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Latest Let's Plays For PlateUp!

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-11-26United States Alnilana SimsBaked Drake - Plate Up! - Full Release - Let's Play 721:28:2130
2023-11-22 Kuroneko Kazuya Ch.KaMaRe Plays Plateup! Halloween Edition~2:46:459
2023-11-16United States Madman RuvikPlateup Playthrough59:154
2023-11-10 Save PointWe Got Ex-Culinary School Headmaster Helping Us. It Didn't Go Well...11:5421
2023-11-07United States QwertyIsANerd💀 I am NO HELP to my friends...0:2063
2023-11-06United States Wally1169PlateUp! Co-op with Friends, Episode 123: Mystic Pizza - Let's Play, Stream2:09:0454
2023-11-03France Le Refuge Des JoueursPLATE UP!, [LET'S PLAY FR], cette fois ci nous seront 3 pour les cauchemars en cuisine4:15:1451
2023-11-01 SpideyFlanPlateUp! | Twitch Vod 1 | SpideyFlan Plays1:05:070
2023-10-31United States Doshi GamingSurviving the Scariest Game Ever.. Plate Up1:38:0268
2023-10-21Australia Thriive_ VodsThriive_ plays PlateUp! - #171:00:3722
2023-10-13Germany GrakholPlateUp #20 - Ich übernehm die Milch27:5210
2023-10-01United States KattastrophyPumpkin season! \m/0:115
2023-09-23Australia VoltMatesYou Did WHAT To The Fish?! - PlateUp! - EP 1524:4923
2023-09-22Russian Federation IIpocto ceregaPlateUp! [Сoop Games] 1 часть !новая рубрика на канале!8:2534
2023-09-13United States Snipin’ CharmanderPlate up! W/Sabra plays yay!2:33:5517
2023-08-28United States BuzzedGameTimeBGT Plays Plate Up! Co Op (PC) | We Upset A Couple! | Part 621:5812
2023-08-15United Kingdom Nik & IsaacWELP..... | Beer Garden #5 | PlateUp! Modded with Nik & Isaac1:01:371,376
2023-08-15Germany Let's FuchsCoffee Shop XXL?!👨‍🍳 Let's Fuchs PlateUp! 41 👩‍🍳 Lets Play German / Deutsch2:34:4935
2023-08-06 JamariaPlaysJamariaPlays - I get to bake what?!?! | PlateUp! (part 1)58:38104
2023-08-05United States neroZ77let's play plateup! coop! part 3!2:50:2824
2023-08-04 99 Heal Potions ArchivePlateup! : Stream (99 Heal Potions) w/ Octavia_Lycan : lets play / Indie Game2:13:215
2023-08-01United States Soaring FlyingA THREE STAR MICHELIN RESTURANT W/@lilhillplays1:04:4743
2023-07-26Australia RhapsodyA Surplus Of Nut | The Wholesomeverse Play PlateUp!1:17:171,121
2023-07-10United States BottledupchaiPlate Up! // Serving Tea // Modded Dish // Multiplayer (Part 16)1:36:1642
2023-07-09 SourcelyteA new COFFEE UPDATE!? w/ Alpha | Serving a Whole Latte Love | Plate Up!3:4517

Latest Reviews For PlateUp!

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-10-08New Zealand JT Gaming Bundles[REVIEW] Laugh Till You Die Multiplayer Mayhem – October 2023 – Humble Bundle11:29128
2023-09-24United Kingdom Pixel PursuitPlate Up! | The Best Overcooked Game That Isn't Overcooked!?10:14176
2023-08-29Estonia DaremoonPlateUp! is a Game That You Can Play | Review (ft. HQ audio)6:2065
2023-06-26United States DirtyDanTheir leaving a bad review on YELP! #shorts0:23134
2023-03-28United States Lemur's Corner🗑️THROW OUT THE RESEARCH DESK!!! | PlateUp! | Tutorial 🗑️0:533,458
2023-02-15Japan Maria Marionette 【NIJISANJI EN】Clean Cook And Five Star Reviews Plz (PlateUp!)【NIJISANJI EN | Maria Marionette】4:39:0620,317
2023-01-29United States Sticks and Stones GamingThe Real Hell's Kitchen (PlateUp! Review)4:20150
2022-12-07United States AicuteBit Tip food review #shorts0:1317
2022-12-05 Quick Game ReviewPlateup Review 20226:3475
2022-11-10Canada Wicked Tee GamingTrying to Cook for Crowds! (PlateUp! Game Review)13:501
2022-11-05Argentina NorbertoArg1987Plate Up! Sacame unas fritas, Análisis / Review6:55322
2022-09-04United States Red Bare'NRB Reviews RB pt.14:0154
2022-08-16 DraedoWhat is Plate Up - Mc Donald's Simulator 2022 Kitchen Panic Game16:11142
2022-08-15United Kingdom Sim UK ReviewsPlateUp! Gameplay Review | A Fun & Stressful Experience1:21:181,323
2022-08-10United States MrStoneIV👨‍🍳 PLATEUP! Quick Solo Play and Review! #plateup23:3232