Why 9.1's New DREADLORD Direction Is Brilliant & How It Could Save Shadowlands... The Weekly Reset

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World of Warcraft Shadowlands patch 9.1 Chains of Domination PTR has plenty of updates this week, including new covenant legendaries, Raid and PVP armor sets, dungeon teleports, Torghast updates and the release of Daisy the charity sloth pet! But also the first three chapters in the new 9.1 covenant campaign - The Last Sigil, An Army of Bone and Steel and The Uninvited Guests, which team us up with the Primus, Thrall & Draka, and pit us against... the Dreadlords! The story is brilliant and the new unvieled history and origins of the Nathrezim has amazing potential for the rest of the expansion. Join Taliesin and Evitel for the Weekly Reset!

+++ Chapters +++

00:00 Intro (No Spoilers)
01:23 9.1 PTR News (No Spoilers)
11:52 REDBOT SPOILERS 9.1 Story Campaign
21:16 Sylvanas Novel (No Spoilers)

+++ Wowhead Articles +++

New Covenant Legendaries for Rogue, Paladin and Shaman in Patch 9.1 PTR:

Battle for Azeroth Vicious Saddle Mounts Available for Purchase in Patch 9.1:

Sanctum of Domination Raid and Season 2 PvP Armor Set Tints:

Dungeon Teleports (CM Ports) Return for Completing Each +20 Mythic+ Dungeon:

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2021-04-25Why 9.1's New DREADLORD Direction Is Brilliant & How It Could Save Shadowlands... The Weekly Reset

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