Top 100 Channels With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest Video
1.United States MrBeast40,505,803,754World’s Deadliest Obstacle Course!28:25
2.United States LankyBox37,228,045,910Can We Escape ZOONOMALY BARRY'S PRISON RUN OBBY In ROBLOX!? (ZOONOMALY OBBY!)16:02
3.Japan PewDiePie29,005,086,895Training like Mishima for 7 Days8:23
4.United States FGTeeV24,379,974,022Granny Videos that are Too Scary for Grandparents!1:43:24
5.United States SSSniperWolf24,170,415,114Kid Finds Out His Dad Is A MILLIONAIRE20:48
6.India Dushyant kukreja20,458,985,003Priyal mil gyi wapas 🥹 Thanku Subscribers @Neelam_Kukreja #shorts #dushyantkukreja0:43
7.United States Markiplier20,372,180,184FLATHEAD31:56
8.United Kingdom DanTDM19,601,451,720I Used 100% Of My Brain For This..48:03
9.United States Aphmau19,338,627,82210 FRIENDS on one EMOTION BLOCK in Minecraft!20:53
10.Spain Mikecrack17,187,996,877MIKECRACK se MUERE de HAMBRE!!! 😱🍔 #mikecrack0:06
11.Ireland jacksepticeye15,981,712,931ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree DLC - Part 42:11:37
12.United States VanossGaming15,729,443,092GTA5 Sumo - Picking on Lui For Being Different17:16
13. VEGETTA77715,615,495,453🔴El juego ROMPE AMISTADES con Willy y Fargan (Chained Together)0:00
14.United States Jake Fellman14,917,614,322Minecraft RTX 204% DIAM-HEN #Shorts0:18
15. PopularMMOs14,601,467,090Will Jen Be Coming Back?31:07
16.United States IGN14,557,914,319The most FUN martial arts build #eldenring0:59
17.Chile JuegaGerman14,364,429,582AMANDA THE EXPLORER 2 REGRESO !!!!!!!!!!!!18:52
18.United Kingdom Jelly14,243,253,831Dear Slogo and Crainer, Please Come Back… (Minecraft Squid Island)20:22
19.Korea, Republic of GH'S13,528,842,748REJECT GREED - POPPY PLAYTIME CHAPTER 3 | GH'S ANIMATION0:26
20.Argentina Alejo Igoa13,335,522,904PIKACHU0:24
21.United States DaFuq!?Boom!13,295,701,910skibidi toilet 753:52
22.United States ItsFunneh13,138,222,488Escape the EVIL TEDDY BEARS in Roblox!29:28
23.Brazil Enaldinho13,122,619,002ESQUERDA OU DIREITA? 🥊 #shorts0:21
24.Thailand Beam Copphone12,916,550,518วิวหลังวัดถ้ำเสือสวยมาก0:36
25.United States Dhar Mann Studios12,910,319,235Shopping Cart Karen Drama! 😂0:41
26.United States SSundee12,868,160,241Silly Billy in Among Us17:32
27.United States Lucas and Marcus12,669,924,185SHE WAS SO MAD!0:39
28.United States Kaji Family11,772,102,308Emma, Kate, & Daddy Play Blast Box!0:29
29.Brazil DUDU e CAROL11,233,521,229Tudo que fizer VAI GANHAR #shorts0:29
30.India Techno Gamerz10,743,335,885I FINALLY ESCAPED FROM KAMLA HOUSE | KAMLA INDIAN GAME58:02
31.Japan はじめしゃちょー(hajime)10,693,713,83510000✨🎉 #thankyou0:30
32.Brazil Robin Hood Gamer10,565,313,980TORNADO GIGANTE QUEBROU A CIDADE NO ROBLOX!! (Be a Tornado🌪️)17:14
33.United States Flamingo10,558,613,205ROBLOX IS BANNING EVERYTHING...8:08
34.United States Troom Troom10,504,817,973We Build a Tiny House for Inside Out 2! Emotions Rules My Life50:02
35.Japan Kan & Aki's CHANNELかんあきチャンネル10,356,986,490【あちゃぴ】NAYEON"ABCD" #shorts0:31
36.El Salvador Fernanfloo10,213,507,179LES PRESENTO A MI NOVIA !! - Fernanfloo15:54
37.India Tilak10,111,665,116जिसे अमृत के योग्य समझो, उसे अमृत दो | मोहिनी और असुर राज | Shree Krishna Dialogues Compilation3:08
38.Italy Me contro Te9,917,854,527Chi arriva ultimo perde 😱0:27
39.India Aayu and Pihu Show9,816,891,678GIFTS MIL GAYE | Aayu and Pihu Show11:20
40.United States Unspeakable9,622,236,629I Built 30 Secret Rooms You’d Never Find!2:52:13
41.Thailand zbing z.9,558,377,264เปลี่ยนเด็กอ้วนเป็นเด็กกล้ามใน 100 วัน | Gym League Roblox26:26
42.Turkey Enes Batur9,229,199,554255 GÜN VİDEOSUZ NELER YAŞADIM.13:59
43.Australia LazarBeam9,170,113,797I Was Roasted On TV0:54
44.United States Guava Juice9,133,450,5721000 THINGS NOT TO DO AT MCDONALDS!!!2:04:57
45.Saudi Arabia شبكة العاب العرب | Arab Games Network8,981,141,279تحدي الاسهم على الفواكه0:29
46.United States Preston8,971,006,521I Survived DANGEROUS Amazon Products!20:26
47.Brazil AuthenticGames8,933,049,653❤️ NAMORADA PERFEITA & CASA DOS YOUTUBERS - MINECRAFT 202411:45
48. penguinz08,865,416,955Elden Ring DLC fist only continues3:38:36
49.Spain invictor8,846,903,773Gasté TODOS mis ROBUX para LEVANTAR 2.000.000KG 💪15:04
50.United States Daily Dose Of Internet8,794,742,580Doing Workouts in Reverse0:06
51.United States A for Adley - Learning & Fun8,657,158,325FiSHiNG for ADLEY and NiKO 🎣 Fathers Day Surprises with Dad! breakfast in bed and family camping38:02
52. Karim Juega8,593,852,227ATRAPADOS en un ASCENSOR EXTRAÑO en ROBLOX | Karim Juega12:52
53.Korea, Republic of M28,587,452,162[MPD직캠] 투어스 직캠 8K '내가 태양이라면' (TWS FanCam) | TWS COMEBACK SHOW3:42
54.Brazil Rafa & Luiz8,400,593,600FIZ ISSO COM A BOTINHA FAVORITA DELE! #shorts0:58
55.Russian Federation Compot8,364,746,248ПОЧЕМУ ЖИТЕЛЕЙ НЕ ПУСКАЮТ СЮДА В МАЙНКРАФТ | Компот Minecraft12:43
56.Japan HIMAWARIちゃんねる8,324,971,227みんな同じこと出来る??TikTok動画チャレンジ!!himawari-CH24:09
57.United Kingdom Slogo8,322,052,487Minecraft Tower Battle but it's Raining OP Items!22:09
58.Indonesia Mikael TubeHD8,303,895,679GAWAT! ADA PENAMPAKAN KUBURAN BOBOIBOY W1NDARA BOCIL JADI SEDIH!? | Mikael TubeHD10:27
59.United States HobbyFamilyTV8,201,302,125Minecraft Two Headed Steve Challenge Part 3 HobbyFamilyTV8:04
60.United States FaZe Rug8,193,389,386I Built a Waterpark in my Backyard!20:21
61. stampylonghead8,066,993,744The Stampy Channel - Endless Episodes - 🔴 Rebroadcast0:00
62.Indonesia Mikael Family7,950,891,541FAKTA part 26 | Mikael Family7:09
63.United States Flashback FM7,929,904,399Rodimus Prime vs Galvatron (Stan Bush - Touch) | The Transformers: The Movie (1986)5:08
64.Brazil Porta dos Fundos7,893,152,207GAY DA FIRMA3:44
65.Indonesia Frost Diamond7,791,015,660KAMPRET!!! Kita Nabrak MALING!!! Diseruduk Jatuh Dari Belakang, AUTO KASI PAHAM!!!20:36
66.United States camman187,773,298,506i spent 5 hours to save 1 xp orb0:48
67.Turkey atv7,701,736,538Tehdit... Şantaj... İstismar... 🚓👮‍♂️ #esraerol #shorts0:42
68.Brazil Julia MineGirl7,616,355,159NOVO JOGO PARECIDO COM RAINBOW FRIENDS! (Creepy Crawlers)12:23
69.United States Stokes Twins7,599,758,278Can You Draw A PERFECTLY Dotted Line?0:54
70.United States Onevilage7,578,972,400Nurses be like 😂0:14
71. Troom Troom Es7,537,584,912¡Construimos una Pequeña Casa para Pomni!50:36
72.Viet Nam ToRung7,535,141,578ToRung short film: 😭i'm not blind😢0:58
73.Mexico SUPER SLICK SLIME SAM7,523,672,519EN VIVO: ¡Los mejores trucos de arte! Cómo dibujar una obra maestra0:00
74. Angry Birds7,485,905,846Red VS Lawnmower Robot 🤖💥 #shorts0:29
75.Japan HikakinGames7,475,031,539【目指せ1分クリア】8番のりば、本気のRTA【タイムアタック】47:44
76. elrubiusOMG7,461,643,144MI NUEVA CASA con Will Smith7:24
77.France Swan The Voice - Neo & Swan7,365,067,533NE JAMAIS TOMBER DANS LA PISCINE FROIDE !15:24
78.United States League of Legends7,285,835,868Our creator summit got to try our co-op pve mode Swarm for the first time. Here's what they say.0:36
79.United States CoryxKenshin7,253,499,782Reacting to the Five Nights at Freddy's Movie Trailer7:03
80.Ukraine VexTrex7,145,616,943Lion Shorts - Chips' Story for Anyone - Cartoon for Kids0:53
81. Kuplinov ► Play7,137,853,108СТРИМ ► Elden Ring - Shadow of the Erdtree #40:00
82.Spain TheWillyrex7,070,806,620Sumando en Duos. 😤 #willyrex0:55
83.United States MrBeast Gaming7,017,901,786Press This Button = Win $100,000!13:31
84.Spain DaniRep | +6 Vídeos Diarios De GTA 5 Online!7,005,191,586Hay un pequeño problema0:38
85.Canada Nick Pro6,942,457,911Stunts From SPIDER-MAN No Way Home In Real Life!9:42
86.United States Rebecca Zamolo6,937,388,326My Daughters First Breakup *Emotional*22:45
87.United States Поззи6,936,093,625МЕГАЯЩИКИ ВЕРНУЛИ В BRAWL STARS *УРА*11:27
88.Argentina TheDonato6,931,113,468GARENA ME ENVIO ESTO PERO NO ESTOY VERIFICADO en FREE FIRE... | TheDonato23:09
89.Russian Federation Луномосик6,926,759,424Пол Это Лава Челлендж с Экстремальными Усложнениями!25:21
90.United States Lifetime6,884,163,261The WILDEST Moments from Season 1 | Little Women: LA (Reunion) | Part 1 | Full Episode | Lifetime39:15
91. Troom Troom India6,854,114,780हमने पोमनी के लिए एक छोटा सा घर बनाया !50:36
92.Indonesia Yudist Ardhana6,822,769,988YANG BISA DIAM DAPAT UANG 500.000!!1:00
93.Mexico GENIAL6,808,217,714Más de 50 cosas que pueden hacer tus objetos cotidianos0:00
94.Argentina Lyna6,792,772,199MI PRIMER DÍA EN BROOKHAVEN ROBLOX0:22
95.United States Collins Key6,775,739,011This took SIX. HOURS. 🥲 #shorts0:15
96.Italy WhenGamersFail ► Lyon6,693,602,334Stre perde i Vestiti su Roblox!0:12
97.India Village Cooking Channel6,690,363,064KUCHI ICE | FRUIT POPSICLES | Healthy Homemade Colorful Popsicle Making in Village | Stick Ice Cream9:05
98.United States Surfnboy Shorts6,655,359,181Real Or Drawing Sprite #Shorts0:53
99.United States packattack040826,611,653,778Disney Inside Out - Full Game Walkthrough3:59:04
100.Spain TheGrefg6,556,850,944EL NUEVO MODO DE FORTNITE ES HISTÓRICO - TheGrefg13:50