Wilderness Survival Series| Project Zomboid Gameplay | Modded | #7

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1Yg7vvOW68

Project Zomboid
Duration: 2:14:56

Time for a Primitive Survival run on Project Zomboid. Heavily modded gameplay for recipes that are focused primarily on the great outdoors. World is 10 years later with barricaded world and worse vehicle condition. There is no gas at the gas stations. This should be fun!

Mods include 10 years later, 10 years later occupations and professions, Barricaded World, Bow & Arrow, Bushcraft gear, Crafthelper, Dylan's Sensible Zombie Loot, Gasohol, Insect Ingrediants, Primitive Survival, Recipes+, Ridiculously Rare Loot, ST Survival Tailor, Scavenging Skill, Scrap Weapons, Snake's Mod pack, Soul Filchers Farm Time, Torch, Well's Construction, Worse Vehicle Condition, Zaedyn's QOL recipes, Yaki's Makeshift clothing.

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