Top 100 Channels With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest Video
1.United States PewDiePie26,141,494,910Pewdiepie without context19:58
2.United States FGTeeV17,843,900,197TRAPPING HELLO NEIGHBOR 2! Greedy Little Brats Want all my Candy! (FGTeeV: The End of Alpha 1.5)17:37
3.United Kingdom DanTDM17,130,776,730Crafting EVERY Caves & Cliffs Item in Minecraft Hardcore!33:17
4.United States Markiplier14,133,237,960Hospital Update1:59
5. PopularMMOs13,748,020,601Not again...4:31
7. VanossGaming13,170,646,471Scribble It Funny Moments - Using Teamwork to Draw Worse!14:50
8.Ireland jacksepticeye13,070,513,200I Got Cancelled On Twitter23:54
9.Chile JuegaGerman11,357,356,479NADA ES LO QUE PARECE, NADA ES REAL | Superliminal1:29:16
10.United States Jelly10,552,389,339I FOUND A HACKER PICKAXE In MINECRAFT! (Instant Diamonds)11:20
11.United States IGN9,362,036,363BioWare Departures + Warner Bros. 2021 Slate on HBO Max - IGN News Live50:11
12.United States SSSniperWolf9,028,349,462Rare Features Only 5% Of People Have10:48
13. elrubiusOMG9,014,733,512ASÍ SE HIZO EL ANUNCIO DE PS5 | Epic Vlog9:07
14.El Salvador Fernanfloo8,498,471,993ME QUEDE CALVO !! - Ninjala | Fernanfloo18:24
15.Brazil AuthenticGames8,367,746,728AUTHENTIC E ENALDINHO NO JOGO DOS 7 ERROS!19:46
16.United States FBE8,193,910,949Teens React To Try Not To Make A Sound Challenge9:07
17.United States MrBeast7,980,943,505Steal This $100,000 Diamond, You Keep It14:03
18.United States Guava Juice7,684,301,322Living Upside Down for 24 Hours6:45
19.United States Kaji Family7,635,980,319HIDE AND SEEK with Giant Chickens with Ryan's Family Thanksgiving 202013:43
20.Spain Mikecrack7,452,737,339PARKOUR de CORTACÉSPED 😂 CARRERAS de GTA V ONLINE 🔴EN DIRECTO55:58
21. BRIGHT SIDE7,439,244,124Show These Optical Illusions to a Friend, You'll Know All About Them9:01
22.Japan Kan & Aki's CHANNELかんあきチャンネル7,435,828,522かんあきとみよう!レゴフレンズアニメシーズン4  第8話「マジ無理!ジャングルなんて大キライ!」14:17
23. stampylonghead7,322,700,846Minecraft - Race [676]24:49
24.United States HobbyFamilyTV7,073,567,544TIE-DYE T-Shirts! Upcycle Fun by HobbyFamilyTV4:59
25.Turkey Enes Batur7,014,604,721SICAK VS SOĞUK HAVUZDAN SON ÇIKAN KAZANIR ?! 🔥❄️16:55
26.United States ItsFunneh6,806,864,392We're LOST on a Minecraft Raft!27:13
27.United States FUNnel Vision6,756,827,189FUNNEL VISION TOYS in stores EARLY @ WALMART this WEEK!! (4 Stores Only)2:08
28.United States SuperMarioLogan6,639,870,175Go Watch!0:07
29.Australia LazarBeam6,579,606,781SEASON 5 MEMES (best season ever)11:01
30.Spain TheWillyrex6,337,873,643ENFADOS Y ROBADAS en GOLF IT18:50
31.Brazil Porta dos Fundos6,188,933,168APELIDOS3:05
32.Ukraine Smile Toys Review6,146,403,622Sasha and Yarik Play at School and Eating a Lot of Not Healthy Food | Funny Food Video for Kids5:35
33.Canada SIS vs BRO6,112,509,381Transforming Ronald into James Charles!24:45
34.United States Just4fun2906,014,248,328Spider-Man Maximum Venom With Venom Gear Gets Ooze | Toy Slime Video4:35
35.Italy Me contro Te IT6,008,341,194FACCIAMO L'ALBERO DI NATALE!12:01
36.United States SSundee5,971,694,720NO KILL COOLDOWN & INFINITE RANGE IMPOSTORS (Among Us)17:07
37.United States Family Box5,913,682,309ЦЕЛЫЙ ДЕНЬ на ПАУЗЕ 24 Часа ПАУЗА ЧЕЛЛЕНДЖ!8:02
38.United States Lifetime5,789,833,441Official Trailer | Wendy Williams: The Movie | Lifetime1:13
39.Canada AzzyLand5,685,176,169Hilarious Knock Off Brand Products !6:34
40.India Flowers Comedy5,666,202,445അഭിനയിക്കാൻ ആഗ്രഹിച്ച രണ്ടു സിനിമകളുടെ വിശേഷങ്ങൾ പങ്കുവെച്ച് മുകേഷ്....3:29
41.United States Rooster Teeth5,643,983,503Did We Tweet That? | RT Life17:53
42.Thailand zbing z.5,601,993,555เผชิญหน้ากับอีกายักษ์ #8 | Grounded17:13
43.Spain DaniRep | +6 Vídeos Diarios De GTA 5 Online!5,530,824,849POR LOS TEJADOS!! 99% IMPOSIBLE! - GTA V ONLINE9:01
44.Brazil Brancoala5,497,831,610ROTINA na vida de um YOUTUBER e PAI nos ESTADOS UNIDOS #3 - Família Brancoala19:35
45.United States FV FAMILY5,467,041,508SHOCK POTATO & a GLIZZY Toaster?? Amazon Weird Products Part 3 (FV Family)13:58
46.United States Kwebbelkop5,433,286,403You Laugh = Delete Minecraft!10:04
47. Like Nastya PRT5,399,891,847Nastya usa uma fantasia de Halloween e procura guloseimas de Halloween4:41
48.United Kingdom KSI5,369,608,133KSI - Really Love (feat. Craig David, Tinie Tempah & Yxng Bane) [Digital Farm Animals Remix]3:14
49.United States BuzzFeed Multiplayer5,352,381,710Kelsey's College Friend Controls Her Life In The Sims 411:22
50. HikakinGames5,341,631,842【フォートナイト】シーズン5初見プレイでボス倒して新ミシック使うぞ!【ヒカキンゲームズ】34:26
51.France Swan The Voice - Néo & Swan5,310,350,317SWAN OUVRE SON PROPRE FAST FOOD À LA MAISON #2 !!!14:30
52.United Kingdom Ali-A5,213,886,483NEW *ALL* MYTHIC WEAPONS in Fortnite Season 5! (SECRET BOSSES)14:14
53. Funny Family Games tv5,199,959,495Как Попасть к Доктору ЗОМБИ?8:01
54. Angry Birds5,184,685,322Angry Birds Youtooz Collectibles | Unboxing #11:12
55.United States packattack040825,152,858,982Cuphead - All Bosses (Aeroplane Stages)15:01
56.United States Aphmau5,108,134,140Masked INVADER Broke Into Our Minecraft House!18:36
57.United States theRadBrad4,981,361,615IMMORTALS FENYX RISING PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 2 - ZEUS (PlayStation 5)51:51
58.United States Flamingo4,970,304,049ROBLOX WORM12:43
59.Argentina DrossRotzank4,920,835,546Dross presenta: 3 casos paranormales y siniestros19:17
60.Brazil Robin Hood Gamer4,918,634,308SOBREVIVA NA CORRIDA DO PALHAÇO PERIGOSO NO GTA 5!!19:46
61.United Kingdom Slogo4,905,949,645FRAMED My FRIEND With PERFECT TIMING! (Among Us)16:23
62.India The Lallantop4,844,919,884Rajinikanth ने Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections से पहले बड़ा ऐलान कर दिया है8:29
63.Russian Federation Поззи4,776,472,858ПОПРОБУЙ НЕ ЗАСМЕЯТЬСЯ! МАЙНКРАФТ ЧЕЛЛЕНДЖ12:22
64.Japan HIMAWARIちゃんねる4,702,341,480フィッシャーズからのクリスマスプレゼント♡宝箱の中身は?himawari-CH33:59
65.United States GameGrumps4,687,691,929Get in loser, we're hitting PEDESTRIANS - Driving school simulator33:09
66.United States League of Legends4,681,252,542K/DA - I’LL SHOW YOU ft. TWICE, Bekuh BOOM, Annika Wells (Official Concept Video - Starring Ahri)3:32
67.Spain TheGrefg4,670,664,111JUGANDO CON KRATOS EN FORTNITE - TheGrefg11:12
68.United States Ninja Kidz TV4,638,348,717Power Rangers Ninja Z! Team up! Episode 714:38
69.United States Preston4,630,104,888I Built the World's Largest NERF Bunker!15:35
70. W2S4,547,238,735MY BRO GETS A 193 FUT DRAFT WORLD RECORD - FIFA 2014:24
71.Brazil Julia MineGirl4,540,106,275Roblox - O INVERNO CHEGOU NO ROYALE HIGH!10:57
72.Japan プリンセス姫スイートTV Princess Hime Suite TV4,486,769,789★どこがかわったかわかるかな!?記憶力対決!~クリスマスの飾りが3つ変わるよ!~★39:09
73.Australia Lachlan4,486,723,353This *SECRET* Weapon Gives Wall Hacks!12:46
74.Saudi Arabia شبكة العاب العرب | Arab Games Network4,458,526,644اكثر قاتل كذاب في العالم Among us !! 🤫🔥12:22
75. Wassabi4,458,152,193HER ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY PRESENT!8:15
76.Brazil AM3NlC4,389,788,539DESAFIO TIKTOK MESA DE PREMIOS GOSTOSOS ‹ EduKof ›18:48
77.United States Flashback FM4,365,865,588Noir Teaser | Zack Snyder's Justice League2:35
78.Spain MikelTube4,294,293,912El Grinch quiere nuestros juguetes de Navidad Scalextric8:17
79.Brazil TazerCraft4,272,228,298SOMBRA do MAL nos segue no Minecraft! 😱15:02
80.United States REACT4,243,095,902Kids Try Ethiopian Food For The First Time | People Vs. Food8:18
81.Brazil Gato Galactico4,182,540,211AMONG US INVADIRAM A MANSÃO MIAU! Quem é o Impostor? (Animação)16:40
82.United States Chad Wild Clay4,180,429,840It's over... My 2 Million Subscriber YouTube Channel got Deleted...18:10
83.Viet Nam BIBI TV4,129,413,273Trò Chơi Ném Vòng Nhận Phần Thưởng ❤ BIBI TV ❤7:33
84.Spain Willyrex4,126,550,613TORNEO MINECRAFT + RAFT con Fargan2:53:33
85.United Kingdom YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon4,110,647,107Hide and Seek in Among Us turns us into MONSTERS!21:09
86.United States National Geographic4,046,656,945The Perils of Downhill Cycling | Science of Stupid: Ridiculous Fails3:25
87.Spain iTownGamePlay *Terror&Diversión*3,995,341,038LA BASE DE MARGUERIT - Subnautica: Below Zero #131:04:23
89.Japan ボンボンTV3,941,326,498「か」からはじまる7文字は?ひらがなゲームで大盛り上がり!10:35
90.United States ExtremeToys TV3,936,661,515Ninja Kidz and Sneak Attack Squad Remastered! Ethan And Cole Play with Ninja Kidz Toys!12:39
92.Australia KjraGaming3,918,368,098WOODY and BUZZ LIGHTYEAR vs BAYMAX - Toy Story & Big Hero 68:32
93.United States FaZe Rug3,916,901,486I Challenged YouTubers to a STRENGTH Competition!16:57
94.United States Bratayley3,874,688,235The End of an Era (WK 465) | Bratayley7:09
95. Kuplinov ► Play3,861,256,523ФИНАЛЬНЫЙ ФИНАЛ ► Cube Escape: The Cave #253:18
96. MSNBC3,839,991,477The Most Dishonest Speech Of Trump's Presidency? | Morning Joe | MSNBC2:13
97.United States UnspeakableGaming3,822,155,333Overnight Survival Challenge With SIREN HEAD Minecraft!8:28
98.India Aayu and Pihu Show3,816,382,838PAPA KA BIRTHDAY | A Short Movie | Happy Birthday Special | Aayu and Pihu Show11:41
99.Brazil Dudu Moura3,797,865,572GINCANA DO DUDU E CAROL 2 💦🔥10:28
100.United States Sky Does Everything3,777,507,473Minecraft: PIXELMON w/ HuskyMudkipz! | Episode #18:03