Tales of Xillia (Jude) Part 33

Tales of Xillia (Jude) Part 33

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Tales of Xillia
Duration: 30:02
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Sharilton to Sapstrath Seahaven

After saying their goodbyes, Jude and Milla make the long trip back to the Seahaven. While on the way, a boar that got itself stuck popped out and hit Milla's horse....and Jude was forced to carry her there. Once arriving, they run into Ivar and he blamed Jude for her current condition....and his hot temper got the better of him, forcing the two into a brawl.

Milla, stubbornly moving away, gives the crest she was carrying to Ivar and orders him to protect it and head back to Nia Khera. Once again reluctant, he agrees to let Jude help Milla get her legs recovered.