Top 100 Channels With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest VideoLiked
1.United States PewDiePie21,947,349,689Ideas from people with BIG BRAINS10:0398.89%
2.United Kingdom DanTDM14,558,711,272I SAVED my HORSE in Minecraft Hardcore!33:1498.34%
3. PopularMMOs12,544,397,780Minecraft: LEGOS LUCKY BLOCK MOD! (BUILDING BLOCKS, LEGO WEAPONS, & MORE!) Mod Showcase18:5897.80%
4.United States Markiplier10,952,689,214I LOVE ROBLOX29:0696.84%
5. VanossGaming10,942,669,796Gmod Death Run Funny Moments - Vanoss Superhero School 2019 Tryouts! (Garry's Mod)16:1698.93%
6.Ireland jacksepticeye10,734,952,836We Built An Upside Down PYRAMID In Minecraft25:3598.79%
7.United States FGTeeV10,687,500,504HELLO NEIGHBOR CLOWN's BIG SECRET! FGTeeV plays SECRET NEIGHBOR #5!!21:5595.17%
9. CookieSwirlC9,961,936,784DIY Small Makeup ! Easy Do It Yourself Clay Craft Eyeshadow Palette + Lipstick11:4491.28%
10.France LEGO8,698,224,415LEGO Lunar Lander Unboxing in Zero Gravity w/ Astronaut Mike Massimino1:0197.45%
11.Chile JuegaGerman8,630,187,5345 YOUTUBERS HUMILLADOS POR JUEGAGERMAN (mi reacción)18:5299.00%
12.United States Smosh8,074,926,318EVERY CHIPOTLE EVER7:4794.22%
14.United States FBE7,632,036,014Teens React To Top 10 Disney Songs On Spotify14:2698.35%
15. elrubiusOMG7,617,569,50150 COSAS SOBRE MI 2019 by Rubius5:4598.75%
16. IGN7,148,566,501Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Official 4K Multiplayer Gameplay24:0394.08%
18. stampylonghead6,828,597,604Super Mario Maker 2 - Showing My Courses29:0697.69%
19.El Salvador Fernanfloo6,780,161,420SOY UN ZOMBIE!! - Resident Evil 2 Remake | Fernanfloo11:0696.28%
20.Brazil AuthenticGames6,664,049,961AVENTURA COM MEUS NOVOS AMIGOS !! - Desenho de papel #0815:0198.30%
21.France SQUEEZIE6,187,989,529Je vous piège une nouvelle fois et ça a bien marché12:4999.24%
22. Jake Paul6,023,279,673WE GOT MARRIED.16:3459.50%
23.United States HobbyKidsTV5,957,919,786FACE REVEAL of GameTrixster! Treasure Box Mystery Adventure by HobbyKidsTV11:4193.88%
24.United States Rooster Teeth5,649,883,529Tyrannosaurus Flex - RT Podcast1:33:1481.82%
25.United States Guava Juice5,550,882,26510 Things Not To Do Back To School..10:3094.96%
26. TheWillyrex5,350,987,763🗡️ SE ENFRENTA A SU MAYOR ENEMIGO... | ATORMENTA2 #8 | MINECRAFT27:4899.10%
27.United Kingdom BBC5,220,425,855The 11 year old who joined the army to play drums 🥁 | Kate Winslet Who Do You Think You Are? - BBC7:3895.78%
28.United Kingdom KSI4,747,896,504REAL NAME - Randolph & KSI ft Talia Mar2:5481.36%
29.United States Jelly4,731,023,291Reacting To DRAW MY LIFE! (Jelly)15:0898.62%
30.United States BuzzFeed Multiplayer4,637,972,280Scared Buddies Make Impossible Decisions In Detroit Become Human24:4898.52%
31.Spain DaniRep | +6 Vídeos Diarios De GTA 5 Online!4,557,139,495PRIMERA CARRERA CON EL PROGEN EMERUS - GTA V ONLINE11:2297.89%
32.United Kingdom Ali-A4,512,513,423100 players say GOODBYE to Soccer Stadium... RIP!13:0397.64%
33.United States packattack040824,309,005,134Super Mario Party - All Free-for-All Minigames (Master Difficulty)24:2991.30%
34.Turkey Enes Batur4,243,953,252YARIŞ PARAYI KAZAN #2 (Yarış&Kazan) 💰19:5792.60%
35.United States Warner Bros. Pictures4,235,077,568IT CHAPTER TWO - Missed You 30 - Get tickets0:3199.12%
36.United States SuperMarioLogan4,230,221,869Go Watch!0:0793.42%
37. Angry Birds4,144,460,727Angry Birds Dream Blast | Limited time movie event!0:3195.64%
38.United States Ryan's Family Review4,138,728,042Dunk Tank Challenge Game Family Fun Activities with Ryan, Daddy, and Mommy!!!17:0981.30%
39.United States theRadBrad3,989,922,693BORDERLANDS 3 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO41:4398.65%
40.United States Wassabi3,971,120,047It's Happening Again! *Goodbye Old Life*14:4798.44%
41. GameGrumps3,952,748,880Learning About Japan! - Game Grumps Compilations46:1398.51%
43.United Kingdom YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon3,858,484,644Simon Rebuilds The Jaffa Factory From Memory23:3598.91%
44.Chile HolaSoyGerman.3,848,954,935Como Encontrar Trabajo | Hola Soy German5:0897.08%
45.United States EvanTubeHD3,818,826,274MY BIGGEST UNBOXING EVER!!! LEGO Speed Champions McLaren build and LEGO Forza Horizon 44:4097.01%
46.United States Kwebbelkop3,798,563,364Playing INSANE NERF VIDEOS GAMES in REAL LIFE!7:1793.58%
47.United States SSSniperWolf3,786,536,972PEOPLE WHO CELEBRATED TOO EARLY10:5298.47%
48. HikakinGames3,760,932,526【青鬼オンライン】青鬼ウイルスに感染して自分が青鬼にw人間倒しまくるwww【ヒカキンゲームズ】23:0893.41%
49.El Salvador Letupita725HD★3,720,764,473Living in Color (Rainbow Roadtrip) | MLP: Special [HD]2:5196.84%
50.Argentina DrossRotzank3,685,650,393TOP: 7 cosas encontradas en salas de cine14:3297.67%
51.United States Sky Does Everything3,683,093,101SKY AND JEROME ON A QUEST TO BECOME POKEMASTERS!17:0898.86%
52.India Aaj Tak3,670,783,776Team India Safe In The West Indies, Reports Of Threat To Team Fake3:2495.66%
53.Japan プリンセス姫スイートTV Princess Hime Suite TV3,648,905,274★「こちょとおそろい!」ペットジュエリー作ったよ〜★21:19
54.United States Bratayley3,644,805,244I'm Socially Awkward (WK 449) Bratayley30:3498.38%
55.United States REACT3,610,601,565Try Not To Sing Pop Punk Songs11:4497.69%
56.Brazil TazerCraft3,604,345,220PRECISAMOS SOBREVIVER UM DESASTRE NUCLEAR ☢️15:3598.83%
57.Brazil AM3NlC3,594,962,205DEIXEI MEUS AMIGOS DIRIGIR O TESLA MODEL 3 ‹ EduKof ›37:3099.09%
58.Canada SIS vs BRO3,566,376,364Last Person to Drop iPhone wins $1000024:1495.39%
59. Willyrex3,561,856,309PRESENTACIÓN *NUEVOS JUEGOS* 2019/202:10:3997.72%
60.Spain iTownGamePlay *Terror&Diversión*3,560,699,938TOWN UNIVERSE REBORN: MI SUPER MASCOTA DE GRANITO #13 (Minecraft Serie de Mods)42:5798.72%
61.United States SSundee3,497,014,299Can we WIN with an IRON GOLEM? (Minecraft Bed Wars)14:1899.35%
62. 東海オンエア3,466,080,728【撮影失敗】果実無しのジャム作り対決したらキモい展開に...11:2698.17%
63.Thailand zbing z.3,346,474,608นาซ่าทะเลาะกับน้องแรงมาก20:1697.53%
64.United States CaptainSparklez3,333,497,112All You Have To Do Is Press The Button14:1499.22%
65.United States EeOneGuy3,290,894,738IVAN - My Heart2:4691.40%
66.United States FRESH Movie Trailers3,191,262,661FALLING INN LOVE Trailer (Christina Milian, 2019)2:4389.66%
67. JennaMarbles3,173,476,292Playing Episode: Love Life27:1899.37%
68.United States ItsFunneh3,085,851,846How to WIN Minecraft Bedwars!19:3398.37%
69.Spain Mikecrack3,076,362,132MINECRAFT NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER 😂 ¡RETO DE LA BASE SUPER PROTEGIDA! | #EntreDimensiones #101:41:5495.72%
70. Lachlan3,054,730,759Minecraft Skyblock Island w/Lachlan21:2797.52%
71. IISuperwomanII3,013,936,005If Rappers Were News Reporters6:0997.88%
72.United States Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)3,010,474,461Favre Racouchot Solar Comedones aka Blackheads around the Eyes6:0888.17%
73. NFL2,975,650,789Best Rookie Plays So Far in Preseason Week 2 | NFL 2019 Highlights3:5095.75%
74.United States Preston2,964,904,538Husband vs Wife Life Swap Challenge! (Boy vs Girl)19:2096.04%
75.United States Ray2,941,935,053FAT DAMON - My Life is Dope (Official Music Video)3:3741.34%
76. Unbox Therapy2,930,265,127The Huawei Windows MacBook Pro12:5896.05%
77. FROST2,918,275,7803 УСАТЫХ МУШКЕТЕРА \\ ТАБС #1629:3798.65%
78.United States Smosh Games2,915,887,916LEGENDARY BELLY FLOP FINALE | Smosh Summer Games: Apocalypse39:4698.26%
79.Australia LazarBeam2,889,381,374I tamed a PANDA in Minecraft17:2198.24%
80.United Kingdom BCC Trolling2,879,688,525*WORLD RECORD* 1 SECOND WIN!! – BCC Fortnite Funny Moments #65410:0697.40%
81. AmusementForce2,879,409,946River Expedition at Aquapark Reda5:0891.22%
82.United States League of Legends2,872,085,428RECKONING | PROJECT 2019 Skins Trailer - League of Legends2:0497.69%
83.Italy ➜FavijTV™2,871,063,384PER POCO NON ROMPO LA TASTIERA. - Bloody Trapland 2 - Ep.210:3298.39%
84. Deji2,859,482,598i have to talk about this4:3592.60%
85. H2ODelirious2,842,082,615Totally Accurate Battle Simulator | "NEW RENAISSANCE FACTION" 7 New Units27:1899.30%
86.Japan SeikinTV2,797,559,809【公式】ヒカキン & セイキン / 雑草・今 メドレー LIVE【U-FES.TOUR 2019 MUSIC 東京】5:1397.83%
87.United States Denis2,784,563,746Roblox CAMPING PART 28! (Airplane)13:2598.04%
88.Brazil Gameplayrj2,780,476,702Android vai pode ser substituído? E o maior leilão de 5g no mundo8:4799.37%
89. Miniminter2,756,799,971REACTING TO THE INTERNET'S WEIRDEST VIDEOS WITH CHIP13:3698.76%
90.Spain TheGrefg2,741,170,331Os presento a EL MEJOR JUGADOR DE MANDO de Fortnite...19:2198.02%
91.United States ArcadeGo.com2,738,750,419BD Legends - Frieza Challenge Lv350020:3592.86%
92.United States Philip DeFranco2,718,518,049Conor McGregor Sucker Punches Old Man, KSI vs Logan Paul 2, Israel Bars US Congresswomen, & More...12:4597.75%
93.United States Rosanna Pansino2,706,813,998Trying Weird Cereal Flavors w/ LaurDIY!15:3898.95%
94. Gronkh2,701,578,309MIST SURVIVAL 🧟‍♂️ S02E01: Alles NEU in Alpha Null Drei26:2499.17%
95.United States Adult Swim2,698,957,955Hanky Panky | Squidbillies | adult swim1:3198.77%
96.United States MrBeast2,687,851,413Last To Leave Roller Coaster Wins $20,000 - Challenge15:1798.71%
97. iBallisticSquid2,668,199,302Minecraft - PILLAGER RAID CHALLENGE!!15:4498.69%
98. CinemaSins2,648,135,646Everything Wrong With 47 Meters Down In 12 Minutes Or Less12:0698.29%
99.United States iHasCupquake2,629,749,717Finding the CUTEST Animals - Minecraft Oasis Awakening Ep251:4599.29%
100.Canada AzzyLand2,626,726,714This Is How Famous Movie Sounds Are Made6:3996.53%