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1.United Kingdom Kaskobi53,271,161
2. Vsauce22,097,409
3.Indonesia FimyKun18,374,334
4.Indonesia Hendra Budiono18,187,364
5.Netherlands Fatality Productions14,442,196
6.United Kingdom RZX Archive8,855,280
7.United States Zedd8,778,972
8.Spain retrosutra7,233,957
9.Malaysia Maleng6,775,138
10.Sweden Anomaly6,583,577

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1.United Kingdom zxspectrumgames410,499
2.Somalia ZX Pentagon 128k9,995
3.United Kingdom RZX Archive2,696
4.Spain Jet Set Willy Junior2,261
5.Greece petsasjim11,520
6. Modern ZX-Retro Gaming1,489
7.Italy Ivan Paduano1,251
8.United Kingdom Njenkin1,087
9.United Kingdom RealGenericDemon1,086
10. FunCade 64812

Latest Let's Plays For Spectrum

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-02-24 World of LongplaysZX Spectrum Longplay [241] Wonderful Dizzy (EU)1:46:022,720
2023-02-22United States Bytes MediaSpectrum App Error Code STLP-999: How to Fix Spectrum App Error Code STLP-9992:0743
2023-02-22Luxembourg AndREDraut - André plays games🔥🔥Amiga 600, Sega Master System, Sinclair Spectrum 48K, Playstation 2🔥🔥0:1717
2023-02-05United Kingdom BAPSTARCADEHenrique Olifiers - A member of the Spectrum Next Team plays TX-1696 at Crash Live 2022.3:24180
2023-01-06Canada Chiak AdventureAntenna (One-off LP)15:267
2022-11-30Germany Screen Shooters[ Flashback ] Mabus Mania - Deluxe Edition (2022) - ZX Spectrum15:5927
2022-10-09United States Vince McShamClassic Calls - WWF Philadelphia Spectrum1:47:26166
2022-07-09Greece petsasjim1SPACE MERCHANT SINCLAIR ZX SPECTRUM TAPE Simon Games 1 SOFTWARE 1983 GAMES COLLECTIONS M Philpott4:1520
2022-06-23France Amiral Vyname C.Z.Nerf News Fr : DART ZONE est sur AMAZON FRANCE ! 🇫🇷 🔥 Spectrum, Nexus Pro etc... | Dobalpha News #DN22:39152
2022-06-13United Kingdom Proactive InvestorsAustralian Potash Ltd aiming for the top end of the sulphate of potash price spectrum6:13188
2022-05-22United Kingdom OGDuffy - Retro Gamer and CollectorBruce Lee Sinclair ZX Spectrum - FULL Playthrough - Game Completion16:5795
2022-05-20United States BentleyDeuceGoat - Beyond The Spectrum ( LPC )2:3171
2022-05-01United Kingdom DVDfeverGamesLet's Play Lia Thomas' Swimming Challenge - *NEW* 2022 ZX Spectrum Game! - DVDfeverGames8:43272
2022-04-26 Modern ZX-Retro GamingRed Bird and Rat Plays Shaolin Deathbasket (2022) Walkthrough, ZX Spectrum9:07795
2022-04-26Poland Saberman RetroNewsZX Spectrum -=Red bird and Rat plays shaolin deathbasket=-2:01362
2022-04-25United Kingdom Zx Spectrum nostalgiaZX Spectrum Nostalgia Plays Jumping Jack Imagine SOFTWARE 1983 16k9:2814
2022-04-23Philippines Forsen's Giftbox AForsen Reacts to Autism Spectrum: Atypical Minds in a Stereotypical World6:458,071
2022-04-18 MandoTheMisfitI Am Autism by Autism Speaks (parody)2:05148
2022-04-10United States MapFlaggedNoida | Blue Square Spectrum @ Metro by Blue Square Infrastructure Llp at Sector-75 | MapFlagged0:4112
2022-04-09United Kingdom Zeusdaz - The Unemulated Retro Game ChannelLET'S PLAY: MIAMI COBRA GT (ZX SPECTRUM - With Commentary)19:21474
2022-01-12Indonesia Robby ByssCARA PASANG LIVE WALLPAER DI AVEE PLAYER!!? | AveePlayer5:0166
2022-01-04United Kingdom V.O.R. BrosLet's Play - Retro Text Adventures - The Hermitage - 128K Version1:17:53174
2021-12-18Italy Ivan PaduanoGame of the day 3440 Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston (スタンリー) Sculptured Software 19915:4211
2021-12-15India MiniBossValorantHow to install Aura Wallpapers in Asus Tuf / Rog laptops | Armoury crate 5.0 | Aura spectrum6:3331,025
2021-12-15United Kingdom TheKieranatorMoley Christmas (ZXS) | Xmas Kieran Plays24:560

Latest Reviews For Spectrum

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-02-22 J Is Manchild (Retro Gaming)Cocaine Bear: From Real Life To The Big Screen To The ZX Spectrum?!10:34105
2023-02-11United Kingdom John GageGauntlet Review for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum by John Gage8:06241
2023-02-03 Stew's Retro ReviewsUpdate on the channel, and a classic arcade game review on the Zx Spectrum.10:46138
2023-02-03United Kingdom The Games ArcadeEpisode #620 - Mike the Guitar - ZX Spectrum Review13:5475
2023-01-24United States The Full SpectrumThe Full Spectrum Podcast: Episode 285 - WE HAVE HOW MANY REVIEWS?2:02:1210
2023-01-24Portugal VideogamesBiosBACK TO THE FUTURE 2 ZX SPECTRUM REVIEW6:241
2023-01-09United Kingdom 80sretrogamer1942 ZX Spectrum Review7:1578
2022-12-02United States Oreo Brewer#591 Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War 20167:327
2022-10-07 Mark HoughtalingMy Spectrum Internet Review24:0410
2022-09-30India B P InternationalA Review on Placenta Accreta Spectrum PAS3:055
2022-09-13United States Blown CartridgesAdventures of St. Bernard ZX Spectrum review [Matter of Import 099]2:1221
2022-09-11Sweden Goodison GamerAno Gaia review for ZX Spectrum6:0060
2022-07-29 Modern ZX-Retro GamingSHINOBI (Luxury Re-release / 2 Loading screens / Trainer options) Walkthrough + Review, ZX Spectrum23:421,093
2022-07-27Saudi Arabia AnyTech 1.7Mइंडिया में 5g | A16 Chip | Realme Launch Event | 450 mp Camera | Pixel 7 Pro | 5g spectrum Auction4:11939
2022-07-26India Fiiber HindiLive Q&A: 5G spectrum auction in India begins - आपकी ज़िंदगी पर कितना असर पड़ेगा?29:461,187
2022-07-25United Kingdom The Tech ChapSony INZONE M9 Gaming Monitor Review - Good, but not $900 Good!10:36143,522
2022-07-19Thailand Family Gun[REVIEW] Adventure Force Strom Squad | รีวิวปืนเนิร์ฟ EP.35 | ปืนพกราคาสุดคุ้ม6:38240
2022-06-25United Kingdom CollieukINEPT REVIEWS: NOMAD ZX SPECTRUM8:46207
2022-06-15United Kingdom BAPSTARCADEDigital Tape Players for your ZX Spectrum. SD card game solutions Review21:33153
2022-06-09United Kingdom RoseTintedSpectrumNOSTALGIA LIED TO ME | Birds and the Bees I & II Review (ZX Spectrum)9:231,169
2022-06-08 EjahmixKamala's COSMIC Introduction into the MCU | Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Review15:4017
2022-05-20United Kingdom OGDuffy - Retro Gamer and CollectorBRUCE LEE - Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Retro Review14:21291
2022-05-07 Miguel SanchezLogo Reviews #43 - Spectrum Noticias NY17:38362
2022-04-21Philippines Ranger x Rin[Unboxing & Review] Sank the Child - Blue Night (Little Sank - Spectrum Series)9:44171
2022-03-25Australia Hubient TalentsFairmont Hotel | Breakfast Food Review | Anne5:516,225