MLB The Show 19

MLB The Show 19

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1.Canada TDBarrett11,708,394
2.United States Mighty Goat6,141,721
3.United States Shelfy5,275,974
4.Canada KevinGohD3,997,983
5.United States dodgerfilms3,987,756
6.United States Koogs463,973,897
7.Korea, Republic of 옥냥이 (RoofTopCAT)1,638,405
8. Fuzzy1,548,253
9. PlayStation1,541,288
10.United States Scomo1,456,980

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1.United States TwinGamingTV265
2.United States Game-a N8r223
3.Romania Throneful183
4.United States GomesDaLegend180
5.United States Shelfy168
6.United States Koogs46160
7. GoldGlove Let's Plays150
8.United States KPritz21125
9.United States Mighty Goat115
10.Canada TDBarrett113

Latest Let's Plays For MLB The Show 19

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
6 days ago darkprometheus112Win or Go Home l Philadelphia Phillies l March to October l MLB The Show 19 l EP1428:212
2019-06-06United States Rich gamer997MLB THE SHOW 19 ROAD TO THE SHOW EP 29 CAN WE GET SOME HELP54:145
2019-05-29United States Z3ROOneOneSe7en GamingZero Plays MLB The Show 19 "RTTS Short Stop"1:25:152854.55%
2019-05-14United States Game-a N8rMLB The Show 19 Philadelphia Phillies vs. Scranton Knights16:091
2019-04-18 GraveyardShiftGaming IncLet's Play MLB The Show 19 HDR ON16:589
2019-04-17 TTPM Toy ReviewsPlaystation MLB The Show 19 Figures from McFarlane Toys2:32334100.00%
2019-04-10Czech Republic Game PressGame Press | MLB The Show 19 | Gameplay preview | PlayStation 428:1813
2019-04-09United States Sports Gaming UniversePhiladelphia Phillies vs Washington Nationals MLB The Show 19 4/9/191:15:501,295100.00%
2019-03-31 GoldGlove Let's PlaysMLB The Show 19 - Road to the Show - Part 9 "You're Not Helping Me!" (Gameplay & Commentary)26:3125,47498.95%
2019-03-11 Terry's Gaming ZoneMLB The Show 18 - AAA Baseball - Making it to The Show - Playstation 453:230
2019-03-05 PlayStation EuropeMLB The Show 19 | March to October | PS40:323,68788.17%
2019-02-08Canada BATTLEFIELD INFIDELSMLB : The Show 19 - PlayStation Gameplay Trailer Rewind 2019 (PS4) HD6:2143100.00%
2018-12-18United States Sony San DiegoMLB The Show 19 Closed Alpha Update5:5932,39993.67%
2018-11-02 OnPSXMLB The Show 19 - Announce Trailer | PS40:31119
2018-06-13United States Oppaiman100LP: MLB The Show 18: Road To The Show #29 - Finishing The Season Strong42:3233100.00%

Latest Reviews For MLB The Show 19

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2019-04-12Canada Inside The GameMLB THE SHOW 19 REVIEW PS410:5676100.00%
2019-04-06Canada Electric Playground Network - EPNMLB The Show 19 Review - Electric Playground7:422,014100.00%
2019-04-03Canada COGconnectedMLB The Show 19 Review - Back-to-Back Jacks4:2940992.31%
2019-03-28United States GamingBoltMLB The Show 19 Review - The Final Verdict7:1329,12689.34%
2019-03-28United Kingdom HybridsteelMLB The Show 19 Gameplay Review8:222,75988.37%
2018-06-15 Beanie91 Mike Scott And 95 Willie McCovey Review!! - MLB The Show 1810:241,20593.62%