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Latest Let's Play Channel Activity for Roblox

This list represents YouTube let's play channels for Roblox based on recent uploads. This only includes channels that have created let's play videos. Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new let's play for Roblox will appear at the top of the list.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
11 hours agoUnited States Halo and Lemar6,360Lets play a wee bit of apeirophobia #apheirophobia #roblox3:42:16
16 hours agoPhilippines DISASTER TV PH 🇵🇭99🇵🇭 Let's Play! Roblox zombie Lab Part 1123:16
21 hours agoUnited States It's Akeila1,170,000😬Reacting To My POPULAR BLOXBURG ROLEPLAYS! *PRIVATE VIDEOS* #bloxburg17:38
1 day agoIndia AMGAMER8,550KreekCraft plays images blocks run obby in roblox #roblox #obby #shorts #youtubeshorts0:39
1 day agoGermany GermansnakeGaming150,000Das VERRÜCKTESTE FNAF-Fangame, das du je sehen wirst! Five Nights at Friedrich's9:48
1 day agoUnited States THE GAMING WORLD303,000Very TENSED Moments & Sneaky Plays in Roblox Secret Neighbor Highlights Ep. 57 #roblox ‪@TGW8:31
1 day agoGermany JoToX2,5601 TAG als MCDONALDS BESITZER in ROBLOX18:30
1 day agoRussian Federation Gamer_filin999794Roblox PlayStation 5 Gamer_Filin999Jr34:06
1 day agoUnited States Tiger Rock Games2,430,000Roblox Let's Play! Dusty Trip, Scary Sushi & more...2:26:34
1 day agoMexico PixelPopCatPlays1,300YourBoyJad Vs PixelPopCatPlays 😳 #capcut #roblox #shorts @wardahmad6750:23
2 days agoUnited States Solucionador de errores11,600Cómo desvincular la cuenta de Roblox de Playstation1:01
2 days ago Cozy Alpaca20,900How To FIX Roblox Game Not Rotating On iPhone/Android! (2024)2:00
2 days agoUnited States SamuraiBlox8,810WHAT PEOPLE OFFER FOR ARACHNID MILITANT TOILET! (Toilet Tower Defense)!0:20
2 days agoGermany LAMI2,440,000LAMI SCHULPLANER.. #roblox #shorts0:06
2 days ago Parev1,850Watching stuff on Discord3:07:18
2 days ago rmarquina926516I can't do this alone. Can you help me with this?8:22
2 days ago TheChosenOneLL12Roblox lets play1:30:04
2 days ago Green man 4200223Roblox help me get 1000 Please2:36:28
2 days ago Sharkey boi118,000SB Movie: Shark Puppet plays Roblox Carter’s FunPalace Chapters 3 and 4!22:37
2 days agoUnited States Johnny and Marty836,000Johnny Plays GEOMETRY DASH...21:09
2 days agoBrazil Wall 6,860MELECAS DOCES CAUSAM TERROR NA FANTÁSTICA FÁBRICA DE CHOCOLATES - Roblox - Caudas Engraçadas [ALPHA]13:21
2 days agoDenmark SpamL76,000DolphSol Macro Be Like... (Sol's RNG)1:08
2 days agoFrance MediaGamesGuide1,070,000Roblox | Dandy's World [ALPHA] Gameplay20:17
2 days ago czduck131Roblox - YOUTUBE SHORTS Jsou... 💀 #roblox #cringe0:21
2 days agoUnited States BENJIxScarlett3,470,000Anxiety From Inside Out 2 Plays ROBLOX8:02
2 days ago RF18 & F21: VG All-Stars623Roblox: Karting League (PlayStation And XBOX) (GamePlay 75)0:00
2 days agoSweden Baby Squad38,700BABY BOBBY vs BANANA POLICE FAMILY | Roblox9:01
2 days agoUnited Kingdom JGamer641Will my new Chop fruit help me in Pirate Village well TIME TO FIND OUT!(Roblox Blox Fruits!)17:01
2 days ago Nelgamerns863PROYECTO 52 \\ ROLPLAY \\ DIA 22 \\ #PROYEYO TE LA DEDICO3:43:49
2 days ago Hiyu5,400Let's Help Bacon💝 #BloxFruit #Roblox #Hiyunih0:43
2 days agoHungary DoggyAndi - GamePlay389,000CUKOR + TITKOS ÖSSZETEVŐ = SZÖRNYEk?! 🍭🐀 - Taffy Tails [ALPHA]22:54
3 days agoUnited States PMillPlayz775My First 100 Kill Game on Warehouse! - Phantom Forces13:33
3 days agoDominican Republic hector2377149Roblox gameplay p0r Dante #playstation #roblox #games56:22
3 days ago echothedago10Let's play some roblox2:06:35
3 days agoUnited Kingdom 281Fletch340Prison Wave 47-63 (Hard Mode) ZOMBIE ATTACK /107 ~ Let's Play ROBLOX47:20
3 days agoGermany Johnny And Friends Gaming1,0405 Roblox Haustier Pet Tycoon Gameplay Letsplay mit Nils Sistorian 😀 Süß #shorts deutsch 😀 😀0:58
3 days agoViet Nam Thanh TV631,000The First Girl You Helped #bloxfruits #shorts0:24
3 days agoGermany DeathDragons8,160Es hat mich fast erwischt! | #rainbowfriends2 #roblox #robloxshorts mit @ChrisGLPS0:14
3 days ago Berlian kecil114,000*NEW CODES* ROCKS [ALPHA] ROBLOX | 07/10/2024 | ALL CODES4:12
3 days ago Drewdj4390Leo STarBoy3:39:14
3 days agoUnited States The 8-Bit Arcade1,110,000Roblox: Secret Staycation - Last Food Standing Wins (Xbox Gameplay)8:18
3 days agoUnited States devvysen389Helping Police Against Crossteamers in Liberty County - Roblox1:41
3 days agoUnited States Ashley1,180,000BLOXBURG NEEDS OUR HELP!5:04
3 days ago Cedartree912I helped a noob get his win in TDX! | ROBLOX14:22
3 days agoUnited Kingdom KingKal1012,860PLAYING ROBLOX | WITH VIEWERS LETS PLAY!!2:24:11
3 days ago Karim Juega8,890,000Top 5 Mejores Roleplays de LA FAN LOCA de KARIM JUEGA en Roblox | Karim Juega1:07:24
3 days agoFrance Dr_Horse804,000Un Combat Palpitant #CreaturesofSonaria #Roblox #CreaturesofSonariaRoblox0:58
3 days agoUnited States TheRepublicGamer1,360CHASED BY PAC BLOX GHOSTS | Roblox Pac-Blox10:29
3 days agoUnited States Flyerr_Original!!!7,390I need your help... :(47:59
3 days agoIndia DARK GAMER BOYZ3,290🔴HELPING MY SUBSCRIBERS IN BLOXFRUITS IN HINDI #shorts #shortsfeed #bloxfruitlive #roblox6:01:06
3 days agoCanada BLOX BROTHERS25,200SMILE BEAR / UNIQUE SKIN / ONLY One of A KIND skin / Gameplay / Bear*1:31
4 days agoIndia GAMING WITH ARBAZ3,0303K SPECIAL LIVE | BLOXFRUIT HELPING SUBSCRIBERS LIVE 🔴 #bloxfruit #roblox2:54:06
4 days agoArgentina samithew3,330Roblox | Dandy's World Alpha - Floor 20 with Pebble1:31:55
4 days agoGermany Play with me - Apps and Games664,000MEINE GEMEINE COUSINE😨 | SPANNEND | Toca Boca Story Deutsch | Toca Naomi11:42
4 days agoUnited States TheGamerBay LetsPlay30,200Let's Play - Wally [Horror] by By GarlicBread Studios | ROBLOX | Gameplay, No Commentary34:31
4 days ago A.RGAMER345258I NEED YOUR HELP 😔🥺 #Roblox #bloxfruits #needhelp #Needsupport0:08
4 days agoEgypt THE BEST1,640علماء وتجارب واختبارات مرهقة من روبلكس #roblox20:13
4 days agoFrance Kito • キト29HELP WANTED SUR ROBLOX !!!!!!37:45
4 days agoUnited States Berry Violet Couture14,200Sabrina GirlPants and Spongebob in Roblox Bloxburg1:18:49
4 days ago vitaoduarte15574𝐍𝐎𝐕𝐎𝐒 2024 JOGO ROBLOX Guerra do Deserto ALPHA20:25
4 days ago Noc Vods117Roblox Tycoons & Obby's (w/ KJ) 6/29/243:35:04
5 days agoUnited Kingdom Dullahan Dylan22,400CAN I HELP AVOID RELEGATION?! | ROBLOX ROFA: The Game8:25
5 days agoUnited States Ostrytv987,000POU.EXE COMING FOR ME! | Tinky Winky Plays: Roblox Bou's Revenge8:37
5 days agoSweden Weir-Doh! Baby Critters34,000BABY POMNI vs MAD GRUMPY GRAN #roblox #obby0:37
5 days agoSweden Chipmunk Gaming2,610CATNAP GIRL vs DOGDAY BARRY! | Baby Bluey Plays #roblox #obby9:34
5 days agoCanada RakaPlays Clips1,000Women Tycoon - Roblox - RakaPlays Moments #375 - #RakaPlays #roblox #robloxedit #shorts0:13
5 days agoUnited States xo.daniellx1,370I Need Help On Bloxfruit17:07
5 days agoPakistan MaliK PlayeZ1,100ROBLOX ROCKS ( Alpha )8:52
5 days ago BigSadTart3,970Gegagedigedagedago! Nugget needs help in Jujutsu Shenanigans! #roblox #jujutsushenanigans #memes0:20
5 days agoNew Zealand Rowdee Games3,590Create a Cart Ride! Alpine Slide Around Classic Roblox! Roblox12:57
5 days agoSpain Trecritucat18,100I helped Cartoon Cat get down from the rooftop of a building and he didn't thank me0:58
5 days agoNetherlands JustLorenzo23Roblox (pls send help I'm getting delusional)2:00:56
5 days ago TOP GIA - PHAT NHAN512My Furry Protogen 2 Gameplays - i'm not a furry but...8:08
5 days agoUnited States TeJayRG910JETS VS DOLPHINS (UFL s3 W7 PRIMETIME)47:49
5 days agoUnited States NotDark38,600🔴LIVE 🔴 HELPING YOU BECOME OP IN PET SIMULATOR 99! HUGE PET GIVEAWAYS!1:33:03
5 days agoUnited States Konusu18,200TOXIC Bluesteel Couple was Bullying This NOOB! So I helped Him! (Roblox survival Game)10:56
5 days agoIndia LoLoPo51,000[CODES] ROCKS [ALPHA] CODES 2024! Roblox Codes for ROCKS [ALPHA]1:30
6 days agoUnited States predakingdom309Perona plays Roblox1:23:47
6 days agoUnited States Bella Story700,000🌿 TEXT TO SPEECH 🌸 My Friend Tried To Help Me Get Rid Of My Evil Boyfriend 🍂 Roblox Story42:47
6 days ago Kareen Gamer449Roblox Playstation /بۆ یەکەم جار تاقیکردنەوەی ڕۆبڵۆکس لەسەر پلەیستەیشن یاریەکی تایبەتە 😍15:37
6 days agoUnited States Gamer Trinity130,000Trinity Plays Evade for the First Time!! #shorts0:30
6 days agoUnited States ItsLaaLaa95,700💛 I have a POU FAMILY in ROBLOX! | Roblox Bou's Revenge Ft. @ItsDipsy11:09
6 days ago Criativi GaMer :D1,870Venci do Toxic Team com HACKER no Bear (Alpha) - Roblox9:20
6 days agoUnited States ItsDipsy165,000🌈 Having A POU FAMILY in Roblox! | Dipsy Plays Roblox Bou's Revenge Ft. @Mario_Meme10:57
6 days agoUnited States ItsPrincesses63,700👑 ESCAPE SCARY SIRENHEAD [CREEPY GAME] | Peach Plays Roblox Trevor Creatures Killer 212:51
6 days agoUnited States Mr. Cringe316,000🦝 ESCAPE FROM INDIGO PARK! 🎡 Mario Plays INDIGO PARK PRISON RUN Obby Roblox12:19
6 days ago ᚬ Nor∆ 8,700Claire FPE plays AniPhobia - Roblox with her friends18:23
6 days agoGermany Chaosmilo767Gehts noch Schlimmer?! | MLP in Roblox2:40
6 days agoUnited States Solution History149,000Google Playstore で Roblox をインストールできないエラーを修正する方法 20242:06
6 days agoNorway #1 GAMER DAD - Viper_Toffi102,000Lets Play Pet Simulator 99 Update 19 🔴LIVE1:54:19
6 days agoUnited States Aussie80,200🔴🍀Lucky Huh?!🍀| GIVEAWAYS! (FREE HUGES) | Helping Players Out! | User: AussieTheYouTuber3:21:33
6 days ago ItsBalloony523HELPING PEOPLE WITH TIO IN ROBLOX PIGGY1:47:45
6 days agoIndia ANIMATION WORLD663FUNNY HELP TO TOILET 🚽 SHEET-FUN#entertainment comedy scenes#roblox #roblox rainbow0:09
6 days agoMexico Coco Coco403,000HISTORIAS DE ROBLOX | Todo mi dinero se ha ido por culpa de mi mejor amiga 😓31:08
6 days ago Ragnarok 935769Lets play Roblox together26:26
6 days agoCanada Desswaffle311GETTING CHASED AROUND!!! | Roblox Mimic Play Through Pt. 122:11
6 days agoUnited States BrosClanYt193,000ROBLOX - Block Tales Chapter 2 - How to Get "Helpful Hand" Badge0:29