda, etc etc)
A note for those looking for updates on Zelda and a few other things.
2017-06-23 6:19:04 AM ● 3,258 views ● 2:08 95.42% liked
The Waifu War are coming, F2P players may want to look away at these changes in Fire Emblem Heroes
Ohhhhh boy, I have a bad feeling about this.
2017-06-23 1:43:58 AM ● 18,157 views ● 8:09 96.87% liked
Who are the best Green units in Fire Emblem Heroes? It's time for our Tier List as of June!
You wanted Green units, you got Green units.
2017-06-22 9:01:02 PM ● 12,085 views ● 47:27 90.50% liked