Top 100 Channels With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest Video
1.United States PewDiePie25,032,773,856Cancel PewDiePie NOW!22:28
2.United Kingdom DanTDM16,101,826,747We Found a GOLDEN Treasure Chest!20:53
3.United States FGTeeV14,073,104,858ROBLOX Field Trip Z! FGTeeV's Horrible School Day19:05
4. PopularMMOs13,371,656,008Minecraft: BEDWARS VS LDSHADOWLADY WITH LUCKY BLOCKS! - Modded Mini-Game27:37
5.United States Markiplier12,550,478,304I LOST EVERYTHING... | Minecraft - Part 823:45
6. VanossGaming12,236,318,924Golf-It Funny Moments - Rage Village!11:50
7.Ireland jacksepticeye12,119,657,565I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE END | The Last Of Us 2 - Part 122:23:33
8. VEGETTA77712,092,387,808THE LAST OF US 2 - ¿DONDE ESTA ELLIE? #102:10:43
9.Chile JuegaGerman10,117,078,665The Last Of Us 2 | Parte 4 - CUIDADO CON EL PERRO ME HAN DICHO ... !!4:02:09
10.United States FBE8,566,235,607Parents React To Kids React To Funny Adult Jokes In Kids TV Shows12:37
11. elrubiusOMG8,486,370,574SANDIA CHALLENGE by Rubius8:09
12.United States IGN8,360,144,504The Biggest Game Releases of July 20205:31
13.United States Jelly7,649,231,539Playing MINECRAFT In A JELLY LUCKY BLOCK WORLD! (Amazing)11:17
14.El Salvador Fernanfloo7,646,858,757GANANDO CON UNA LANCHA DESDE EL CIELO!! - Fernanfloo11:44
15.Brazil AuthenticGames7,620,853,433MELHORES MOMENTOS VAMPIROS AUTHENTICGAMES !! - Vampiro Vs Lobisomem45:40
16. stampylonghead7,066,036,813Relearning Minecraft - House On A Hill - 🔴 Live1:40:19
17.United States Guava Juice6,840,036,967Cutting Open HYPER REALISTIC Cakes 514:40
18.United Kingdom BBC6,756,144,502England's mandatory school plan starts September - Covid-19 Government Briefing 🔴 BBC33:59
19.Japan Kan & Aki's CHANNELかんあきチャンネル6,751,486,249ヤドンがにげた!?走る姿に大ウケぎんた!ポケモンソード鎧の孤島#226:07
20.United States HobbyFamilyTV6,566,803,308Find Gators On An Air Boat with HobbyFamily10:26
21. BRIGHT SIDE6,519,307,817The Strange Thing Might Happen If Planets Collide7:16
22.United States Kaji Family6,115,486,598We filled Daddy's Office with Balloons for Father's Day!!!8:17
23.Spain TheWillyrex5,932,152,820DESESPERACIÓN MÁXIMA! MALDITOS CONEJOS!!26:52
24.United States Rooster Teeth5,814,716,908Can You Guess Who's Fakin' It? | Hard Mode11:45
25.United States Just4fun2905,739,549,297Marvel The Incredible Hulk Supersize Superheroes Battles Talking Nano Gauntlet Hulk Smash4:35
26.Japan せんももあいしーCh Sen, Momo, Ai & Shii5,714,318,374マインクラフトダンジョンズごっこ Pretend Play Minecraft Dungeons4:14
27.Turkey Enes Batur5,700,702,760SOĞUK veya SICAK YEMEK YARIŞMASI 🔥❄️20:42
28.United States SSSniperWolf5,659,000,014The Most Entitled KARENS Ever12:27
29. 東海オンエア5,463,811,637【人間の真の力を検証】根性がある奴、根性がある説。22:49
30.United States MrBeast5,353,318,619I Broke Into A House And Left $50,00014:57
31.United States SuperMarioLogan5,342,657,624Go Watch!0:07
32.Canada SIS vs BRO5,260,862,203Who Can Make a Better Store at Home?27:47
33.United Kingdom KSI5,161,271,029KSI – Houdini (feat. Swarmz & Tion Wayne) [Pink Panda Remix]2:55
34.United States ItsFunneh5,140,476,272Taking care of CRAZY RATS in Minecraft!16:02
35.Spain Mikecrack5,100,415,622¡Soy el MÁS FUERTE del MUNDO! 😂💪 MIKECRACK MAMADÍSIMO VUELVE!!! 🔥 Monta a Tus Amigos #213:07
36.United States BuzzFeed Multiplayer5,077,782,428Kenzie Ziegler Controls Her Life In The Sims 416:09
37.Spain DaniRep | +6 Vídeos Diarios De GTA 5 Online!5,028,747,576UN SUSCRIPTOR ME SALVA LA VIDA! INCREIBLE! - GTA V ONLINE21:43
38.United States Chotoonz TV - Funny Cartoons for Kids5,002,306,793Rat-A-Tat |'Egyptian Mummy 🔥 Splendid New Cartoons Compilation'| Chotoonz Kids Funny #Cartoon Videos55:16
39.United Kingdom Ali-A4,901,242,910AQUAMAN *SECRETS* in Fortnite! (Skins, Challenges, Mythic Weapon + MORE)10:10
40.Australia LazarBeam4,855,898,077TIKTOKS that are hilarious9:53
41.United States SSundee4,837,610,011PRANKING My Friends with XRAY MOD in UNO17:49
42.United States packattack040824,738,909,674SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated - SpongeBob's Dream19:46
43.India Flowers Comedy4,722,288,851Uppum Mulakum│Flowers│EP#108922:44
44.France Swan The Voice - Néo & Swan4,705,818,043PRANK - Swan fait croire à Néo qu'il y a des serpents dans la piscine !!! 😱10:24
45.United States Kwebbelkop4,703,563,473Building The BEST BASE To Survive In SPACE! (Minecraft)11:33
46. HikakinGames4,665,213,232【フォートナイト】ヒカキン、シーズン3初のビクロイか?!?!?【Fortnite】19:21
47.United States Family Box4,641,960,309САМЫЙ БЛИННЫЙ ЧЕЛЛЕНДЖ или НАЧИНКА в ПЕРЕМЕШКУ! Вот БЛИН!14:12
48. Angry Birds4,600,053,469Angry Birds Speedpaint | Drawing Red By Bo From Resolution Games2:21
49.El Salvador Letupita725HD★4,517,084,786All Good (Extended) | MLP: Equestria Girls | Spring Breakdown [HD]2:08
50.United States theRadBrad4,512,705,084THE LAST OF US 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 46 - ESCAPE (Last of Us Part 2)34:04
51.Argentina DrossRotzank4,496,768,759El caso de Norom Norom10:06
52.Thailand zbing z.4,480,371,616ผีปอบในโรงนาร้าง | PACIFY18:36
53.United States REACT4,410,536,332Guess That Movie IN ONE SECOND Challenge ft. Ken Jennings (Battleship, Clue)12:30
54.Canada AzzyLand4,404,528,464Viral MAKEUP TRANSFORMATION Tutorials !8:08
55. W2S4,396,925,838MY BRO GETS A 193 FUT DRAFT WORLD RECORD - FIFA 2014:24
56.United States GameGrumps4,375,987,338Are we... starting to LIKE THIS GAME!?! - Sonic Heroes: PART 930:47
57. Wassabi4,354,002,410ALL MOVED IN! *Most Annoying Teenager EVER??*7:57
58. Funny Family Games tv4,270,075,029ОНИ ПРИЛЕТЕЛИ за МНОЙ! ВЫЖИВАНИЕ с НЛО и ВЕРТОЛЕТОМ! Останусь Ли Я в ЖИВЫХ10:22
59.Brazil AM3NlC4,130,865,838COMPREI UM MINI COMPUTADOR ‹ EduKof ›15:52
60.United Kingdom YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon4,014,778,866EVERYONE IS SWITCHING ROLES?! | Gmod TTT18:30
61.United States FRESH Movie Trailers4,001,683,075THE RESISTANCE FIGHTER Trailer (2020)1:56
62.United States Nickelodeon3,989,885,663Sofia Carson and Wolfgang Novogratz Drop By for a MARSHMALLOW CHALLENGE! | Group Chat2:32
63.Russian Federation Поззи3,976,457,941Sky City Roblox - Релиз Моей Игры! 💎1:26
64. NFL3,961,795,859Players that Could Play Every Position on the Field2:50
65.Brazil TazerCraft3,929,426,273Minecraft: 100 pessoas CAMUFLADAS no ESCONDE-ESCONDE!17:08
66.Spain Willyrex3,905,628,607*NUEVO* GULAG, NERF a GRAU y MP5, 200 Jugadores EN WARZONE3:05:43
67.Australia Lachlan3,885,256,072Fortnite added a FLARE Gun!10:35
68.United States FV FAMILY3,876,946,696Don't Slide off the Roof! FATHERS DAY @ the BEACH (FV Family Vacation Vlog w/ Special Recipe)17:02
69.Spain iTownGamePlay *Terror&Diversión*3,778,452,502VENGANZA en el SÓTANO ABANDONADO - Afton's Revenge (FNAF Game)21:32
70.United States Preston3,772,266,709Trapped in ICE Prison for 24 Hours... - Challenge17:35
71.Spain TheGrefg3,762,465,552¡¡TARIFA CALVO!! NUEVO INTEGRANTE DE CALVALAND - TheGrefg15:04
72.United States Sky Does Everything3,746,823,328WE 6 HOURS INTO THE 12 HOUR STREAM28:56
73.Viet Nam BIBI TV3,719,403,180Trải Nghiệm Làng Văn Hóa Du Lịch Các Dân Tộc Việt Nam ❤ BIBI TV ❤21:19
74.United States KN Channel3,703,346,772ĐỪNG LO! BÁC SĨ TỚI ĐÂY | MÈO CON BỊ BỎ RƠI NGOÀI ĐƯỜNG11:26
75.United States Bratayley3,671,196,397The End of an Era (WK 465) | Bratayley7:09
76.United States League of Legends3,667,942,505COVID-19 Charity Fundraiser Announcement - League of Legends2:21
77.Japan プリンセス姫スイートTV Princess Hime Suite TV3,640,003,626★こちょがプールで初泳ぎ!?~こちょ初めてのシリーズ第九弾!~★24:36
78.United States National Geographic3,625,765,438Weaver Ant Chutney | Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted4:17
79.Japan ボンボンTV3,612,722,330【対決】際どい質問と罰ゲーム!?男女で恋愛ババ抜き対決!!やってみた!!13:12
80.United States CaptainSparklez3,602,360,420Top 10 Most Wanted Minecraft Criminal22:56
81. JennaMarbles3,591,287,909A Message11:11
82.United States EeOneGuy3,536,739,865ПОШЛИ В КАФЕШКУ | ИВАНГАЙ | МЕМУЗЫКА #29:08
83. Unbox Therapy3,530,436,281Unboxing Spot The $75,000 Robot Dog20:03
84.Brazil Julia MineGirl3,496,407,867TENTE ADIVINHAR ESSES DESENHOS (
85.United Kingdom Slogo3,478,307,591The WORST Students In SCHOOL! (Bad Guys At School)11:28
86.Canada Linus Tech Tips3,439,877,938Linus builds Linus’ new PC!17:39
87.Spain MikelTube3,438,774,748Fiesta de Cumpleaños de Mikel 1110:26
88.United States Ninja Kidz TV3,427,990,352Sonic The Hedgehog Ninja Kidz Part 4!11:59
89.Brazil Gato Galactico3,412,062,983🔴 NOVO DESAFIO RADICAL !! MINECRAFT PARKOUR Com Gato Galactico !!! AO VIVO ! 🐱#FiqueEmCasa #Comigo57:14
92.United States FaZe Rug3,313,424,313This is the end.12:50
93.Italy FavijTV3,304,669,583VI SPACCO IL C*** 😇 - Stick Fight10:12
94. H2ODelirious3,303,207,649SURVIVING AMONG THE TREES! (Bear Attack)15:42
95.United States Denis3,298,349,451PIGGY + FNAF = Roblox FREGGY..12:52
96.United Kingdom BCC Trolling3,282,063,201*NEW* FLARE GUN IS AMAZING!! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #96010:03
97. Kuplinov ► Play3,260,593,114ВОСПОМИНАНИЯ ЭББИ ► The Last of Us 2 #1456:42
99.Japan SeikinTV3,212,695,789ランボルギーニの点検費用がヤバい。本社から贈られた記念品もすごい。それが、ランボルギーニ。16:19
100.United States Chad Wild Clay3,203,970,825Did MELVIN Transform into PZ9? I Surprised Best Friend with Undercover Escape from Custom PZ Hackers17:52