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BloodyFox Gaming

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina

BloodyFox Gaming is a Bosnian content creator on YouTube with around 4.46 thousand subscribers. He published at least 4.54 thousand videos which altogether total approximately 5.35 million views.

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About BloodyFox Gaming

Hello and welcome to BloodyFox Gaming. On this channel you can find guides for WoW Classic. Warcraft III and Baldur's Gate 3 Videos. My main Character is Tauren Unholy DK.

My streaming schedule:
2-4 days starting around 8PM CEST/2PM EST
You Tube is taking 30% of my income from US and giving it to US government. My average income from You Tube in 2023 was 200 Euro per month.You can support my channel with donation. Donations will help me out to pay bills and continue working on making content for viewers.

Top Donators so far:
Needles--USD $1650.00
Ahmed R.---USD $1170.00
diddly---USD $250.00
Code_nameX--USD $75.00
4thorder-USD $75.00
Karna-USD $70.00

My PC configuration:
Intel i7 13700K
Gigabyte Z790 Gaming X AX
2x16gb ddr5 6000Mhz GSkill Ripjaws
2x1TB Nvme WD black 7300mb/s
Cpu cooler Dark Rock 4 pro Be Quiet
Case Fractal Design Focus 2
PSU Asus ROG Strix 850w Gold modular
GPU RTX 4070 12GB Asus Dual
Main monitor: Asus VG248QZ 24

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