Keywii Plays Minecraft Dungeons (24) W/RagingSkaar

Keywii Plays Minecraft Dungeons (24) W/RagingSkaar

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Alexandria Keywii was getting concerned, she still hadn't shaken off the unsettlingly... evil feeling she'd had ever since being cursed by Lady Luck, it felt like her soul was... Well she didn't know, it felt bloated? Bruised? Somehow bigger.

It was worse than during her bout of puzzle solving in Aperture Science with that odd Skaar robot, but she made more pressing concerns at the moment. She and Skaar were suddenly in the realm of another Minecraft world.

Being familiar with how Minecraft worked -it being what forced her on this damn Sliderslike journey to begin with- Keywii thought she may be able to show Skaar (who was now a hooded human) the ropes, but it seemed he was familiar with Minecraft as well. Could he be another sucker like she was? Forced into this world-after-world adventure through different video games?

She didn't really know how to bring it up, and decided against it at least for the time being, maybe later. For now the two of them had another realm to save, this time from same bastards called Illigers.

Weird, and weak-willed losers, She'd slaughter their entire ilk.