Top 100 Channels With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest VideoLiked
1.India T-Series61,835,406,024Poster Lagwa Do Full Video | Luka Chuppi | Kartik Aaryan,Kriti Sanon | Mika Singh, Sunanda Sharma3:1294.20%
2.United States PewDiePie20,142,866,588What do Indians think of Tseries vs Pewdiepie?18:3098.04%
3.United Kingdom DanTDM14,234,106,526Fortnite HAMSTER BALL DEATH RUN!16:3698.32%
4. PopularMMOs12,502,558,563Minecraft: LUCKY BLOCK PRISON ESCAPE GAME - VALENTINE PARK - Custom Map [3]29:5198.76%
5.United States Markiplier10,604,689,562Try Not To Laugh Challenge #1910:1299.45%
6. VanossGaming10,551,372,387Stick Fight Funny Moments - Delirious is Laser Proof?!14:2899.18%
7.Ireland jacksepticeye10,658,147,016I'M A CRAZY MONKEY MAN! | Ape Out14:3899.07%
9. CookieSwirlC10,418,597,320Baby Narwhal ! Interactive Fingerling Ocean Pets + Disney Mashems Blind Bags6:2794.54%
10.United States FGTeeV9,775,108,882Hello Neighbor Kitchen Cooking VR Game (FGTEEV Makes Food in Virtual Reality)12:5795.08%
11. LEGO8,399,641,705LEGO Minecraft The End Battle Stop Motion Animation Movies 2019 - LEGO Set Brickfilms Compilation!2:0195.35%
12.Chile JuegaGerman8,601,121,322Se Enamora En ROBLOX Y TODO SALE MAL !!13:0398.72%
13.United States Smosh8,250,613,8362019: EXPECTATIONS VS REALITY5:0998.00%
14. elrubiusOMG7,264,802,923LAS 1000 VOCES DE MANGEL7:4698.40%
15.United States FBE7,421,164,101Doja Cat Reacts To Adults React To Doja Cat (I'm a Cow, Tia Tamera)10:4298.40%
16.Brazil rezendeevil7,557,831,832FOMOS EXPULSOS DA CASA!! - DIÁRIO DE ADOLESCENTE #7 [ REZENDE EVIL ]12:3198.78%
17.United States FUNnel Vision6,008,404,740FUNnel Boy Plushy Toy 4 Christmas! (FUNnel Vision Collectible)2:1594.69%
18. IGN8,687,422,927A Day in the Life of a Twitch Streamer (Yassuo)2:1388.94%
19. stampylonghead6,910,185,389Merry Christmas3:1596.72%
20.United States Dude Perfect7,058,945,961Airplane Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect6:5297.22%
21.El Salvador Fernanfloo6,707,917,621SOY UN ZOMBIE!! - Resident Evil 2 Remake | Fernanfloo11:0696.63%
22.Brazil AuthenticGames6,507,650,684NOVOS EQUIPAMENTOS PARA MINERAR NO MINECRAFT !!14:3998.71%
23.United States HobbyKidsTV5,795,291,994PAUSE CHALLENGE! SLIME Edition HAHAHA by HobbyKidsTV15:0196.63%
24.Brazil Felipe Neto5,863,081,246ANIMAIS MAIS INTELIGENTES DO MUNDO20:1999.18%
25.France SQUEEZIE5,752,224,525Mon chien est le plus intelligent (objectivement)12:4898.34%
26.United States Annoying Orange5,654,043,989Annoying Orange - The Speed Drawing Challenge!5:0995.44%
27.United States Rooster Teeth5,738,593,035Millennial's Worst Nightmare! | RT Shorts3:5298.68%
28.United States JesseAndMike4,513,555,835Paint In Eye Surprise!2:5880.20%
29. SevenSuperGirls5,545,763,063Legend Has it!3:1382.12%
30.United States Saturday Night Live5,591,142,212Creating Saturday Night Live: Season 44 Cast Photo - SNL0:5496.64%
31. Jake Paul4,860,235,852I had to get a $300,000 Dollar Life Changing Surgery...12:1185.09%
32. TheWillyrex5,297,847,829SE UNE Y SE RINDE!14:0699.37%
33. Team Coco5,228,082,637Rachel Feinstein Is A Fire Wife - CONAN on TBS5:4979.46%
34.United States Guava Juice5,189,660,319This Shirt Cannot Be DESTORYED!10:1798.01%
35.United Kingdom BBC5,270,066,312Marti Pellow in a kilt! | 'Love Is All Around' - Comic Relief 20194:2096.36%
36.United States Good Mythical Morning5,190,436,8786 Survival Tips You Don’t Know11:3595.81%
37. KSI4,679,498,698Trying To Be A Taxi Driver11:2396.66%
38.United States BuzzFeed Multiplayer4,500,507,579Single Girl Mourns The Loss Of Her Favorite Son In The Sims 4 | Part 1135:1699.05%
39.United States Marshmello4,472,734,891A Pot Full o' GOLD!! | Cooking With Marshmello (St. Patrick's Day Special - Chocolate Coins)1:4398.19%
40.United States Logan Paul Vlogs4,199,241,434THE MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT OF MY LIFE - CHOCH TALES EP. 55:4697.82%
41.United Kingdom Ali-A4,406,962,418Fortnite’s NEW vehicle is CRAZY!10:3494.79%
42.Spain DaniRep | +6 Vídeos Diarios De GTA 5 Online!4,075,837,183MEGA RAMPA IMPOSIBLE! - CARRERA GTA V ONLINE - GTA 5 ONLINE11:4698.61%
43.United States packattack040824,274,653,983Mario Party 9 Boss Rush (All Boss Battles)30:5488.21%
44. Mr Bean4,231,858,501Be Better Bean | Funny Episodes | Mr Bean Official42:3995.14%
45.United States Wassabi3,983,883,324You're So Immature! *BOYS VS GIRLS*7:3999.10%
47.United States SuperMarioLogan3,914,846,762SML Movie: Cody's Favorite Game6:3890.58%
48.United Kingdom YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon3,934,600,371BUILDING A SPACE ELEVATOR | Satisfactory #319:4699.26%
49.United States theRadBrad3,906,146,475DEVIL MAY CRY 5 ENDING / FINAL BOSS - Walkthrough Gameplay Part 20 (DMC5)27:3298.50%
50. Angry Birds3,876,723,017Behind the Adaptive Audio in Angry Birds Dream Blast8:2795.42%
51.Turkey Enes Batur4,197,733,342DAİREDEN SON ÇIKAN KAZANIR ?!23:2992.91%
52. GameGrumps4,595,837,853Super Mario Bros U Deluxe (BONUS WORLDS): A Starry Night - PART 6 - Game Grumps11:1098.58%
53.United States Jelly4,065,446,499DANCE But DON'T Fall In The LAVA! (Fortnite Simon Says)14:2096.96%
54.United States EvanTubeHD3,750,243,212AWESOME FORTNITE TOYS!!! Cup Head, Hello Neighbor, Stranger Things, My Hero Academia-McFarlane Toys!4:1296.58%
55.United States Sky Does Everything3,776,787,730Sky Does Minecraft Episode 1 : New World 28:3899.30%
56. HikakinGames3,685,067,873エヴァガチャ56連したらいきなりまさかの!?!? カモン!シンジくん!【逆転オセロニア 】24:2190.02%
57.United States Bratayley3,446,818,980So Frustrated with Instagram (WK 428) Bratayley30:2498.84%
58.United States Cartoon Network3,938,091,426Powerpuff Girls | Bad Kitty | Cartoon Network3:1090.41%
59.Spain iTownGamePlay *Terror&Diversión*3,513,367,555¡GRANNY ME ATROPELLA CON SU COCHE! ⭐️ Granny (Horror Game)26:4499.18%
60.United States Ryan's Family Review3,823,428,480Painting Ryan Challenge Superhero Red Titan Daddy vs Mommy17:2485.35%
61.Brazil TazerCraft3,687,094,904ANIMATRONICS INVADIRAM NOSSA CASA! 💀 *FNAF na vida REAL!*14:5498.62%
62.Argentina DrossRotzank3,371,765,092Las 7 cosas más terroríficas que han sucedido en...15:1897.97%
63.Brazil AM3NlC3,405,017,089MAQUINA DE FAZER PULSEIRA ‹ AMENIC UNBOXING ›11:5598.30%
64.United States Comedy Central3,514,473,117A Toast to Women Throughout History - Drunk History14:3598.17%
65.United States Kwebbelkop3,691,054,186WHO HAS THE BEST TANK CHALLENGE! - Fortnite vs Jelly & Slogoman11:5596.48%
66.United States EeOneGuy3,253,736,268IVAN - My Heart2:4691.45%
67.United States CaptainSparklez3,306,839,310Minecraft: This Map Absolutely Destroys Me50:3098.08%
68. Willyrex3,365,970,205JUGANDO con BOLONCHO *NUEVO* VEHICULO1:50:4397.94%
69. REACT3,235,829,628Do Teens Know Their Parent's Favorite 2000s Songs? | React: Do They Know it?11:0997.95%
70.United States FRESH Movie Trailers2,920,071,348NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 (This Week's Best Trailers #22)11:1194.34%
71.Japan プリンセス姫スイートTV Princess Hime Suite TV3,186,540,213★おうくんの1日店長の1日!「いらっしゃいませ~」★35:26
72.United States The Key of Awesome3,175,811,831THE LAST KEY OF AWESOME8:3096.55%
73.India Aaj Tak3,525,209,139Aapke Taare | Daily Horoscope | March 11, 201915:5596.73%
74.United States SSSniperWolf3,134,495,524YOU CANT TRUST THESE PEOPLE10:5598.96%
75.Thailand zbing z.3,068,088,646กาชาปองไข่ฟักได้ ได้ตัวบ้าไรเนี้ย!!14:4398.59%
76.Canada SIS vs BRO3,119,181,073Throwing Darts at the Map Blindfolded! SUPER HARD!!!13:4296.88%
77.United States Fat Damon3,022,900,973Is R. Kelly Going to Prison?23:3970.07%
78. 東海オンエア3,268,431,966「ネコのうんこコーヒー」てつやネコのでも美味しいんじゃね!?11:5695.01%
79.United States SSundee4,212,764,736HARDEST Challenge COURSE in FORTNITE! *NEW* Game Mode20:0398.31%
80. FROST2,998,133,419ВТОРАЯ МЕЧТА МАСКА СБЫЛАСЬ \\ Приключения Илона Маска в Minecraft #1531:1499.71%
81.United States Smosh Games2,893,419,343FINALE - GRAND THEFT SMOSH15:1097.37%
82. Deji3,506,666,444If Male Youtubers Were Females10:0296.37%
83. NFL2,674,001,663Birmingham Iron vs. San Diego Fleet | AAF Week 6 Game Highlights8:5597.35%
84.United States ArcadeGo.com2,723,601,050Brawl Stars - Gameplay Walkthrough - Epic Caveman Frank - Funny Moments ,Fails ,Glitches10:5684.62%
85.Italy ➜FavijTV™2,772,406,051RIESCI A TROVARE LA SPIA?!10:0299.52%
86.Japan SeikinTV2,686,865,785魔法の瓶にSeikinTVの歴史を詰め込んでみた。12:3696.99%
87. Miniminter2,683,400,134LOCKED IN A ROOM WITH MY GIRLFRIEND11:3998.43%
88.United States Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)2,664,858,447A Down Under Pilar Cyst6:1397.46%
89. AmusementForce2,568,020,303River at Blue One Water Park4:2294.46%
90.United States League of Legends2,707,930,205Kayle & Morgana, the Righteous & the Fallen | Login Screen - League of Legends4:2298.39%
91. iBallisticSquid2,669,820,182I Hosted A $1000 Minecraft Tournament & This Is What Happened...18:1498.69%
92. H2ODelirious2,676,491,356New Cat Pet carried us to VICTORY! - Fortnite Battle Royale15:0699.01%
93.United States Preston2,780,573,296What's In The Box Challenge with My Wife! (Live Animals, Snake, Lizard, Giant Toad)17:2898.51%
94.Brazil Gameplayrj2,655,614,247Celulares dominam o Brasil dos GAMES e a revolução nos games da Google7:02100.00%
95. Gronkh2,870,051,577DAWN OF MAN 🏹 001: Steinzeit in Stuckenborstel20:1098.84%
96. Unbox Therapy2,604,234,415Samsung Galaxy Fold - NEW Hands On Footage5:2194.32%
97.United States Rosanna Pansino2,612,974,218TESTING FUN KITCHEN GADGETS w/ iJustine!17:4897.77%
98.United States Philip DeFranco2,553,324,872GUILTY! GoFundMe Scammers Face 10-20 Years, Massive Trudeau Corruption Scandal, New Hope to Cure HIV16:2997.94%
99.United States iHasCupquake2,649,725,761A Message To All Women... Ft. Oprah, SSSniperwolf, Cardi B & More3:0197.81%
100. Werevertumorro2,563,641,656GÁNATE UN PLAYSTATION 41:1392.60%