Minecraft 1.17 Speedrun [58.9 sec] (WORLD RECORD) (CRAZY GLITCH)

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymwzIytnDB4

Minecraft (2011)
Duration: 1:31
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Minecraft speedrun world record:

This is the current Minecraft speedrun world record! A crazy minecraft glitch leads the minecraft end to spawn in the overworld! This speedrun spawns right next to the end in Minecraft and beat minecraft in world record time!

In this category of Minecraft speedrun, the minecraft speedrunner has to beat the game as quickly as possible! This is done on a random seed with no glitches (random seed glitchless)! Record set on5/13/21...

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This isn't a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin. This isn't 100 Days Hardcore or I Played Minecraft Hardcore for 100 Days and Here's what Happened. This is the 100 by 100 Minecraft World.

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2021-05-15Minecraft 1.17 Speedrun [58.9 sec] (WORLD RECORD) (CRAZY GLITCH)

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