Lost Judgement (PS5) Gameplay Walkthrough Part 34 - Kuwana's Talk

Lost Judgement (PS5) Gameplay Walkthrough Part 34 - Kuwana's Talk

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Lost Judgement (PS5 version) is played on PS5 and will include the main story and some side quests and activities. This walkthrough is recorded in 1080p and 60fps on Playstation 5.

Lost Judgment is the direct sequel to the first game in the series Judgment. Lost Judgment follows the protagonist from Judgment named Takayuki Yagami a detective who takes any cases big and small. He operates in the big city of Kamurocho and also helps out with cases given through Genda Law. After two of Yagami' friends start up a new detective agency in Ijincho called Yokohama 99 Yagami and his friend and associate Masaharu Kaito travel to Ijincho to check it out amd help them with a big case. After helping with the case Yagami is informed of a murder that took place in Ijincho that is also related to the case he helped his friends with. Now in a new city and with limited time Yagami and company must uncover the truth behind the murder and find out who did it and make sure those who committed the crime get judged accordingly and to not allow the murderer to get away.

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2 days agoLost Judgement (PS5) Gameplay Walkthrough Part 34 - Kuwana's Talk

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