Doom 3 [BFG Edition] - Area 25: Caverns (Excavation Transfer)

Doom 3 [BFG Edition] - Area 25: Caverns (Excavation Transfer)

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Doom 3: BFG Edition
Duration: 20:31
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This is Area 25 of Doom 3 [BFG Edition] titled, "Caverns (Excavation Transfer)". This was played on the "Veteran" difficulty with all PDAs collected There are no video disks or storage lockers in this level.

Not much farther to the Hell Gate! Doomguy has descended into the caverns with the help of Pierce Rogers, but since he's so close to sealing the portal, the monsters will be putting up their toughest fight to make sure that doesn't happen.

Opening intro by SuperStupidy:

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