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The BIG Argument: Do Video Game Exclusives Matter?
These days there are a lot of different types of gamers, and with that, comes a ton of different reasons why certain consoles are purchased over...
2018-05-21 11:30:00 AM ● 4,642 views ● 6:17 91.78% liked
15 Villains You Didn't Realize Were Way Cooler Than You, The Hero
We weren't supposed to be rooting for these guys, were we? Games of old would be able to get by with a generic mad doctor, trying to take over...
2018-05-21 7:30:00 AM ● 4,314 views ● 8:53 96.92% liked
No PS5, Borderlands 3 At E3 2018, RAGE 2 Won't Have Loot Boxes, Metro Exodus, Shenmue 3 Delayed
Today we will cover the following news: RAGE 2 is "Collaborative Effort" Between Studios, Won't Have Loot Boxes Borderlands 3 Won't...
2018-05-19 7:30:00 AM ● 8,631 views ● 11:37 96.76% liked
State of Decay 2: Xbox One X vs Xbox One Graphics Comparison [4K/60fps]
Overall, the Xbox One X being a better version overall is not a huge surprise but the numerous glitches and bugs remain regardless of whatever...
2018-05-17 12:04:06 PM ● 6,516 views ● 4:05 81.45% liked
16 Biggest Rumored Games of E3 2018
Every year, E3 brings hope and prosperity, the promise of something great to look forward to in the future. That means for every confirmed appearance,...
2018-05-17 7:30:00 AM ● 13,337 views ● 8:31 96.87% liked
State of Decay 2 Review - The Final Verdict
State of Decay 2 isn't a bad game but it doubles down on too much of the first game's failings. For newcomers, the repetitive combat and mission...
2018-05-17 4:43:26 AM ● 25,813 views ● 10:54 77.37% liked
State of Decay 2
What We Think About God of War's Story, Its Ending And How Its Sequels Will Turn Out
We discuss and analyze the game's story, ending and add in our thoughts and theories on what the sequels will be about. Thumbnail source:
2018-05-16 11:30:01 AM ● 12,642 views ● 11:42 92.52% liked
God of War
God of War (2018)
Top 30 Games of E3 2018 That Will Blow Everyone Away
It’s that time of the year again. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is less than a month away and while the actual show will open on June 12th...
2018-05-16 7:30:00 AM ● 52,973 views ● 14:34 94.00% liked
God of War - The Story So Far - The Light of Alfheim - Part 8
In part seven of our recap of the series, which was the first part recounting the tale of the latest PS4 release, we spent quite a bit of time...
2018-05-15 11:30:01 AM ● 2,916 views ● 20:44 96.97% liked
God of War
God of War (2018)
15 Amazing Video Games Which Had At Least One Pretty Big, Glaring Flaw
In this feature we're going to take a look at fifteen amazing games that, in our view, had at least one pretty big, glaring flaw. A note before...
2018-05-15 7:30:03 AM ● 14,393 views ● 19:03 94.19% liked