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What The Hell Happened To CONDEMNED?
Despite being a little rough around the edges Condemned was received pretty well and ended up gaining more praise than criticism for its risk-taking...
2018-08-15 11:30:01 AM ● 6,913 views ● 7:04 98.67% liked
Top 5 Game Franchises Sony Should Bring Back For The PS4
With Sony's games generally doing so well now- games like Horizon, The Last of Us, all sold millions upon millions of copies- it is now clear...
2018-08-14 11:30:01 AM ● 3,411 views ● 6:34 93.52% liked
15 Amazing Games We Admittedly Suck At
The world is full of many different games, some difficult and others that are just difficult to get into, much less have fun with. Not every...
2018-08-14 7:30:00 AM ● 3,831 views ● 8:07 93.16% liked
Where The Hell Is Mortal Kombat 11?
Mortal Kombat 9 was released in 2011 and Mortal Kombat X came out in 2015, putting all of these games four years apart. So if the pattern holds...
2018-08-13 10:50:07 AM ● 9,170 views ● 5:09 97.62% liked
[4K/60FPS] Monster Hunter World: PS4 PRO vs PC vs Xbox One X Graphics Comparison, PC Tech Analysis
The PC version of Monster Hunter World can be declared as the best version of the game, as many, many people would have predicted, but its victory...
2018-08-11 1:28:32 PM ● 6,897 views ● 5:27 87.32% liked
Today we will cover the following news: Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Video Was Captured On PS4 Pro, Xbox One X Support Confirmed Red Dead Redemption...
2018-08-10 1:41:29 PM ● 4,864 views ● 7:34 94.26% liked
There is a fascinating heart that beats within We Happy Few. We just wished it was able to beat its way through the many layers of buggy programming...
2018-08-10 8:18:23 AM ● 6,769 views ● 6:26 93.89% liked
We Happy Few
Madden NFL 19 Review - The Final Verdict
If you’ve played Madden in the last several years, odds are you already know if you’ll enjoy Madden NFL 19. That isn’t to say the game...
2018-08-08 11:30:00 AM ● 5,886 views ● 6:12 87.92% liked
Madden NFL 19
14 Things Gamers Need To Stop Doing When Waking Up In The Morning
Playing video games is easier than ever, to the point that you just need a decent phone to enjoy gaming. However, with the number of games attempting...
2018-08-08 7:30:00 AM ● 6,135 views ● 6:23 77.51% liked
Monster Hunter World PC Review - The Final Verdict
If this were a review of just Monster Hunter World, the negatives would have little effect on the overall package. Given all the work and graphical...
2018-08-07 9:18:51 AM ● 7,093 views ● 10:53 96.57% liked
Monster Hunter: World