Resident Evil: Code Veronica Part 20 - Music Box Plate! Dragonfly Object!

Resident Evil: Code Veronica Part 20 - Music Box Plate! Dragonfly Object!

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The Resident Evil: Code Veronica Walkthrough!

Resident Evil: Code Veronica; the most difficult Resident Evil game i've ever played. A slightly flawed, but still great Resident Evil title that pushes your skills as a gamer to the limit. Puzzle after puzzle, often overlaping, creating a confusing, but rich gaming experience.

Resident Evil is probably my favourite game series, with Code Veronica being the second game of the franchise I owned as a kid. Actually traded in Code Veronica to a friend in return for the Final Fantasy X demo back in the day. May sound silly, but it was worth it as I ended up buying FFX, which gave me some of my finest PS2 memories.

As mentioned about; Resident Evil: Code Veronica is a little flawed. Unbalanced boss fights, respawning moths, the Bandersnatch punching you from off camera... though I guess the Bandersnatch could make a case that Claire Redfield walks into every room and kills everything off camera with a gun and lock on. Fair enough.

But the biggest issue with Code Veronica is the story. I consider this the Resident Evil title that jumped the shark from classic horror B movie goodness to stupid, wannabe sci-fi super powered BS. Thankfully, with Resident Evil: Remake 2, it seems the franchise may one day return to its roots.

But overall, Code Veronica is a joy. With the return of Claire and Chris, both characters well written and in character. Chris having matured since Resident Evil 1 into a pretty serious man on a mission not only to help his sister, Claire, but to also bring to an end the Umbrella corporation. It's Code Veronica that solidfies Chris Redfield as the main protagonist of the franchise. He also looks pretty cool in his STARS outfit this game.

Claire Redfield is great, too. Since leaving Raccoon City in Resident Evil 2, she has decided to go searching for her brother; Chris, and for answers on what Umbrella is doing behind closed doors. Breaking into Umbrella facilities, getting sent to a heck prison on a remote island, and facing head on against groups of armed soldiers, she's as strong in body as she is mind. A fantastic female protagonist and one of my all time favourites.

In terms of story, I always viewed Resident Evil: Code Veronica has the true Resident Evil 4, or maybe even the true Resident Evil 3. Considering RE4 is more of a side story with a far too large time skip, and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is more about escaping a monster with little actual story continuing from Resident Evil 2, Code Veronica advances the lore of what happened after RE1 and RE2, with returning plots, characters and setting up a bigger sequel (which RE4 moved beyond; hence the time skip being a mistake).

For as silly and damaging as this games plot is to the franchise, I have to say; Code Veronica may be one of the most rewarding, difficult games i've ever played, especially in the Survival Horror genre.

You'll find yourself low on ammo often if you refuse to use the knife, and low on health if you aren't deadly careful of some of the more dangerous BOW's that appear. There's a number of weapons you can easily miss that I consider important to anyone like myself that isn't too comfortable with this game due to lack of experience, there's a boss you can skip which will save ammo and potential health, but the game will still leave you feeling defeated due to how few resources there are.

That's the main thing about Resident Evil: Code Veronica's difficulty. I never have this much trouble maintaining green FINE health in any other Resident Evil game of the franchise, but in Code Veronica I am constantly limping looking for herbs, looking for a way to avoid combat, hoping the knife doesn't miss or that a BOW doesn't cut my head off the moment I enter the next room. As far as difficulty goes, this game blows the rest of the Resident Evil series out of the water... and I love it.

With Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 2 having a remake, I truly hope Nemesis and Code Veronica someday get the same.

While Code Veronica came out on a much more powerful system than the original 3 games, it has clearly aged the worst. The use of 3D backgrounds instead of pre-rendered ones gives it an instant dated look that should have been avoided, but now I believe we may someday get an amazing remake that blows our minds.

Having said that; Code Veronica is wonderful, and I will play it many times in the future. Please enjoy this playthrough, it's long, difficult, there's rage, but it's all a blast.


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