Top 100 Channels With The Most Subscribers

This list represents the top 100 YouTube video game-related channels rankings based on the most subscribers. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelSubscribersLatest VideoLiked
1.United States PewDiePie77,628,917Im most handsome 2018! *gamer girls react*22:1499.47%
2.United States Dude Perfect37,696,833Dude Perfect Rewind 20186:1298.94%
3. elrubiusOMG32,094,182EL SALUDO QUE ACABÓ CON RUBIUS7:4498.49%
4.El Salvador Fernanfloo31,069,053SOY UN ZOMBIE!! - Resident Evil 2 Remake | Fernanfloo11:0697.45%
5.Chile JuegaGerman30,174,454PERSONAS QUE TE HARAN SENTIR INTELIGENTE !!11:4498.95%
6. VEGETTA77724,903,544💎SOY RICO💎 - PLANETA VEGETTA36:4599.20%
7.Brazil Felipe Neto24,480,793TRUQUES INCRÍVEIS PARA O SEU CELULAR14:3698.74%
8. VanossGaming23,770,810Shotgun Farmers Funny Moments - Our Characters in Snowman Prop Hunt!12:0299.10%
9.United States Smosh23,676,671THIS CONSPIRACY THEORY IS DUMB3:0598.86%
10.United States Marshmello23,622,623How To Make Fortnite Chug Jug Smoothies (Feat. Landon) | Cooking with Marshmello2:5097.50%
11.United States Markiplier22,253,0963 SCARY GAMES #1538:0299.02%
12.Ireland jacksepticeye21,246,353THIS IS INCREDIBLY SCARY | Resident Evil 2 Remake (1-Shot Demo)35:4698.99%
13.United Kingdom DanTDM20,797,089wait.. this isn't Fortnite..16:3497.74%
14.United States Ninja20,717,293The Ninj Is Back! Epic Commentary by CourageJD and Dr Lupo!16:3696.90%
15. KSI19,311,516I Got Roasted.11:2197.59%
16.Brazil rezendeevil18,952,436VAZOU UMA FOTO COMPROMETEDORA!! - CASA DE FÉRIAS #43 [ REZENDE EVIL ]11:2198.81%
17.United States FBE18,141,495Teens React To TikTok This Is My Voice On Anime Memes Compilation11:0990.87%
18.United States Logan Paul Vlogs18,138,729LOGAN PAUL - WHY 2018 WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT YEAR OF MY LIFE14:4995.15%
19. Jake Paul16,469,408we broke up.3:2389.56%
20. Werevertumorro16,031,700GÁNATE UN PLAYSTATION 41:1392.60%
21. PopularMMOs15,927,350Minecraft: DO NOT ENTER JOHNY JOHNY'S *SECRET* DIMENSION!!!19:0697.96%
22.United Kingdom Ali-A15,683,707The *NEW* SNIPER PISTOL in Fortnite!19:1193.76%
23.Brazil AuthenticGames15,455,022FORMIGA GIGANTE APARECEU NO MINECRAFT #11 - Rei Leão O Filme13:1298.88%
24. TheWillyrex14,942,480A PUÑOS EN EL GYM!13:2199.10%
25.Argentina DrossRotzank14,648,873Los 7 libros malditos17:0498.22%
26.United States Good Mythical Morning14,049,743Ultimate Pizza Styles Taste Test14:5996.46%
27.United States SSSniperWolf13,743,693People Who EMBARRASSED Themselves ON THE INTERNET13:0398.78%
28. Vsauce13,608,681How to Talk to Aliens26:07
29.United States EeOneGuy13,315,371IVAN - My Heart2:4695.65%
30. Willyrex13,233,114EL CUBO HA VUELTO A FORTNITE!22:1198.03%
32. Clash of Clans12,808,963Clash of Clans - 2018 Year in Review3:1197.32%
33.Australia HowToBasic12,526,237How To Make Homemade Eggnog2:3697.56%
34.United States Machinima12,454,337O. YANG ON TAP featuring Alison Haislip14:4368.94%
35.United States Guava Juice12,250,157Mixing Every Bath Bomb From Lush Together12:4297.09%
36. Unbox Therapy12,212,388The Foldable Smartphone You Can Buy Right Now5:5795.31%
37.Brazil AM3NlC11,671,023Fortnite: DA MADRUGA - AO VIVO ‹ EduKof ›2:05:1193.74%
38. Sky Did Minecraft11,587,158Sky Does Life Episode 2 : MY SONS FIRST CHRISTMAS TREE10:0899.27%
39. IGN11,446,317Reign of the Supermen - "Cyborg Superman" Clip1:05
40.Mexico JukiLop11,389,337NAVIDAD CON JUKILOP 🎄 CANCIÓN NAVIDEÑA3:3696.39%
41.United States The Game Theorists11,346,358Game Theory: Petscop - The Music and The Madman17:2697.88%
42. H2ODelirious11,333,750SQUIRREL DOESN'T LISTEN!!! (Funny, Fail & Epic Moments) - Fortnite Battle Royale15:3798.51%
44.Spain iTownGamePlay *Terror&Diversión*11,112,458EL NOBLE DRAGÓN INVERNAL (Heroico) ⭐️ Dragon City | iTownGamePlay31:5898.53%
45.United States Wassabi11,033,655Time To Move On *LAUREX IS OVER*13:0096.01%
46.United States Lindsey Stirling10,937,294Warmer in the Winter BTS3:0396.20%
47. Mr Bean10,763,759New King of England | Johnny English | Funny Clip | Mr Bean Official9:0197.53%
48.United States RiceGum10,759,875Confronting My Enemy In Person (Ace Family Event)4:3593.72%
49. CaseyNeistat10,635,482oops.. Testing TESLA's PERFORMANCE MODEL 311:4396.59%
50.United States Rosanna Pansino10,506,686Baking With My Boyfriend! - FORTNITE Cake - NERDY NUMMIES17:3892.37%
51.Spain AuronPlay10,504,665REACCIONANDO A MIS MEMES #113:1599.41%
52. REACT10,326,86910 Controversial Photos Of Sad Realities In Today's World | The 10s (React)13:0190.39%
53.United States SSundee10,303,084IMPOSSIBLE Fortnite PARKOUR Map in Fortnite Battle Royale22:1098.24%
54.Brazil TazerCraft10,272,191ACIDENTE DO PAPAI NOEL! 😱 - Happy Wheels11:0899.13%
55.United States CaptainSparklez10,007,040Eggcelent Ideas (Minecraft Animation)1:4999.22%
56.United States Fat Damon9,960,162Is Youtube Silencing Conservative Channels?10:2060.35%
57.United Kingdom TheSyndicateProject9,948,979Where have I been.. IMPORTANT UPDATE!19:4895.08%
58.Brazil Galo Frito9,911,181RETROSPECTIVA 2018 ♫5:3495.78%
59.United States FaZe Rug9,857,218Staying at the WORST REVIEWED HOTEL in my City... **THEN THIS HAPPENED**20:0498.17%
60. JFlaMusic9,810,173Lost Ark ( 로스트아크 ) - Tale of Pletze ( cover by J.Fla )2:5998.95%
61.United States theRadBrad9,707,893THE WALKING DEAD THE FINAL SEASON EPISODE 3 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (Season 4)37:3698.94%
62. Miranda Sings9,692,415REACTING TO THE CRINGIEST TIK TOKS EVER10:3598.22%
63.Spain Makiman1319,580,317QUAD 900€ VS QUAD 5000€ TENGO UN ACCIDENTE !! NO HACER !! Makiman10:5097.31%
64.United States Rooster Teeth9,559,378RWBY Rewind: Season 2 Ep 9 - Shipping RWBY with Captain Yssa | Rooster Teeth48:1592.62%
65. ComedyShortsGamer9,527,944Just Like The Old Times With My Bro10:0196.92%
66.United States FGTeeV9,396,065BOSS GRANNY turns FGTEEV into CARDBOARD BOX! (How NOT to Deliver Valentines Packages)19:4694.73%
67.United States League of Legends9,383,5142018: The Playlist | League of Legends2:0698.92%
68.Spain ExpCaseros9,359,718Probando Comida de Astronautas! HELADO DESHIDRATADO! OMG!8:5797.54%
69.United States Kwebbelkop9,359,373INTENSE GTA 5 vs. REAL LIFE CHALLENGE!10:0496.06%
70.India Aaj Tak9,099,101Kumbh Mela 2019: पहले शाही स्नान के साथ प्रयाग की धरती पर कुंभ का आगाज, संतों ने लगाई आस्था की डुबकी18:0596.77%
71. stampylonghead9,034,137Merry Christmas3:1598.18%
72.United States Joey Graceffa8,978,711I Wasn't Going To Show you this Video...10:2998.83%
73. BuzzFeed Multiplayer8,973,421Single Girl Tries The 100-Baby Challenge In The Sims 4 | Part 316:2098.94%
74. CookieSwirlC8,951,896LOL Surprise Punk Boi Works at Roblox Pizza Restaurant ! FNAF + Toy Play Video5:1894.22%
75.United States Jelly8,950,372FIRST One To Reach The END WINS! (GTA 5 Funny Moments)12:5497.39%
76. SevenSuperGirls8,933,338Legend Has it!3:1382.33%
77.Spain TheGrefg8,931,404**TEMPORADA 8** DRAGONES EN FORTNITE - TheGrefg17:1095.67%
78.United Kingdom F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel8,846,713WE GOT TEAM OF THE YEAR NEYMAR! | EPIC TOTY BATTLE!13:2495.97%
79. Marvel Entertainment8,807,595Doctor Doom Comes to Marvel Puzzle Quest | Marvel Let's Play3:0897.26%
80.Mexico DeToxoMoroxo8,774,5697 COSAS En Los Videojuegos CREADOS POR ACCIDENTE | DeToxoMoroxo8:1497.22%
81.Brazil Gato Galactico8,705,643COMO SE DIVERTIR NAS FÉRIAS ☆ MELHORES BRINCADEIRAS ☆10:0197.20%
82.Turkey Enes Batur8,608,417BOKS MAKİNESİ : BALYOZ VS KASLI YUMRUK 💪🏻 *Boks Makinesi Kırıldı*21:0288.38%
83. Lachlan8,603,107Welcome To The Fortnite Gameshow!16:1598.63%
84.Brazil Coisa de Nerd8,578,426COLOQUEI AS DUAS PRA BRIGAR! - Nerd Hi-Tech 11 (DJI Osmo Pocket)10:0399.48%
85. How It Should Have Ended8,516,864How The Avengers Endgame Trailer Should Have Ended3:0498.76%
86. RocketJump8,404,360Story Break Animated - Procedurally Generated Romance Novels1:0296.55%
87. luzugames8,275,366SNIPERS LEGENDARIOS LUZUFLOO! - Luzu y FernanFloo19:1697.96%
88.United Kingdom BCC Trolling8,257,535*0.1 SECOND* UNLUCKIEST TIMING EVER! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #44110:1497.48%
89.Spain DaniRep | +6 Vídeos Diarios De GTA 5 Online!8,257,287MINIJUEGO! PARA EL MINICOCHE! - GTA 5 ONLINE - GTA V ONLINE29:3797.37%
90. TED-Ed8,135,297The myth of Pandora’s box - Iseult Gillespie4:1098.76%
91. CinemaSins8,078,020Everything Wrong With The Happening In 21 Minutes Or Less22:3498.56%
92. PlayStation8,018,725Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown - VR Gameplay | PlayStation Underground18:1893.06%
93.United States TheBrainDit7,932,149TO THE MOON MOBILE ● ЛЮТАЯ НАРКОМАНИЯ #447:0993.69%
94.Spain ZarcortGame7,899,055AHORA QUE ME PIDES | ZARCORT Y XENON(Videoclip Oficial) #ATLÁNTIDA4:0899.05%
95.Spain El Rincón De Giorgio7,863,329¿CÓMO ERAN LAS WEBS XXX EN SUS INICIOS? | Wayback Machine #213:3498.25%
96.Canada Typical Gamer7,765,468Fortnite Pro Scrims Live!! // Pro Fortnite Player // 1800 Wins (Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay)4:28:1597.70%
97. Tyler Oakley7,734,877Making 2019 MY BITCH!!8:5798.89%
98.Russian Federation TheBrianMaps7,733,117играю в майнкрафт спустя 5 лет11:1398.57%
99.United States Annoying Orange7,701,929Annoying Orange - Try Not to Move Challenge3:4894.65%
100. Marmok7,610,870Сборник всех VR "мультов"10:4299.16%