TasteMaker Ep 02 | "Put our Service to the test!!" | Restaurant Management Sim!

TasteMaker Ep 02 | "Put our Service to the test!!" | Restaurant Management Sim!

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MODERN CROSSROADS! Maybe! Let's find out, by trying our hand at building a delightful little Restaurant simulator with TasteMaker!

This Early Access game looks great! Let's get started!

TasteMaker is a restaurant tycoon/simulator game. It puts you in charge of making your restaurant the best dining destination in town. Build and decorate, manage staff, keep your facilities clean, serve delicious food and more.

You start with a small, empty plot of land. You'll need to build your restaurant from the ground up by placing walls, doors and windows. Once you have that hard-earned cash, you can buy more land and grow your restaurant.

Guests want more than just good food - they care about your restaurant decor too. Make sure your restaurant is well decorated to keep them happy.

When you don't clean your restaurant, it will get dirty. This will attract rats. Guests won't be happy to see rats, so it's probably a good idea to keep your restaurant clean.

Creating a menu seems simple, but a poorly thought-out menu is the death of many restaurants. Pick your dishes carefully and make sure they are the right price.

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🎉 Hope you enjoy!

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