Blade & Soul NA Brood Chamber Nacha Guide

Blade & Soul NA Brood Chamber Nacha Guide

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A guide to Nacha, the first boss in Brood Chamber.

Attack Pattern:

1. 2-hit swipe, followed by jab (blockable, causes knock back).
2. Downward sword thrust (unblockable, causes knock down) + back swipe (blockable, causes knock back).
3. Double spin attack (blockable, causes knock back).
4. Upward sword thrust (unblockable, causes knock up), RNG right or left swipe (unblockable, causes knock back).
5. Frontal stun (blockable).
6. Moves around the tank + upward sword thrust + right or left swipe.

Special Attack:

- Triggers approximately 35 seconds into the attack rotation.
- Slashes each person (blockable, causes knock back).
- Casts 270-degree aoe field with the safe zone behind the boss.

Mechanics: 80%/40%


1. "Nacha awakens the Blood Condenser" AKA marks closest person. Tank should NOT be marker. Marker has a 10 stack debuff lasting 20 seconds.
2. Three orb blockers position at 2, 6, and 10'o clock. They block orbs at 11 meters from the boss. Order of orbs is RNG!
3. 90-degree aoe fired at tank. Tank directs it at 12'o clock.
4. First orb is blocked. Marker cleanses stacks by attacking boss just as first orb block happens and saves the first orb blocker.
5. Second 90-degree aoe fired at tank. Tank directs it at 12'o clock.
6. First orb blocker goes to save last orb blocker. Marker goes to save second orb blocker.
7. Boss does a frontal stun attack, followed by 180-degree aoe fired at the tank. Tank directs it so the aoe hits the area where the first orb block was.
8. Second 180-degree aoe fired at tank. Tank remains in the same location.
9. Nacha siphons the Blade Force (absorbing swords).
10. Room wide 5-hit aoe. Use FM/Destroyer shealth.


- Very similar to 80% phase.
- Instead of the secondary 180-degree aoe. It is a 270-degree aoe. Safe zone is opposite to the tank. Tank needs to direct it so the safe zone is aimed at the last orb block location.


- The aoe fields aimed at the tank during phase will apply bleed stacks.
- The tank can walk through the boss and back to their position to avoid the aoe fields (90, 180, & 270-degree).
- Marker is closest when phase starts.
- Marker needs to time the debuff cleanse just as first orb is blocked.
- The marker clanses the 10 stack debuff by attacking the boss.
- The red effect around the circle kills you. Iframe into the circle.
- The buff from the marker copies over to the first orb blocker.
- Blood Condensers are at 10, 6, and 2'o clock and the orb spawning is RNG.

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