"17" Video Game Keyword Statistics & Tag SEO

There are 2,812 YouTube gaming videos and 2 channels that use the keyword "17" in its tags. The tag is 2 characters long. This is a simple keyword, which is more generic and can potentially have more competition than a long-tail keyword and limits its usefulness for SEO.

Final Fantasy Tactics

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

La Pucelle: Tactics

Vandal Hearts II

PublishedChannelVideo TitleDurationViews
2017-09-10France Captain DantexUN LANCE GRENADE HUMAIN!! (METAL GEAR ONLINE) FT. Syjexs41:1031
2017-08-31United States morakdaisLet's stream Vandal Hearts 2 part 956:177
2017-08-28United States morakdaisLet's stream Vandal Hearts 2 part 651:215
2017-08-28United States NukemDukemRainbow Six Siege Preload Blood Orchid on TTS now Available.1:2526,656
2017-07-12United States Arthouse AnimeWhy Marvel vs Street Fighter Sega Saturn for Japan is awful3:4225
2017-07-12United States Arthouse AnimeWill Phantasy Star Online 2 be better than Xenoblade Chronicles 2?2:1146
2017-06-30United States Arthouse AnimeSega Saturn: What happens with a dusty improperly placed Ram Cart0:4649
2017-06-16United States Arthouse AnimeAmazon buys Whole Foods: will you buy Nintendo Switches at Whole Foods? Bloomberg Tech3:4422
2017-06-02Australia DasTacticMore doodles and maybe some more spoilers2:31:39313
2017-01-23United States Opaque Flake[Stream | PS4] Titan Souls [01]1:16:238
2016-10-28United States Tyvan TVFarming Simulator 17 Xbox One Learning To Farm - Day 115:324,449
2016-07-21 Thereal50inchDLPNext Car Game Wreckfest Online gameplay 1440 2k 980ti Nvidia i7 intel 14:3554
2016-05-13United States Ra'zacEPIC ARMA: Warthog Drop31:59450
2016-03-29Germany WoloUWinning Putt - Part 3 - Der Golfer mit den längsten Nasenhaaren?! ft. MoG / Ricky17:521,853
2014-08-30Australia Version2LPLet's Play Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Blind #733:29204
2014-07-08 TheDepressedEeyoreLet's Play Dark Souls 2 (Part 35)28:0399
2014-05-10 NessiodersoxDLet's Play Zelda Spirit Tracks [Blind] Part 38 - Der letzte Kampf31:26275
2014-04-30 NessiodersoxDLet's Play Die Sims 3 - #06 - Zombieverwandlung26:4047
2014-02-13 TheTolheLet's Play X-Com Enemy Unknown ( With Chesster ) S8P4: Fail With a Side of More Fail11:44294
2014-01-11United States SaveAsUntitledLast Chance for Q&A Questions!0:4527
2013-12-10Canada RekiWyllsPhantasy Star Online 2, Episode 3 Up!0:1948
2013-11-12 TheDepressedEeyoreLet's Play Spelunky (Part 3)31:30151
2013-09-06 TheDepressedEeyoreLet's Play Civilization V (Washington) Part 938:59130
2013-09-02 TheDepressedEeyoreLet's Play Eador Masters of the Broken World (Part 89)4:20653
2013-08-08Canada TimeTravelAstronautLet's Play: Papers, Please Part 119:40372
2013-08-07 TheDepressedEeyoreLet's Play Touhou Soccer 2 (China Campaign) Part 332:11255
2013-07-26 TheDepressedEeyoreLet's Play Eador Masters of the Broken World (Part 71)37:23289
2013-07-26 Ognilrak315Livestream Tooday3:04219
2013-06-20 TheDepressedEeyoreLet's Play Card Hunter (Part 27)49:51628
2013-06-16Canada RekiWyllsE3 Recap6:3722
2013-05-22 TheDepressedEeyoreLet's Play La Pucelle Tactics (Part 38)28:02752
2013-05-21 TheDepressedEeyoreLet's Play La Pucelle Tactics (Part 36)37:55940
2013-05-17 RemoteRPGsParanoia Agent Anime Review6:44798
2013-04-22United States JacksawJackLet's Play Resident Evil 6 (Leon Chapter 4) [Part 1]22:0127
2013-04-21 RemoteRPGsTrace Memory Review (DS)9:248,192
2013-03-29Canada Alzu GamingBioshock Infinite - Part 44 No Commentary Let's Play Walkthrough HD PC10:531,303
2013-03-18Canada TheMaster9000Mad Riders Track Selection Menu Soundtrack3:56117
2013-03-08 TheDepressedEeyoreLet's Play Final Fantasy Tactics (46) TIGER23:0938
2013-03-04 TheDepressedEeyoreLet's Play Final Fantasy Tactics (43) DELTA32:0660
2013-02-15 TheTolheLet's Play X-Com Enemy Unknown ( With Chesster ) S5P4: He Told Me So13:01433
2013-02-12 Ognilrak315Let's Play Dead Space [Blind] - Finale18:30105
2013-01-17 TheTolheLet's Play Legend Of Mana Part 7: Seven Wisdoms17:44933
2013-01-13 TheTolheLet's Play Operation Raccoon City Part 4: Oh That's The Data12:31304