Top 100 Channels With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest Video
1.United States PewDiePie26,620,175,096My Minecraft Storage System Makes All Girls Go Crazy20:35
2.United States FGTeeV18,809,096,549Bad Guys At School 2! They Made Me DO THIS! (FGTeeV vs SHARK)14:05
3.United Kingdom DanTDM17,415,857,681My Friend Made a Minecraft Quest Shop.. (Shady Oaks SMP)21:02
4.United States Markiplier14,803,051,691JIMMY WILL FIND YOU... | At Dead of Night - PART 329:54
5. PopularMMOs13,826,457,317Minecraft: SHREK DEFENSE! (TOWER DEFENSE WITH SHREK!) Modded Mini-Game45:46
6. VEGETTA77713,697,084,140EXPLOSION INESPERADA UNIVERSO WIGETTA (El video un dia tarde)25:11
7. VanossGaming13,473,243,956Ark Survival Evolved Funny Moments - Droidd is Lost in the Jungle!16:57
8.Ireland jacksepticeye13,396,304,560THIS TEACHER MADE ME CRY | Little Nightmares 2 - Part 21:02:27
9. Ultra Music12,315,595,429Klingande & Wrabel - Big Love (Late Nine Remix) [Visualizer] [Ultra Music]2:57
10.Chile JuegaGerman11,664,703,542Algo Le Pasa A Calamardo...15:25
11.United Kingdom Jelly11,434,033,465Playing A LUCKY BLOCK RACE In MINECRAFT!20:37
12.United States SSSniperWolf10,567,430,718Amazing Ideas To Upgrade Your Home10:22
13.United States IGN9,756,288,249Playing Among Us for Charity! - IGN x Black History Month3:39:52
14.United States MrBeast9,153,760,114Press Subscribe For....11:59
15. elrubiusOMG9,149,772,256RUBIUS PUNTUA VUESTROS SETUPS14:30
16.El Salvador Fernanfloo8,782,710,160CuacuaVakaNaka | Fernanfloo5:39
17.United States Blippi - Educational Videos for Kids8,698,222,327Blippi Visits A Ski Hill | Educational Videos For Kids10:38
18.Brazil AuthenticGames8,495,856,973BATALHA contra o ZUMBI CIENTISTA no MINECRAFT !! (Minecraft Animado)1:59
20.United States Kaji Family8,258,863,172DIY Fluffy Paint Art for kids with Emma and Kate!!!8:07
21.United States Guava Juice7,928,190,69210 Things Not To Do at MCDONALDS 3..10:12
22.Japan Kan & Aki's CHANNELかんあきチャンネル7,743,003,577え!キノピオがパンツ一丁!?wwあちゃぴとぎんのオリガミキング#3010:39
23.Turkey Enes Batur7,482,825,397Enes Batur - Ayaz (Official Video)3:07
24. stampylonghead7,397,017,204Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury - 🔴 Live1:53:18
25.United States ItsFunneh7,394,797,498We made a DONUT BAKERY in Roblox!24:31
26.United States HobbyFamilyTV7,243,517,234HobbyFamily REACTS to Instagram Videos!8:08
27.United Kingdom Cartoon Network UK7,024,787,594Summer Camp Island | Tortilla Towel Takeover | Cartoon Network UK 🇬🇧4:13
28.United States SML7,006,843,526Go Watch!0:07
29.Australia LazarBeam6,948,682,936Trolling TIKTOK Streamers9:06
30.United States FUNnel Vision6,739,195,001FUNNEL VISION TOYS in stores EARLY @ WALMART this WEEK!! (4 Stores Only)2:08
31.United States Smile Toys Review6,719,985,564Anita and Her New Baby Brother. Funny Story for Kids10:18
32.United States Peacock Kids6,542,208,269My Most Sickening Scar | SCRAPBOOK MY LIFE3:34
33.Spain TheWillyrex6,477,034,592FARGAN SE ENFADA EN GOLF IT10:03
34.United States SSundee6,454,368,816SLIDE For *NEW* RARE Fortnite Loot15:02
35.Italy Me contro Te6,435,955,599LUÌ SI FINGE NONNO E SOFÌ BAMBINA CON ELETTRO!!13:43
36. Like Nastya PRT6,420,209,317Nastya finge fazer brincadeiras com amigos8:02
37.Belarus A46,401,369,937ПОБЕГ ИЗ 100 СЛОЕВ КАРТОНА ! Мы в Ловушке !36:53
38.Brazil Porta dos Fundos6,314,490,992PLANTANANÃ – KAROL CONKÁ FORA DO BBB 212:52
39.Russian Federation Family Box6,285,870,328ГОВОРЮ Жене и ДОЧКИ 24 Часа - НЕТ!!!9:18
40.India Flowers Comedy6,223,396,28490+ My Tuition App Flowers Top Singer 2 | Ep#1441:23:42
41.United States Just4fun2906,078,233,256Marvel Legends Series Hulk + Venom Gets Captured By Playmobil Crane3:15
42.United States Aphmau6,071,642,187Aphmau Has Been KIDNAPPED from Minecraft!20:58
43.Canada MrSuicideSheep6,033,300,436Animadrop & xChenda - Go Beyond6:21
44.Thailand zbing z.6,026,412,353โหมดแช่แข็งหยุดเวลาฆ่า #29 | Among us11:37
45.United States Lifetime6,000,205,844Little Women: LA - Injections and Rejections (S7, E5) | Full Episode | Lifetime40:50
46.United States FV FAMILY5,982,545,440TIK TOK Robot Restaurant + Christmas Day Broke! Worst Holiday EVER! (FV Family Vlog)9:28
47.Canada AzzyLand5,914,934,576Cute BABY ANIMAL Moments TikTok Compilation10:16
48.Brazil Brancoala5,773,635,232ROTINA DA NOITE COM 2 FILHOS NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS - Família Brancoala14:24
49.United States Flamingo5,764,432,470Roblox Friday Night Funkin9:28
50.Spain DaniRep | +6 Vídeos Diarios De GTA 5 Online!5,720,369,520SI FRENAS EXPLOTAS! ACELERA PORFAVOR!! - GTA V ONLINE18:06
51.United States Kwebbelkop5,697,722,553Minecraft But Crafting MULTIPLIES9:01
52. Skrillex5,678,158,076Skrillex - Kliptown Empyrean [Official Audio]3:47
53.United States Rooster Teeth5,667,093,435Happy Birthday Gus Ugly Sorola - Ep. 637 - RT Podcast1:30:43
54. HikakinGames5,576,165,760【青鬼X たけし編 前編】ヒカキンの青鬼X実況プレイ - 地下のクモ青鬼の巣が怖すぎる…【ホラーゲーム】36:43
55.Brazil Robin Hood Gamer5,527,936,285Minecraft, mas a cada minuto OS ITENS FICAM MAIS FORTES...14:11
56.France Swan & Néo5,508,538,312NE JAMAIS SAUTER SUR LA MAUVAISE CASE AMONG US IRL !!! (en famille) - Giant Board Game Challenge47:11
57.United Kingdom KSI5,452,896,977Anne-Marie x KSI x Digital Farm Animals - Don’t Play [KSI Behind The Scenes Video]3:06
58.Russian Federation Funny Family Games tv5,442,338,513Был НУБОМ Стал РАЗРУШИТЕЛЯМ! СИМУЛЯТОР РАЗРУШИТЕЛЯ в Roblox от #FFGTV10:37
59.United States BuzzFeed Multiplayer5,425,722,368Black Women Create Themselves In The Sims: No Mods vs. Mods (ft. EbonixSims)14:35
60. Angry Birds5,412,901,320Angry Birds Friends | Cherry Blossom Tournament0:41
61.United States Ninja Kidz TV5,410,380,421We gave VALENTINES to STRANGERS!10:25
62.United Kingdom Slogo5,400,248,724*New* FULLY UPGRADED Battle Boat! (GTA 5 Online)9:35
63.United States packattack040825,333,345,111Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - All Castles34:17
64.United Kingdom Ali-A5,306,383,456Fortnite’s ACTUALLY doing *THIS*!8:12
65.India The Lallantop5,282,776,390Rahul Gandhi Fisheries Ministry की मांग करके फंस कैसे गए?15:50
66.United States theRadBrad5,118,971,658THE MEDIUM Walkthrough Gameplay Part 5 - HOUND ENCOUNTER (XBOX SERIES X)1:06:12
67.Russian Federation Поззи5,083,366,361ДОНАЧУ СТРИМЕРАМ 200.000 РУБЛЕЙ! (Челлендж)21:31
68.Argentina DrossRotzank5,078,385,453Crow 6423:14
69.Saudi Arabia شبكة العاب العرب | Arab Games Network5,025,639,161ماين كرافت : تحدي البناء - كيف تصير محترف بناء | Minecraft17:25
71. acdcVEVO4,948,723,443AC/DC - Realize (Official Video Behind the Scenes)4:33
72.Japan HIMAWARIちゃんねる4,932,239,781小さくて可愛いせっけん手作りしよう♡コロントシャボン himawari-CH8:03
73.United States League of Legends4,927,850,985Lunar Beast 2021 | Official Event Trailer - League of Legends2:29
74.Brazil Julia MineGirl4,904,424,726ESCOLA! CAMINHO BOM OU RUIM (Stickman School Escape)8:22
75.United States Preston4,861,392,993I Made Every ORE from Minecraft in Real Life!15:48
76.United States GameGrumps4,799,388,406We haven't given up just yet! - Danganronpa31:19
77.United States Flashback FM4,772,820,503Trailer #2 (Best Quality) | Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021)2:18
78.Japan プリンセス姫スイートTV Princess Hime Suite TV4,652,221,324★4人に1人が持つ特殊能力!スーパーテイスターは誰?「池森そば」はどれだ!ききそば対決!~三種のそばから「二八の極み」を食べ当てろ!~★15:31
79.Australia Lachlan4,619,382,604Fortnite Unvaulted The HAND CANNON! (FINALLY!)9:11
80. W2S4,596,893,800MY BRO GETS A 193 FUT DRAFT WORLD RECORD - FIFA 2014:24
81.Spain MikelTube4,571,598,832Equipo FORTNITE con Amigos13:25
82.United States Chad Wild Clay4,549,281,635CLOAKER IS BACK To Help Rescue Daniel's Girlfriend Kidnapped by Stalker21:24
83.Brazil Gato Galactico4,498,485,220RONI fica INVISÍVEL e ASSUSTA DUDA na MANSÃO MIAU !!!9:21
84. Wassabi4,497,123,082WHAT HAVE I DONE?!? *Lip Blush Tattoo*11:26
85.Brazil AM3NlC4,455,427,767MEU AMIGO DO JAPÃO ME ENVIOU ISSO! ‹ EduKof ›14:43
86.India Aayu and Pihu Show4,410,355,603AAYU KI POWER | A Short movie on healthy eating habits | Aayu and Pihu Show10:09
87. MSNBC4,404,341,886Biden Administration Announces Plan To Distribute 25 Million Free Masks To Health Centers | MSNBC2:10
88.Brazil TazerCraft4,398,879,754usamos um HACK de $200 para matar nossos amigos no MINECRAFT! 😎12:11
90.Netherlands Trap City4,310,546,534Mandrazo & The FifthGuys - Burn 'Em (ft. OTG Stiffy)2:49
91.United States REPLAY4,307,912,300Guess That Early 2000s Commercial9:20
92.United States National Geographic4,303,474,937Unraveling a Mapmaker’s Dangerous Decision | Podcast | Overheard at National Geographic26:02
93.Brazil DUDU e CAROL4,288,024,769ANIVERSÁRIO DA CAROL 🎈10:14
94.Spain Willyrex4,236,985,664ARKADIA - UN HOGAR PARA MIS DINOS!2:06:13
95.Brazil Parafernalha4,209,806,060NOOB NO CÉU | PARAFERNALHA2:33
96.United States FaZe Rug4,209,749,106Please Watch This Video...13:32
97.United Kingdom YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon4,133,663,367I'm too big for the traitor tester! | Gmod TTT13:19
98.United States ExtremeToys TV4,131,771,508There is a Monster in our Shed!8:26
99.United States Unspeakable4,107,196,6227 FUNNY WAYS TO PRANK UNSPEAKABLE!11:58
100.Australia KjraGaming4,091,316,914Wolverine, Deadpool, Black Panther VS Spiderman Patient Zero9:00