NHL 21 how to block shots

NHL 21 how to block shots

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NHL 21
NHL 21 (2020)
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(NHL 21 how to block shots)
Welcome to NHL 21 today we are going to learn two different ways to block shots on defense. these methods can also be used to block passes as well however our primary focus here is going to be on making sure we are covering the shooting Lanes at appropriate times while not allowing the odd man Rush or open shooters for one timers. the two blocks we are referring to are the crouch block and the dive block. the crouch block is where the player just gets down and covers an area and blocks that can also be used for taking out passes and cutting down passing Lanes. with the dive block one has to be good in terms of rhythm and timing and covering the right lane. the dive block is also much more likely to draw a tripping penalty if used in the wrong spot however if one is having a bad game and wants to take an opposing player out a dive block is not necessarily a bad idea in that spot. so to sum it up no matter which block you choose make sure you're covering the lane shooting Lane.

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