Excavator Tunnels & Batman's Identity Thief | Batman: Arkham Knight | Part 19

Excavator Tunnels & Batman's Identity Thief | Batman: Arkham Knight | Part 19

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Excavator Tunnels & Batman's Identity Thief | Batman: Arkham Knight | Part 19
➡️Hey Guys, Welcome to RedProPhetzX Gameplay, This video is a complete Batman: Arkham Knight. The game is one of the most complex video game tales ever. It's an action-adventure game developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. Batman spends Arkham Knight locked in a triangle of villainy, allowing the game to playfully illuminate the game's shadowy corners. To fully understand what happens over the course of the story, Stay tune. I hope you enjoy the video and don't forget to share your opinion in the comment box.

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2021-10-14Excavator Tunnels & Batman's Identity Thief | Batman: Arkham Knight | Part 19

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