Top 100 Channels With The Most Subscribers

This list represents the top 100 YouTube video game-related channels rankings based on the most subscribers. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelSubscribersLatest VideoLiked
1.United States PewDiePie103,000,000Do all GAMERS THINK the Same?15:4898.84%
2. Justin Bieber49,100,000Album on the Way - Justin Bieber: Seasons9:52
3.Chile HolaSoyGerman.40,300,000Como Encontrar Trabajo | Hola Soy German5:0897.18%
4.Chile JuegaGerman38,000,000Si Te Ries TE BRONCEAS !!15:2999.09%
5. elrubiusOMG36,800,000Solo Una Oportunidad | Minecraft Hardcore #416:5499.27%
6.El Salvador Fernanfloo34,700,000MI CORAZÓN ENCANTADO - Dragon ball GT piano | Fernanfloo3:4098.72%
7.United States MrBeast29,500,000Surprising My Girlfriend With 100,000 Roses For Valentines Day13:0897.54%
8. VEGETTA77728,800,000EL HEROE DE MINECRAFT17:3899.41%
9. Shakira27,300,000SHAKIRA: CHAMPETA DANCE TUTORIAL1:5298.19%
10.India Aaj Tak26,100,000Delhi Violence: हिंसा पर क्या बोले Kejriwal, Gambhir और Owaisi, सुनिए4:56100.00%
11. VanossGaming24,900, Funny Moments - Lui Gets Us To 100 HOMERS!10:4199.24%
12.United States Markiplier24,900,000I'M ALONE AND SCARED | The Convenience Store36:4799.12%
13.Ireland jacksepticeye23,200,000News Bloopers Gone Wrong55:1099.12%
14.United States Ninja22,700,000SEASON 2 BROKE THE NINJA SKIN!?14:2197.24%
15.United Kingdom DanTDM22,400,000Minecraft MINING ONLY DIMENSION! (Ultra Hardcore)33:0798.68%
16.United Kingdom KSI20,900,000KSI – Wake Up Call (feat. Trippie Redd) BTS3:1997.39%
17.Spain AuronPlay20,400,000LOCURA ABSOLUTA EN TIKTOK14:3899.27%
18. JennaMarbles20,100,000Testing A Viral Dog Car Harness34:4598.79%
19.United States FBE19,800,000Siblings Give Each Other A Lie Detector Test13:2798.95%
20. 1theK (원더케이)18,600,000[MV] Standing Egg(스탠딩 에그) _ I'm Dawn4:2798.76%
21.Argentina DrossRotzank18,500,000Los 7 testamentos y últimas voluntades más bizarros de la historia ~ by Dross14:5797.69%
22.United States SSSniperWolf18,400,000Trying Dumb LIFE HACKS to see if they actually work 214:5292.15%
23.Brazil AuthenticGames18,200,000OS MELHORES ITENS DA PRISÃO !! - Minecraft Prisão #717:3098.66%
24. PopularMMOs16,900,000Minecraft: SUPER SMASH BROS LUCKY BLOCK BEDWARS! - Modded Mini-Game24:1398.34%
25.United States James Charles16,700,000Reacting To Tik Toks About Me15:0093.56%
26. Werevertumorro16,600,000REACCIONANDO A UN DIA CON EL CREW 6 - EN VIVO50:3095.02%
27.Spain TheWillyrex16,500,000VEGETTA ME ENSEÑA A LIGAR EN KARMALAND22:3999.21%
28.United Kingdom Ali-A16,400,000I found the *NEW* LEGENDARY Hunting Rifle in Fortnite! (SUPER OP)10:0197.38%
29. Unbox Therapy16,100,000Realme X50 Pro Hands On - 5G Flagship For Less8:3797.37%
30.United States Jelly15,800,000STEALING A $10,000,000 PAINTING In FORTNITE! (Heist)11:2198.53%
31. Brave Wilderness15,500,000SAVED! Prehistoric Bird Escapes Extinction!12:0098.76%
32.United States EeOneGuy15,300,000НОВОГОДНИЙ МИКС ИВАНГАЯ | AWEN43:5795.57%
33.Mexico JukiLop15,200,000NO EMPUJES LA CAJA INCORRECTA 📦 😱 JUKILOP20:2096.76%
34. Vsauce15,200,000How Many Holes Does a Human Have?21:2798.53%
35. Clash of Clans15,100,000Lunar New Year Storytime! EXCLUSIVE Warrior Queen skin (Clash of Clans)1:4794.33%
36. Willyrex15,000,000FORTNITE ME OBLIGA A HACER ESTO!13:0897.55%
37.Brazil Canal IN14,900,000BRUNO FOI MORAR NA COREIA??? - DESAFIO DO MAPA!11:1098.40%
38. W2S14,900,000MY BRO GETS A 193 FUT DRAFT WORLD RECORD - FIFA 2014:2497.69%
39.United States Guava Juice14,800,000DON'T HIDE BEHIND THE WALL! - Challenge ft. Alex Wassabi14:5797.47%
40.United States FaZe Rug14,200,000Last to TALK Wins $20,000 - Challenge23:0998.19%
41.Venezuela TheDonato13,900,000ESTOY EN BUSCA DE EL NUEVO DINO DE FREE FIRE Y NO SE QUE PUEDE PASAR *muchos diamantes* | TheDonato52:3698.51%
44.Mexico DeToxoMoroxo13,500,0007 Cosas Que Son MAS GRANDES De Lo Que Pensabas Parte 2| DeToxoMoroxo9:0697.29%
45.United States National Geographic13,200,000Birdwatching with FARC | National Geographic15:3295.07%
46.Brazil AM3NlC13,200,000REUNIÃO DA BREAKMEN *temos que mudar* ‹ EduKof ›28:2698.99%
47.United States SSundee13,000,000BUYING A CS:GO TEAM17:1198.70%
48. IGN12,900,000Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Official Trailer (Austin St. John, Red MMPR Ranger)1:4990.02%
49.United States FGTeeV12,900,0003AM athe Krusty Krab! SPONGEBOB ESCAPE GAME! (FGTEEV vs Potato Masher)10:4395.06%
50.Russian Federation TheBrianMaps12,700,000ГДЕ ЖИВЁТ БРАЙН МАПС?11:2799.07%
51. Gordon Ramsay12,600,000Gordon Ramsay Pitches His Treacle Tart | Gordon Behind Bars5:0598.34%
52.United States Netflix12,500,000Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy: Siege | New York Toy Fair | Netflix1:5797.25%
53.Spain Makiman13112,400,000DISPARO AL COCODRILO CON ARMAS EN LA PISCINA TOXICA !! **SALIMOS CORRIENDO** Makiman10:1394.88%
54.United States REACT12,400,000Employees Try Guessing Their Boss's Cooking14:1397.74%
55.Spain TheGrefg12,300,000RUBIUS ME DONA Y HAGO EL RIDÍCULO XD - TheGrefg11:0998.55%
56.Australia Lachlan12,300,000Fortnite Season 2 IS EPIC!17:0797.11%
57.United States The Game Theorists12,300,000Exploding Barrels Are a LIE! | The SCIENCE of.. Doom Barrels11:5196.31%
58.Australia LazarBeam12,300,000I cant stop breaking fortnite..11:4598.75%
59. H2ODelirious12,100,000FiRST TIME PLAYING ROBLOX!!! - What have we gotten ourselves into? 🤣18:0798.40%
60.Spain iTownGamePlay *Terror&Diversión*12,000,000NO DEJES que Gertrude te ATRAPE en ROBLOX1:31:2498.18%
61.United States League of Legends11,900,000Eternals Explained | Eternals - League of Legends1:3970.78%
62.Canada SIS vs BRO11,900,000Ronald Chooses My Outfits for 3 Days24:0295.29%
63.United States Kwebbelkop11,900,000YOU LAUGH = DELETE YOUR MINECRAFT WORLD Challenge!10:3998.14%
64.Brazil Gato Galactico11,800,000Quem é o ASSASSINO? | Enigmas ANIMADOS de CARNAVAL10:2697.74%
65.United States CaseyNeistat11,800,000World’s First Tesla Cyberbike5:3594.59%
66.Turkey Enes Batur11,800,000TİKTOKÇU ENES BATUR ‘UN NORMAL BİR GÜNÜ #24SAAT24:5393.45%
67.United States Rosanna Pansino11,800,000FLAMIN HOT CHEETOS MUKBANG Challenge w/ MATPAT!19:4498.63%
68. Marmok11,700,000GTA 5 Roleplay - Животный беспредел26:4098.87%
69.Mexico Antrax11,600,000¡VIAJAMOS A OTRO PAÍS SOLO PARA GRABAR ESTE TIK TOK! - [ANTRAX] ☣13:2195.39%
70.Brazil TazerCraft11,600,000Minecraft SÓ que PAC e MIKE são IRMÃOS SIAMESES13:3999.14%
71.United States Tfue11,500,000MY NEW GIRLFRIEND4:5097.53%
72.United States Wassabi11,500,000Our First Kiss... Again!11:4898.12%
73.United States Sky Does Everything11,400,000BACON MAN AND FRIENDS RETURN! | Minecraft Cops And Robbers10:3697.39%
74.United Kingdom F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel11,300,000BEST FEMALE FOOTBALLER?! | AMAZING GOALS! 🔥7:1198.67%
75.United States Preston11,300,000EXTREME Hide and Seek in a Junior NINJA GYM!15:5797.49%
76.United States Brent Rivera11,100,000PRANKING MY LITTLE SISTER FOR 24 HOURS!!7:2898.70%
77.United Kingdom Morgz11,000,000PICKING UP my CRUSH in UBER under DISGUISE! (no idea)18:3890.33%
78.Canada AzzyLand11,000,000Hilarious Knock Off Brand Products !6:3798.50%
79.United States theRadBrad11,000,000METRO EXODUS SAM'S STORY Walkthrough Gameplay Part 5 - DEMON BOSS (DLC)25:5998.82%
80.Spain ExpCaseros10,900,000HACEMOS UN EXPERIMENTO DE TIK TOK | SALE MAL - experimento15:1898.39%
81. Miranda Sings10,800,000HOW TO GET FAMOUS ON TIK TOK! *EASY*10:4697.31%
82.United States CaptainSparklez10,700,000The Entire Minecraft Map Is Inside This20:4797.67%
83.United States Apple10,600,000A journey into the Valley of Fire — Shot on iPhone2:0496.45%
85.United States RiceGum10,600,000TikToks that are so Cringy ... (Worst TikTokers #1)10:0192.49%
86.Brazil PlayHard10,500,000LANÇOU!! CHEGUEI NA NOVA CIDADE DA LOUD!! 😱10:2898.75%
87.United Kingdom BCC Trolling10,500,000*WORLD RECORD* 52 EDITS in 4 SECONDS!! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #83510:1198.22%
88.United States TED-Ed10,400,000The secret messages of Viking runestones - Jesse Byock4:3598.91%
89.United States Chad Wild Clay10,400,000We Tested VIRAL TikTok LIFE HACKS, TRICK SHOTS & DANCE CHALLENGES to REVEAL HACKER LEADER's SECRET!16:3396.32%
90.United States dangmattsmith10,300,000Messed Up RIDDLES You Will NOT Solve19:0297.58%
91.Thailand zbing z.10,300,000อาถรรพ์ดอกไม้กินคน!!16:1397.10%
92.Argentina RobleisIUTU10,200,000JUEGOS MENTALES QUE TE HARÁN PENSAR 9 | Robleis13:5398.98%
93. ExplosmEntertainment10,100,000Trolley Tom: Angel of Death - Episode 134:3597.41%
94.India Zee News10,000,000PM Modi पहुंचे Ahmedabad, करेंगे Donald Trump का स्वागत | Namaste Trump on Zee News LIVE12:5294.42%
95.United States Alan Becker10,000,000Redstone Academy - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 156:4198.56%
96.Brazil Coisa de Nerd10,000,000REVELANDO AS MINHAS GAMBIARRAS!11:5799.43%
97.Canada Linus Tech Tips9,990,000Android on Nintendo Switch is AMAZING.18:5598.05%
98.United States BuzzFeed Multiplayer9,970,000We Tried Custom Painting $100 Nerdy Nikes13:4896.78%
99. Deji9,950,000Deji - The Truth REACTIONS17:0795.09%
100.Spain DaniRep | +6 Vídeos Diarios De GTA 5 Online!9,870,000ESTA RAMPA NO ES LO QUE PARECE... - GTA V ONLINE - GTA 5 ONLINE10:3597.90%