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This list represents YouTube gaming channels for Manor Lords based on recent uploads. This includes channels that create video game reviews and let's plays. Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video for Manor Lords will appear at the top of the list.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
1 day agoUkraine Стріми: BEnderUA673Несподівано з'явилась! Підглядала на трансляції поки я грав у Manor Lords #shortvideo0:32
2 days agoUnited States ninja from above1,760Ninja Reacts to Manor Lords Gameplay Trailer4:30
2 days agoGermany The Mountain Gaming47Manor Lords - Official Battle Features Trailer REACTION!8:13
4 days agoUnited States Raptor1,140,000Manor Lords Has New A New Gameplay Reveal & Big New Release News!21:35
5 days agoUnited States APS Entertainment21,000Manor Lords - Review + Release Date Trailer12:33
5 days agoUnited Kingdom Danneh7,840Manor Lords is looking GOOD! #rts0:52
5 days agoTurkey Frenk Benjamin Gaming1,320MANOR LORDS | Resmi Oynayış Fragmanı4:14
5 days ago Natra Nation42Sumpah ini keren banget! | Manor Lords Demo Gameplay No Commentary1:38:19
6 days agoIndia Game Trailer Nation190Manor Lords - Official Battle Features Trailer2:25
2024-02-21Germany Laxxus GamerFreak183Manor Lords 🏰 Offizielle Ankündigung des Veröffentlichungsdatums4:14
2024-02-21United States IGN18,000,000Manor Lords - Official Battle Features Trailer2:25
2024-02-21 DASSBEAR5,740Forget Manor Lords Checkout Kingmakers #upcominggame #gaming #manorlords #kingmakers #strategygames1:00
2024-02-21Ireland LT Gaming8,200Manor Lords - Frequently Asked Questions!9:47
2024-02-21Germany TrailerManiaX218Manor Lords | Official Battle Features Trailer2:25
2024-02-20 GameTrailers1,020,000Manor Lords - Official Gameplay Overview Trailer4:14
2024-02-20United States TactiCat13,000Manor Lords - Diamond Base Flash Back0:15
2024-02-17Ukraine Flaming Faceless106Manor Lords Demo1:51:42
2024-02-12Romania Playstation Live Games452Manor Lords Official Trailer 2020 Announcement1:33
2024-02-05Italy Lordxso344La strategia aziendale delle software house | Il caso Manor Lords12:21
2024-02-04 Gameoneer929Manor Lords - Official Gameplay Trailer1:57
2024-02-04 Manor Lords66,500Manor Lords - Creating the Soundtrack9:01
2024-01-30United States Stridah's Angels18,200The most exciting medieval game of 2024 has a release date! Manor Lords0:43
2024-01-29Russian Federation НЧ BOSS127Manor Lords0:32
2024-01-28Philippines JAYBOGART1,560I Played till the Game Crashed | Manor Lords2:23:48
2024-01-27Brazil LANASSU Games296Manor Lords - construção de cidades - medieval - combates em tempo real - comentários em português3:30
2024-01-27Germany philstifty846MANOR LORDS (vorschau)3:39
2024-01-25 RomerPlay1,430Manor Lords - граю в демо перед релізом ( та Острів в кінці ) | СТРІМ UA3:39:27
2024-01-23Germany Zocker Lounge8,100Manor Lords übertrifft bereits vor Release alle Erwartungen3:11
2024-01-22United Kingdom Resonant173,000Manor Lords Release Date Over Analysis8:27
2024-01-22Germany Zenial Network506Manor Lords┃Trailer┃Discord Deutsch1:57
2024-01-21United States SaltEMike Reacts14,700SaltEMike Reacts to Manor Lords4:23
2024-01-21Germany Strategos Xenophon4,250Manor Lords - Das Release Datum steht fest!2:50
2024-01-21Austria The InfoGamer3,550Infos (Manor Lords News)6:05
2024-01-21Japan ブレブレゲームス5,690Manor Lords 世界で注目wウィッシュリスト200万の化け物タイトル【Hooded Horse】#shorts0:49
2024-01-20France Polar Bears282MANOR LORDS POSSIBLE FUTUR JEU DE LA CHAINE - 26 AVRIL 20241:51
2024-01-20Indonesia Gala Play50Manor Lords - Release Date Announcement Trailer1:57
2024-01-20Ukraine Games video UA17,100Гра Manor Lords | Відома дата релізу, розбираємо трейлер від розробників23:26
2024-01-18Ukraine Граємо разом UA | Контент українською 💪1,190Manor Lords ► Офіційний трейлер ► Оголошена дата релізу гри 20241:57
2024-01-14Mexico Perezoso Medieval11,000Manor Lords 2024 #gaming #manorlords #historia0:29
2024-01-11Germany anthbesp205قصة لعبة Manor Lords و مراجعة نسخة الـ Early Access (Demo)✌️4:00
2024-01-07 Nabkro1,220Manor Lords Could Be a Medieval Masterpiece (City Builder)7:21
2023-12-26Malaysia Namie Yanagi552Manor Lords | Official Release Date - Xbox Announcement Trailer1:57
2023-12-25United Kingdom RedcoatUK16,200Manor Lords is REALLY GOOD | First Impressions & Gameplay10:00
2023-12-21 hugothester313,000El (Inesperado) Futuro de los Juegos de Estrategia | Manor Lords, Broken Arrow - Las Nuevas Promesas12:18
2023-12-11 Grishin Play140Manor LORDS | Демо версия ШЕДЕВРА!1:29:28
2023-12-10Russian Federation Vibirwum1,740Лучшая игра про Средневековье! Manor Lords - релиз 2024...0:57
2023-12-03Austria PlayEpic2,320Manor Lords wird durch GROßE Fußstapfen treten!14:10
2023-11-28Germany Drone1ofall18Manor Lords Demo | Live-LP Stream5:24:32
2023-11-25Russian Federation Jack Merdock3,450РЕАКЦИЯ НА ТРЕЙЛЕР ИГРЫ "MANOR LORDS". Градостроительный средневековый симулятор от Slavic Magic.2:40
2023-11-24Spain Arturo Noblejas19,600MANOR LORDS es el FUTURO de la ESTRATEGIA10:28
2023-11-18 Global Cyber Games51Manor Lords | Release Date Announcement Trailer1:48
2023-11-18United States War Play28,400Manor Lords0:08
2023-11-16United States Black Ram GX Gaming525Manor Lords Trailer React #manorlords #manorlordsgame #manorlordstrailer1:00
2023-11-15United States Sax245Everything We Know About Manor Lords3:10
2023-11-11Italy Multiplayer.it255,000Manor Lords: tra SimCity e Total War?5:03
2023-11-01Poland Staniu Game3,150Znamy Datę Wydania Największej Strategii Wszechczasów Najnowsze Wieści z Manor Lords10:13
2023-11-01United States Game Dame13,500My reaction to the Manor Lords Release Date and Xbox Announcement Trailer | GAMEDAME REACTS3:18
2023-10-30Germany Treborianus - Spartan Let's Plays2,150Manor Lords - Release-Date-Trailer-Analyse (Aufbau-Survival, deutsch)10:43
2023-10-30Germany Karolinger14,000Manor Lords 🛡️ New gameplay scenes, release date & Game Pass revealed! 🏰7:23
2023-10-30Germany Die Loge - Karolinger4,460Manor Lords 🛡️ Neue Gameplay Szenen, Release Termin & Game Pass enthüllt! 🏰7:23
2023-10-29United Kingdom FARHAD RCAIN3,630انقلابی در صنعت بازی های استراتژیک تو راهه 😍😍 manor lords11:23
2023-10-28United Kingdom MoisTea Gaming5,720Manor Lords Combat Looks Creamy0:48
2023-10-27United Kingdom Evo Loz Gaming34,100MANOR LORDS Is COMING!8:01
2023-10-27United Kingdom Midgeman11,700Manor Lords FINALLY Got A Release Date #manorlords0:53
2023-10-27 Erad Reacts & Plays2,220Finally MANOR LORDS has a RELEASE DATE!3:53
2023-10-27Turkey Akme Gaming3,480Manor Lords - Official Trailer1:50
2023-10-27India Games Studio15Manor Lords - Official Release Date and Xbox Announcement Trailer1:57
2023-10-26Germany derStrategieNerd22,500RELEASE DATE ANKÜNDIGUNGS TRAILER für die Aufbauhoffnung Manor Lords | deutsch Analyse12:08
2023-10-26 X Gaming Inside X1,960Manor Lords Release Date Announcement Trailer Xbox Partner Preview2:03
2023-10-26Colombia Xbox Colombia23,700Manor Lords - Tráiler2:03
2023-10-26Chile Skult6,640Tenemos fecha para Manor Lords!!!2:52
2023-10-26 PC Game Pass LATAM5,140Manor Lords -Tráiler de fecha de lanzamiento - Xbox Partner Preview2:03
2023-10-26Ukraine ваха TIME595Manor Lords - Все що тобі потрібно знати про гру !2:34
2023-10-26United States Seren Santiago417IT'S OFFICIAL! Manor Lords RELEASE DATE, Feature Breakdown, Trailer Showcase, & MORE!12:21
2023-10-26United Kingdom Jackie Fish223,000IT'S OFFICIAL! Manor Lords Release Date, New Gameplay, And More!11:13
2023-10-26South Africa Topchop 1,560Manor Lords Release Date And New Info3:49
2023-10-26Canada Nabil 'Aiekillu' Lahrech1,680,000Manor Lords a une date de sortie!!8:15
2023-10-26New Zealand JumboPixel76,800MANOR LORDS IS COMING - NEW Gameplay & Release Date UPDATES!11:00
2023-10-26 EricZocktLP710Release bekannt gegeben!/ Manor Lords/ News/ Trailer14:16
2023-10-26United States WildGamerSK181,000MANOR LORDS Official Trailer (2024) 8K3:48
2023-10-26Spain IGN España77,300Manor Lords - Fecha de lanzamiento oficial y tráiler de anuncio para Xbox1:57
2023-10-26Spain ImKombo9,710Aparece Manor Lords en el Xbox Media Partner #Gaming #Gameplay #Videojuegos1:00
2023-10-25United Kingdom Achievement/Trophy Hunters684Manor Lords - Release Date Announcement Trailer - Xbox Partner Preview2:15
2023-10-25India Gaming FOR Fun87Manor Lords launches in Early Access for PC on April 26, 2024, later for consoles1:57
2023-10-25India MX Movie Trailers52,400Manor Lords - Official Release Date Trailer HD1:57
2023-10-25France Bibou Gaming6,890Manor Lords arrive sur Xbox Game Pass PC et consoles2:03
2023-10-25Australia ReneeSky3,360Manor Lords RELEASE DATE!1:28
2023-10-25Norway Andy's Take61,400Manor Lords Will Change Your View of Strategy and City Building - Delayed Release Date8:45
2023-10-25United States CBH 4k Plays372Manor Lords Release Date trailer Breakdown: Total War will have Stiff Competition Soon12:04
2023-10-25United States Havoc31,500FINALLY! MANOR LORDS RELEASE DATE & Coming to PC Game Pass9:41
2023-10-25 GOG71,300Manor Lords | Release Date Announcement Trailer [GOG]1:53
2023-10-25United States GameSpot Trailers1,090,000Manor Lords Release Date Announcement Trailer2:03
2023-10-25 GP GameTrailers3,760Manor Lords - Release Date Trailer1:53
2023-10-25Germany Gaius Julius Caesar15,200Manor Lords NEWS: Release Date & Traileranalyse11:34
2023-10-17Viet Nam 1B USD - Best Strategy7,050Manor Lords [KPI 200likes=stream] - Chiến thuật quy mô lớn, xây dựng kinh tế xã hội thời Trung Cổ0:00
2023-09-22United Kingdom TheTerminator42,700I'll Tell You EXACTLY Why Manor Lords Looks So Good9:53
2023-09-13Russian Federation Gobs Drunk3,450Инфа о Manor Lords1:09
2023-09-03United Kingdom El Escoces gamer314,000¿Qué ha PASADO con MANOR LORDS?17:56
2023-08-03Brazil FiregolemBr164Manor Lords - Gráficos muito bonitos1:35
2023-07-27Germany RangerArea - Uncut8,109Manor Lords wird die Aufbaustrategie revolutionieren!4:13:57