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The Full Story of Reptile - Before You Play Mortal Kombat 11
Of the cast of characters established as "The Ninjas" in the earliest Mortal Kombat games, before all of them were given more distinct...
2019-01-14 8:30:01 AM ● 4,585 views ● 10:55 99.05% liked
15 Most Replayable Games On The PS4
While the PS4's lifespan may be drawing to a close after the next two or three years, it will still have boasted an impressive library of games...
2019-01-14 6:30:00 AM ● 15,051 views ● 10:34 82.49% liked
Kingdom Hearts X And Birth By Sleep Story Explained - Before You Play Kingdom Hearts 3 (Part 1)
Check out the full story of Kingdom Hearts X and a bit of Birth By Sleep. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS:
2019-01-13 6:30:03 AM ● 5,767 views ● 12:11 98.45% liked
14 Urban Legends In Video Games You Totally Believed
It's not strange for mysteries to crop up in gaming, whether it's in the form of Easter Eggs or secrets. However, some mysteries remain unsolved...
2019-01-12 8:30:01 AM ● 18,668 views ● 9:21 91.86% liked
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes - 15 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy
No More Heroes 1 and 2 might not have been he most prominent exclusive releases on the Nintendo Wii, but the two hack and slash titles from the...
2019-01-12 6:30:01 AM ● 9,134 views ● 7:14 95.85% liked
Destiny 2 Black Armory Review - The Final Verdict
The Season of the Forge and the Black Armory DLC does many things right and could do a number of them better. Understandably, an expansion like...
2019-01-10 8:30:00 AM ● 2,286 views ● 5:32 79.02% liked
Destiny 2
Destiny 2 (2017)
15 Horror Games of 2019 And Beyond
This new year and the future will bring new gaming adventures, and we have a list of games that, while you might not find them on your usual...
2019-01-10 6:30:00 AM ● 6,705 views ● 10:56 98.76% liked
What The Hell Happened With Metal Gear Solid 5?
How is it that Hideo Kojima and Konami, the two of whom had collectively created one of the most legendary and astoundingly consistent franchises...
2019-01-09 8:30:01 AM ● 29,366 views ● 8:39 94.72% liked
14 Amazing PS2 Facts You 'Probably' Don't Know
The PlayStation 2 is and always will be one of the greatest game consoles of all time. That is something that brooks no arguments, and its massive...
2019-01-09 6:30:01 AM ● 6,514 views ● 7:16 96.55% liked
12 Upcoming Xbox Exclusives of 2019 and Beyond (Console + Timed Exclusives)
It's been more than a decade since Microsoft's foray into gaming consoles, and in the time passed since then, the Xbox brand has grown significantly...
2019-01-08 8:30:00 AM ● 17,372 views ● 9:11 88.35% liked