Top 100 Channels With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest VideoLiked
1.United States PewDiePie21,537,200,195Jake Paul is CANCELLED21:3798.86%
2.United Kingdom DanTDM14,799,533,340DanTDM Presents 'The Contest' (Official Trailer)1:4497.43%
3. PopularMMOs12,901,456,238Minecraft: PET SIMULATOR!!! (GET PET EGGS WITH EPIC PETS!) Modded Mini-Game25:4997.65%
4.United States Markiplier11,102,928,027WHY KILLED MARKIPLIER?2:30:0898.51%
5. VanossGaming10,926,975,255Gmod Guess Who Funny Moments - Detective Pikachu Used Popup! (Garry's Mod)12:0299.38%
6.United States Movieclips Trailers10,567,901,712The Art of Racing in the Rain Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers2:2491.52%
7.Ireland jacksepticeye11,005,198,931I'm The World's Worst Police Officer In BEAMNG.DRIVE16:3499.34%
9.United States FGTeeV10,902,900,523YOSHI EATS SHAWN!! Yoshi's Crafted World Plays w/ FGTEEV Mario (Skit/Gameplay)16:2391.95%
10. CookieSwirlC11,278,268,201Worst Day ! Going To Prison - City Jail Break + Royal High School Roblox Game Video6:1792.37%
11.France LEGO9,283,444,528シーズン2「レゴフレンズ アニメ」主役がいない!?消えたミュージカル女優 10話11:3695.21%
12.Chile JuegaGerman9,216,048,415ESTA CHICA SERIA FAMOSA EN INSTAGRAM... Si fuera real...15:4797.67%
13.United States Smosh8,457,873,904EVERY ZODIAC SIGN EVER8:0796.76%
14.United States Jimmy Kimmel Live7,755,324,465Kathie Lee & Hodor1:0296.16%
15. elrubiusOMG7,591,233,800NO TE RAYES JERRY CHALLENGE8:0399.08%
16.United States FBE7,889,090,001How Long Can Kids Watch It Chapter 2 Trailer? | Kids React12:1897.04%
17.Brazil rezendeevil8,162,928,397PARAMOS A GRAVAÇÃO PORQUE O VIZINHO BRIGOU COM A GENTE !! [ REZENDE EVIL ]10:1398.69%
18. IGN8,966,190,134Rage 2: Going Head-to-Head in Mutant Bash TV6:2085.04%
19. stampylonghead7,002,062,995Dreams - The Impossible Quiz + Corgi Painting24:2497.32%
20.El Salvador Fernanfloo7,027,860,597SOY UN ZOMBIE!! - Resident Evil 2 Remake | Fernanfloo11:0696.49%
21.United States FUNnel Vision6,008,624,600FUNnel Boy Plushy Toy 4 Christmas! (FUNnel Vision Collectible)2:1594.69%
22.Brazil AuthenticGames6,814,586,124HOMEM ARANHA LONGE DE CASA DE MASSINHA DE MODELAR !! ( Spider Man Movie )12:0197.49%
23.Brazil Felipe Neto6,904,982,54312 vezes que A MODA foi LONGE DEMAIS!11:4199.02%
24.France SQUEEZIE6,163,454,616Je découvre mon visage s'il était parfait10:2398.81%
25. The Late Late Show with James Corden5,952,568,583Were You Paying Attention?10:4897.72%
26.United States HobbyKidsTV6,255,547,321GIANT GAME BOARD IRL! Winner Gets $1,000! Avengers CHALLENGE by HobbyKidsTV26:2191.61%
27.United States Rooster Teeth5,833,887,576It's Just Allergies | RT Shorts3:5098.72%
28.United States Saturday Night Live6,503,925,413Ouija - SNL4:2293.13%
29.United States Guava Juice5,636,229,43910 Things Not To Do In The Movies Theater Part 28:4878.77%
30. Jake Paul5,805,976,044confronting internet bully cody ko…17:1879.21%
31. TheWillyrex5,473,801,774GOLF IT | QUIEN HA HECHO ESTOOOOOO!24:3498.16%
32.United States Good Mythical Morning5,437,655,557Blind Chicken Finger Taste Test12:0798.19%
33.United Kingdom BBC5,625,631,909The pregnancy test was negative... then I gave birth in a hotel toilet! 😱 - BBC7:2996.84%
34.United Kingdom KSI4,788,310,573ODDS ON13:2992.03%
35.United States BuzzFeed Multiplayer4,719,048,2895 Reasons Sonic is Way Better Than Mario4:2482.76%
36.United Kingdom Ali-A4,531,029,385SNIPING with a SHOTGUN in SEASON 9!14:1995.14%
37.Spain DaniRep | +6 Vídeos Diarios De GTA 5 Online!4,471,639,801+9999 LATAS DE REFRESCO! - GTA V ONLINE14:5895.99%
38.United States packattack040824,517,511,344Super Mario Party - All 2 Vs 8 Minigames10:1589.77%
39.United States SuperMarioLogan4,395,685,140SML Movie: Cody's Favorite Game6:3890.75%
40.United States Jelly5,048,700,341Try NOT To Say WOW CHALLENGE! (Fail = DELETE Youtube Channel)10:0196.80%
41. Mr Bean4,612,814,999Helicopter Ride | Funny Clip | Johnny English Reborn | Mr Bean Official6:4097.02%
42.Turkey Enes Batur4,697,726,444EVLENİYOR MUYUM ? (Yalan Makinesi)15:4593.74%
43.United States Wassabi4,097,305,156i really like this girl9:0098.37%
45.United States theRadBrad4,077,365,155DAYS GONE Walkthrough Gameplay Part 73 - SAWMILL HORDE (PS4 Pro)26:1099.29%
46. GameGrumps4,809,985,60710 Minute Power Hour - Black Metal Beauty Makeover10:4199.12%
47.United Kingdom YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon4,007,636,796MY BRAIN HURTS! | Minecraft Diversity 3 | Part 1324:5997.45%
48.United States Ryan's Family Review4,572,297,959Ryan Surprise Shopping Gifts for Mommy's Day!!!10:5679.06%
49. Angry Birds4,104,377,321Angry Birds on the Run | Best Songs Special Compilation5:2695.35%
50.United States EvanTubeHD3,879,659,496WAR MACHINE BUSTER - ALL LEGO Avengers Endgame Sets 76124 - Time-lapse Speed Build & Review!8:4994.61%
51.United States Sky Does Everything3,800,068,933IS THIS THE FINALE?!15:5798.76%
52. HikakinGames3,928,728,984【ヒカクラ2】Part17 - 悲報…全村人が謎の大移動して大変なことに…【マインクラフト】【ヒカキンゲームズ】20:1495.00%
53.United States Cartoon Network4,831,340,378Charlene and Achi Speed Drawing | Victor and Valentino | Cartoon Network4:4590.06%
54.United States Bratayley3,616,740,418Real Talk with Annie (WK 437) Bratayley41:4598.49%
55.Argentina DrossRotzank3,646,294,096El extraño mal de la gente quimérica4:3395.98%
56.Brazil TazerCraft3,806,314,009IMAGENS PROIBIDAS DO MINECRAFT 🚫11:0699.05%
57.Brazil AM3NlC3,605,186,195COMPREI UM BARCO DE VERDADE ‹ EduKof ›32:5099.19%
58.United States Kwebbelkop4,052,481,81599% IMPOSSIBLE GTA 5 TRY NOT TO BE IMPRESSED CHALLENGE!10:0195.05%
59. Willyrex3,583,965,205*NUEVO* RIFLE DE ASALTO TÁCTICO llegará a FORTNITE18:2498.86%
60.United States REACT3,734,596,160Do Moms Know Modern Music? (Mother's Day Special) | React: Do They Know It?11:2298.70%
61.United States SSSniperWolf3,692,229,685Girl DESTROYS Expensive Painting By Drawing on it12:0998.30%
62.India Aaj Tak4,430,441,843हारेंगे तो मारेंगे?25:1385.45%
63.United States CaptainSparklez3,357,033,641r/minecraft Top Of All Time22:2898.61%
64.United States EeOneGuy3,329,048,397IVAN - My Heart2:4691.36%
65.Japan プリンセス姫スイートTV Princess Hime Suite TV3,542,043,387★「青鬼の館からの脱出・・・」鍵を握るのはパパ子??★21:15
66.United Kingdom FRESH Movie Trailers3,164,481,330NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 (This Week's Best Trailers #30)13:3785.54%
67.Canada SIS vs BRO3,624,077,099Update on our Baby Sister!!!!10:2796.86%
68.United States The Key of Awesome3,205,152,311THE LAST KEY OF AWESOME8:3096.59%
69.Thailand zbing z.3,494,292,397บ้านใหม่ราคา30ล้านของแป้ง11:4597.88%
70.United States SSundee4,703,766,886Vending MACHINE ONLY World Cup QUALIFIERS *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale20:0598.29%
71. 東海オンエア3,909,203,336【早すぎる疲弊】第2回!寝たら"即帰宅"の旅!Part210:0998.66%
72.United States Ray3,018,874,486Is R. Kelly Going to Prison?23:3970.07%
73.United States Smosh Games2,266,616,612Most Intense Stick Fight Challenge | Stick Fight35:4798.58%
74. FROST3,064,004,992ИЛОН МАСК ПРЕВРАТИЛСЯ В КОНЯ \\ Приключения Илона Маска в Minecraft #3037:5499.24%
75.United States ESPN3,188,500,296Ezekiel Elliott is one of the most disrespected athletes in America - Will Cain | Will Cain Show4:1087.38%
76. Deji3,583,050,710TRY NOT TO CRY (She cried)11:2392.80%
77.Italy ➜FavijTV™2,919,401,231IL DROPPER #1🏆 AL MONDO!! - Minecraft10:3199.05%
78. Unbox Therapy2,905,210,967Apple Powerbeats Pro Unboxing - Better Than AirPods?12:2396.59%
79. NFL2,880,650,036Behind the Scenes of the NFL Draft in 360!2:5896.45%
80. H2ODelirious2,796,956,433MORDHAU - RAISE THY BOWS AND FIRE!!! (With Cartoonz, Ohmwrecker & Squirrel)23:3998.98%
81.Japan SeikinTV2,831,609,712マクドナル・・・ド?12:3594.80%
82.United States ArcadeGo.com2,761,825,634Wick Bounty 11 Year Old Kids Squad Fortnite8:2079.25%
83.United States Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)2,956,094,263Popaholics, Basketball, and an Atrophic Scar Excision9:3982.00%
84. Lachlan3,030,418,453The NEW John Wick In Fortnite!10:4998.30%
85.United States ItsFunneh3,215,825,969Hunting for spooky GHOSTS in Roblox!24:3798.34%
87. Miniminter2,775,250,019VEGETARIAN TRIES MEAT FOR FIRST TIME12:3096.86%
88.United States Preston3,032,752,607I SURPRISED My Wife with Her DREAM CAR!18:5196.89%
89.Brazil Gameplayrj2,764,280,226Novo Minecraft revelado, Minecraft Earth, vai ser revolucionário?7:4398.80%
90. AmusementForce3,107,199,190Blue Water Slide at Suraj Water Park0:4288.44%
91.United States Marvel Entertainment2,891,123,834Olivia Holt & Aubrey Joseph of 'Marvel's Cloak & Dagger' talk Season 2! | This Week in Marvel2:1095.25%
92. Gronkh2,948,358,781Die HWSCREW setzt wieder Segel! ☠️ HWSQ // Sea of Thieves [S02E01]32:0897.20%
93. iBallisticSquid2,696,193,274GRANDSON BURNS GRANNY WITH MOLOTOV!!10:5998.86%
94.United States League of Legends2,987,191,957Glory | 2019 League of Legends College Championship1:0197.45%
95.United States Rosanna Pansino2,708,091,951Making A Disney Princess Jasmine Cake! - Aladdin Movie w/ Kandee Johnson! - Nerdy Nummies21:5098.90%
96.United States Philip DeFranco2,667,119,170The Tfue FaZe Clan Lawsuit Could Massively Change The Future Of Entertainment, SCAM Alert, & More16:4497.25%
97.United States Denis2,807,719,781Playing on ANOTHER YOUTUBER'S ACCOUNT in Roblox!11:1598.25%
98.United States iHasCupquake2,680,324,668Mooshroom Troubles - Minecraft Diversity Ep1226:2299.65%
99. ExplosmEntertainment2,586,059,812Mr. Cobbler's Neighborhood - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts2:0997.55%
100. CinemaSins2,688,760,057Everything Wrong With Aladdin (1992)12:3497.83%