Top 100 Channels With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest VideoLiked
1. The Dragonslayer1301:02:01:18Peeve - Blasphemous[6][Final]8:11:45100.00%
2. zxspectrumgames41126:05:39:46College Football USA '97 (video 1,783) (Sega Megadrive / Genesis)11:16:56
3.United Kingdom Totej1044:21:44:08(8D AUDIO) Fortnite - Droop Emote3:2495.29%
4.Greece StarTvGreece763:03:06:03Η πρόβλεψη για τον καιρό την Κυριακή 20.10.20191:0075.00%
5. Julian Danzer762:20:15:32International Space Station NASA Live View With Map - 235 - 2019-10-199:49:5083.33%
6.India NewsX691:01:08:0326th Year of Indo Russia Ties | Roman Babushkin | iTV IDAS 2019 Conclave | NewsX0:49100.00%
7. World of Longplays673:22:57:22Game boy Longplay [252] Snoopy's Magic Show1:07:32100.00%
8.Russian Federation Scatmanok670:12:07:28Фундуковый байопик - Apex Legends2:54:55
9. SpeedGaming665:19:23:52Grand Finals. MetaLow vs squidman. Gm4. Mega Man 2 Randomizer Tournament 201951:24100.00%
10.Korea, Republic of AxenixCAST621:03:41:00[아제닉스] 와클 만렙 전사10:41:1288.89%
11.India Aaj Tak607:08:34:27भारतीय सेना का प्रहार, Pak में मची चीख पुकार | देखिए हल्ला बोल, Chitra Tripathi के साथ35:5589.73%
12.United States DSPGaming539:15:56:10Plants vs. Zombies: Battle For Neightborville pt3 - New Plants and a Disco Showdown!1:40:3866.67%
13.India Zee News526:10:29:18Deshhit: Kamlesh Tiwari was in the hit list of ISIS?25:3695.97%
14.Russian Federation DiCraft506:23:32:55УКРАЛИ КАНАЛ!!! КАК ВЕРНУЛ?! КОГДА НОВАЯ АНИМАЦИЯ?! БУДЕТ НОВЫЙ ПРОЕКТ?!8:2398.61%
15. LoL Esports488:06:11:58Groups Day 6 | 2019 World Championship8:10:0795.16%
16.Ukraine Жека Херсон485:22:39:29Monster Hunter World ЧАСТЬ 8 НОВЫЕ МОНСТРЫ3:18:2788.89%
17.United States Audiopedia481:11:32:18Local Government Act 20001:5958.57%
18.India India Today478:17:15:07Turbaned Kashmiri : Forgotten History Of Kashmiri Sikhs, Here's An Exclusive Report21:57100.00%
19.Romania Throneful452:09:19:46Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair - Walkthrough - Part 32 - Gasping Glade Grown HD8:36
20.Russian Federation Armor tv445:14:00:48🤠 Deus Ex Human Revolution - Director's Cut | Далее PUBG!7:35:1363.64%
21.Philippines PTV442:18:32:41GLOBAL NEWS: Albuquerque Balloon Festival draws massive crowds3:01100.00%
22.Russian Federation RUS-afin442:01:57:21Dead by Daylight - PS4 Pro часть 266 [RUS-afin]2:05:09100.00%
23.Brazil Xbox Mil Grau437:01:10:52Gears Pop! - MIL GRAU AJUDA QUEM CEDO MADRUGA!1:22:1591.92%
24. EWTN433:02:31:50EWTN on Location - 2019-10-19 - Millenials on Mission: Emerging Women Leaders57:3494.12%
25. LoadingReadyLive432:17:19:05Betrayal Legacy Session 7 || The Long Game2:14:03100.00%
26.Korea, Republic of OGN428:19:09:46[OGN] LG 울트라기어 OSL FUTURES Phase2 슈퍼레이스 esports - FINALS3:32:10100.00%
27.Russian Federation Cobweb428:04:04:16Во что поиграть1:34:4189.58%
28. MLBGlobal11411:13:21:52PIT AT MIL - September 26, 20114:24:3950.00%
29.Russian Federation WAGES_OF_SIN405:04:20:43Зона, которая никогда не меняется - Стрим - Chernobylite [EP-01]2:47:29100.00%
30.India Sakshi TV400:00:36:34"Band Baaja" Political Satire Show | Sakshi Weekend Program - 19th October 201921:29100.00%
31. Begrol392:08:03:31Пушка! Они заряжают пушку! Зачем? Они будут стрелять!3:19:15100.00%
32. Кракен Эмулендович385:23:08:48Dogmat - Weird hero (PC) pt.259:24100.00%
33.United States CohhCarnage384:17:24:16Let's Play Chernobylite (Early Access) With CohhCarnage - Episode 1532:06100.00%
34.Australia MrLongestVideos380:05:18:16Menu Theme - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 10 Hours10:00:0398.43%
35. FHEFoxTVProductions372:13:54:05No Horsing Around42:56
36.United States LoLeventVODs - LoL Esports VODs366:16:08:27SKT vs CG - Worlds 2019 Group Stage Day 7 - SK Telecom T1 vs Clutch Gaming50:01100.00%
37. IGN364:11:52:14The 100 Best Games of All Time In 10 Minutes10:0440.13%
38.Germany PietSmiet361:16:42:29Schwierigkeit 9000 | Escape Room in Scrap Mechanic27:3796.74%
39.Korea, Republic of 사공공사361:03:39:29사공공사 20191018 파판14 글섭 FF14 옵저버11:49:49
40. Unofficial ManVsGame Video Archive360:20:27:13[2016-08-27] MAN vs NO MAN'S SKY (PS4) [1/2]9:22:0190.48%
41.United States Lord Rage353:16:53:56⚔️ Battlerite Royale - Free Weekend, Come Play /w Me - #Sponsored ⚔️4:10:5680.95%
42.Japan SHiROCK MAN353:10:52:18[実況]「ドラゴンクエスト(NES・MSX・GBC・FC)」4作品プレイ動画まとめ1:22:210.00%
43.India NDTV346:05:37:31Piyush Goyal Comment Questions My Professionalism: Abhijit Banerjee To NDTV3:4897.31%
44.United Kingdom Yogscast Live341:08:34:09THE HUNT FOR DITTO - Pokemon FireRed Nuzlight Challenge w/ Barry & Lydia - 15/10/192:37:0099.43%
45. MLBglobal339:14:57:38MIL AT SFN - September 17, 20102:44:270.00%
46.Germany Kalimbo_Com_TV337:10:55:14Minecraft Sky - Folge 008 - Wir bauen Eine Monsterfalle16:38100.00%
47.United States FNTSY Sports Network327:03:34:13Fantasy Football: Week 7 Preview, Start or Sit? | Fantasy BFFs, Ep. 53252:09100.00%
48.United States МИР ММО ИГР327:01:52:19Соседний город зомби - 7 Days to Die поездка за лутом2:08:2197.77%
49.Russian Federation Welder323:02:42:00Ночной Green Hell - Продолжаем выживать5:21:2493.41%
50. Wanderbots321:14:17:28Let's Play Cat Lady [Early Access] - PC Gameplay Part 1 - Atomic Cat Farts35:5598.70%
51.Ukraine StarLadder CS:GO320:06:13:41[RU] Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses | Map 2: Inferno | ECS Season 8 North America49:4396.15%
52. Dark Gamer317:10:31:00[RUS] (no mic) Arsenal+ v. 1.28 (WIP) [Hard] !FTLrequest4:31:45100.00%
53. Павел Пешкин315:16:52:35Dragon Age: Inquisition8:58:10100.00%
54. MLBGlobal09314:10:34:11DET AT PIT - June 14, 20093:05:1850.00%
55.United States RabidRetrospectGames314:09:11:47Beast Inside Ending Ending - End of Madness & Awakening The Beast (#TheBeastInside Ending)12:0698.31%
56.Russian Federation Cheid100308:17:15:52Прокачка: Guild Wars 2 (Норн Ревенант) (Ep 4) Личная история3:54:1866.67%
57.United States the Hood Of GamingX306:17:01:02Ps4 pro star wars jedi knight 2 outcast the force awakening2:30:24100.00%
58. EpicSkillshot - LoL VOD Library305:03:56:45Worlds Cooldown #6: Recap, Analysis and Highlights of Day 6 - Group A Decider | S9 Worlds 201923:28100.00%
59. Various Artists - Topic305:03:30:33Nature's Child3:21
60. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment302:00:50:47Take My Hand43:1150.00%
61. Northernlion299:02:32:09Who Superglued My Pieces? - The Return of Tetris 99 - Episode 1433:1298.28%
62.France Misty Jim296:09:33:13J'ARRETE YOUTUBE ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?28:0287.10%
63.Germany Die Prototypen294:05:08:37Sonntags Horror ★ The Beast Inside ★Angespielt★ PC WQHD Gameplay Deutsch German3:51:2692.49%
64.United Kingdom LoL LCS LCK LPL VODs KazaGamez292:20:52:53SK Telecom T1 vs Royal Never Give Up Full - S9 Worlds 2019 Group C Day 7 - SKT vs RNG41:18100.00%
65.Russian Federation Pray & Play292:17:17:04ДБДЕШИМ!) 4700 часов ! 13 уровень преданности ) День зрителя в ДБД)2:41:5779.55%
66.United States JacksawJack291:10:39:22Medical Update: What been happening.43:32100.00%
67. scrapper9000288:18:44:52GCN Yoshi Circuit 10 Hours - Mario Kart 810:00:0178.95%
68.Spain thegungnirgames288:02:38:55Sonepedia: Los estudios de Sony44:19100.00%
69.United States Tulus Hairston288:02:14:24Destiny 2_201910041836590:03100.00%
70.Spain SergioSC287:11:54:557 DAYS TO DIE #9 - Alpha 18 (Día 21-22) HORDA NOCHE 21 - DIRECTO Gameplay español4:22:3996.20%
71. Petrenka286:19:39:35S.T.A.L.K.E.R. LOST ALPHA 1.4008 EXTENDED [ЗБТ] {3}5:50:3697.90%
72. 絶対待機286:19:02:20♯1469 ブラインドの紐交換3台目終わった!【Dead by Daylight】4:01:2090.91%
73.Russian Federation Siver286:05:31:48ETS2 | Multiplayer | VTCW #42:34:1698.36%
74.Germany zaaap!284:15:08:05One Shot Challenge! Song of Horror #oneshotchallenge1:10:40100.00%
75.United States Gaming Philosophy284:13:59:18Endless Endurance on Rifts - FrostPunk8:50:54100.00%
76.Russian Federation Fotos TVG281:03:42:07The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Requiem4:58:5290.91%
77.Japan まさしまる&めぐチャンネル279:21:46:51[BFV]アバババ夫婦![BF5][PS4pro]7:49:05100.00%
78. Codie Mc Neil279:20:15:14TLOC54 Live Broadcast Nothing but these Cowboys ( ranked & unranked games _Lab'n ) 10/20/1929:37
79. LethalFrag279:11:10:49Birthday(34) Than Light - Enjoying the Moment! - Show #21512:58:1090.91%
80.Russian Federation Lega Play275:19:55:39СОЛО ВЫЖИВАНИЕ В ОБЫЧНЫЙ ПАБГ! ► BATTLEGROUNDS - PUBG5:33:0893.01%
81. HelloPiggy273:06:14:42《JK實況台》【PC】Unrailed! (10/13)4:56:19100.00%
82.Russian Federation Dozkoz272:11:05:45Dozkoz и Half-Life 2: Episode One. 1 стрим (+ War Thunder, Factorio). 2 часть.6:47:2592.96%
83. IceDog Little269:15:07:45Rise to Ruins 小冰狗 LittleIceDog 2019/10/179:29:31
84.Chile CNN Chile268:14:51:30Mónica Rincón sobre rotura de matriz: “Para cobrar deudas de clientes sí que son eficientes”2:3890.91%
85.Russian Federation Ultimate Game Challenge268:10:16:04[1-й чемпионат] Kuluk01 #35:59:35100.00%
86.Netherlands Nessiroj Gaming267:22:25:49[NL][PC] Laten we Space Engineers weer eens bekijken Server setup2:04:49
87. mike washington267:09:41:49오늘의 total war play7:26:06
88. セシカ - Sesika266:12:18:30【7Days to die】α18 14日目のフェラルホードで実験開始#30【7Days to Die α18】【実況プレイ】25:1392.31%
89.United States Bacon Creepy265:12:52:00🔪 ALPHA 18🔪 Its The End Of The World11:55:01100.00%
90.Japan あっつんch265:08:39:04[ボーダーランズ3] レジェ狩りフィィィィィ [PS4]#238:05:21
91.Korea, Republic of 풍월량264:22:40:33운동으로 모험하는 게임?! 헬스소울 [링 피트 어드벤처] 하다 죽을뻔했습니다1:21:3398.11%
92.Russian Federation Skifolk264:20:05:43ПЕРВЫЙ ВЗГЛЯД! ЛЯ КАКОЙ С РУЛЕМ !► EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2 [1440p]2:24:5793.85%
93. Sou Shibo LIVE!263:19:53:15DayZ Standalone - Gramy z widzami (I z modami!)1:15:4898.18%
94.United States NeopantomIme262:21:35:11Resident Evil 2 Claire Mircro Bikini1:18:14
95.Ukraine SamuelDeadKing262:13:48:29Kingdom Two Crowns - Монетки это прекрасно!3:33:28100.00%
96.United Kingdom Treeboydave261:07:43:39[Level 9975] Junkenstein Achievement Hunting! Nearly Level 10k! (17/10/2019)6:03:19100.00%
97.Russian Federation Rubiroid258:09:33:45APEX LEGENDS STREAM 3 СЕЗОН 2 НЕДЕЛЯ (apex legends gameplay) |PC| 1440p4:29:0697.30%
98.Germany Germench258:01:08:00ZFM 2019 - Pokémon Red (Any% Glitchless Race) zwischen Flutz123 & JimB2:09:42100.00%
99.India TIMES NOW257:23:31:49Home Minister Amit Shah speaks on economic slowdown | EXCLUSIVE3:4973.33%
100.United States The Strategy Professor257:00:17:25Legendary SFO Khazrak Blood Ground #6 (Beastmen) -- Mortal Empire Campaign -- Total War: Warhammer 258:3875.00%