The Brainies (SNES) - Evercade 5 Minute Challenge

The Brainies (SNES) - Evercade 5 Minute Challenge

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The Evercade 5 Minute Challenge is a competition from the Evercast where one game is chosen and it's up to you to get the highest score in 5 minutes.

This is the seventh Evercade 5 Minute Challenge, however I am participating retroactively (meaning that this particular challenge took place some time ago). I just wanted to participate and had a score regardless.

The game selected for this Evercast 5 Minute Challenge is The Brainies from The Interplay Collection 2 (#7). This is the SNES port of the game.

There is no prize involved, it's just for fun so feel free to play along or even better, upload your own video.

Here are your Evercast hosts:

OEB Pete:
Bacon Ice Cream Productions:
Retro KillDashNine:

0:00 - Intro
0:06 - Get Set!
0:40 - Challenge Start!
5:30 - 10 Seconds Left!
5:52 - Results

Evercade Pickup & Impressions:

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4 days agoThe Brainies (SNES) - Evercade 5 Minute Challenge