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Shred yt is an Indian YouTube content creator with more than 3.88 thousand subscribers. His content totals more than 129.5 thousand views views across 474 videos.

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Welcome to Gamer Zone, the ultimate destination for gaming enthusiasts! 🎮

On this channel, you will find:

Gameplay videos of popular and indie games across various genres and platforms
Reviews, tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you master your favorite games
Live streams, challenges, and collaborations with other gamers and creators
Fun and engaging commentary, reactions, and discussions on gaming news and trends
This channel is for entertainment and educational purposes only. I do not promote or endorse any illegal or harmful activities related to gaming. I respect the intellectual property rights of the game developers and publishers. I follow the YouTube community guidelines and terms of service.

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Variety of Games on Channel

There are 161 games covered by Shred yt, consisting of 380 videos, or 80.17% of the total videos on this channel.

100 Videos on YouTube Milestone for Shred yt

On March 6, 2023, Shred yt reaches 100 videos on YouTube with the release of the Persona 5 video "How To Play Persona 5 On Android | Eggs Emulator", which has 123 views and 3 likes.