The Sailor Man (1984) - (TRS-80 Color Computer) (Real Hardware) Coco Show Plays

The Sailor Man (1984) - (TRS-80 Color Computer) (Real Hardware) Coco Show Plays

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Hello everyone, Amigo Aaron here! Tonight we fire up my trustyTRS-80 Color Computer 3 for some action with The Sailor Man from 1984, programmed by Chris Latham and published by Tom Mix. I'll be playing all the levels there are on offer, and I'll show you how various difficulties change the game, as well as INVISIBLE LEVELS!!!

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Do you remember how awesome it was when you got your CoCo? Waiting by the mailbox for the latest issue of The Rainbow or Hot CoCo? Aiming disdain at those who chose other, lesser machines? Welcome home, my friend. No matter which model(s) you have, let Boat and Aaron take you on a nostalgic trip back to those days of computing bliss.

Each episode, Boat and Aaron will explore a different title in the vast Color Computer library. From genre-defining games like Dungeons of Daggorath to clever "homages" to arcade titles like Sailor Man, we'll cover them all! Eventually.

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