Civ 6 Faith Win (Civ 6 Brazil Strategy Ep. #4)

Civ 6 Faith Win (Civ 6 Brazil Strategy Ep. #4)

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Civilization VI
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We're continuing our Civ 6 Faith Win series where we're playing on Deity difficulty but taking time to teach newer players how to EASILY win a Civ 6 Faith Victory using this Civ 6 Brazil Strategy. A Civilization 6 Faith Victory is the easiest and usually fastest way to win the game, and this series will show you just how EASY it is!

The tips and suggestions in this series can be applied to any nation in the game to help you achieve your Civ 6 Faith Win! This definitely isn't a Civilization 6 Faith Guide by any means, but both new and intermediate level players will be able to Civ Vi Religious Victory Tips that they can then take and apply in their own Civ 6 Religion Strategy games.


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