Persona 3 Reload - The Hierophant & the Lovers | Part 13

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Persona 3 (2006)
Duration: 2:15:47

We start with the next operation right off the bat. We go through a love hotel to take on two shadows, but we fight them separately. This is about the closest the game gets to having a proper dungeon with there being 3 floors to run around and a very basic mirror breaking "puzzle" to gain access to the Lovers boss. We fight the Hierophant right away.

Neither boss is particularly difficult, the Hierophant in particular I just steamrolled. Lovers is a tad more annoying because it inflicts Charm status and can deal bonus damage to allies inflicted with it, so you'll spend a lot of time healing status ailments. Definitely want a Persona that's immune to charm for the MC, and there might be some Charm null/resist accessories available you can get before this fight. I've been going in to all this "blind" (it's been probably over 10 years since I last played P3P so I don't remember specifics like this) so stuff like this I can't really prepare for unless I just know the boss will have a mechanic like this.

Let's see how many people click on this because the thumbnail is Yukari showering. The game really tries to push her as the main love interest, even outside of her Social Link. I believe they stick with it and more or less have her confirm she has feelings for the MC in Another Answer as well, but it's been a while.

Another Answer was pretty terrible too, it's like JUST the Tartarus aspect of Persona 3, and no one likes it. It was left out entirely for P3P lol.

Oh yeah, and I do a bunch of social link stuff after the boss fights. I am so disappointed that Suemitsu was the first Social Link I got to max. But at least I got him out of the way quick... I'm still not done at my current time of playing so I have no idea if I'll be able to view all the Social Links or not. I really can't remember how lenient this game is with time management.

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