ArcheAge No Longer P2W? 🤔

ArcheAge No Longer P2W? 🤔

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After jumping back into ArcheAge for the 2019 impressions, seeing how much the game has changed and realizing I could gear up without a credit card.. I figured it was time to return to my ex and give her a go once again.. of course not making this my main focus but enjoying it on the side.

Let's see if I can gear up and become the god I once used to be :P

Keep in mind, I do NOT know the future of ArcheAge. The game could once again become p2w so play at your own risk. For now though, it seems like they are doing everything they can to remove it and give f2Players a chance at destroying even those with the credit card buff.

Sure you can buy a few things in the shop to get ahead and enhance faster but there seems to be monthly/weekly caps on these items.

To get 10k+ gear score in a few months of grinding is actually insane so let's see how this goes.
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