Top 100 Channels With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest Video
1.United States PewDiePie28,316,674,723This show is PEAK Entertainment!16:11
2.United States FGTeeV22,139,887,878Escape the HUGGY-Woki! (Poppy Playtimes' Mr. Wuggy plays with FGTeeV Duddz & Shawn11:47
3.United States SSSniperWolf18,701,114,831Cute Animals on Tik Tok That Will Make You Laugh11:56
4.United Kingdom DanTDM18,693,749,861What's Inside This Box? #shorts0:20
6.United States Markiplier17,783,982,078Aftonbuilt41:37
7.United States MrBeast15,753,965,012$10,000 Every Day You Survive Prison13:59
8. VEGETTA77714,771,287,197ARKADIA 2: Estoy Embarazado!0:00
9.Ireland jacksepticeye14,738,280,616MY FIRST TIME | Devour w/ Markiplier, Bob & Wade14:14
10. VanossGaming14,612,257,912Half Dead 3 Funny Moments - More Boots More Danger!13:33
11. PopularMMOs14,446,866,184$2,000 If You JUMP On The Baseball Field11:13
12.United Kingdom Jelly13,400,522,069We Became the WORST POLICE OFFICERS In The World... (Police Simulator)10:16
13.Spain Mikecrack13,060,977,653MIKE y AKELA JUEGAN en la PLAYA 🌴😂 Las Perrerías de Mike Ep. 13 (Temporada 2)9:41
14.Chile JuegaGerman12,784,736,154¿SI O NO?0:29
15.United States IGN12,274,216,273Roller Champions: First Impressions4:32
16.United States Aphmau12,140,319,00624 HOUR OVERNIGHT at a WATER PARK In Minecraft!19:22
17.Thailand Beam Copphone11,049,559,266ลูกนกกางเขนตกจากรังมา 1 ตัว2:38
18.United States Kaji Family10,506,080,438We got a Slide for going down the Stairs!!!4:17
19.United States ItsFunneh10,403,750,053KREW PLAYS HEAVE HO!11:15
20.United States SSundee9,771,324,278Poppy Playtime: Chapter 1 in Fortnite14:25
21.El Salvador Fernanfloo9,695,991,298ESTA VOLVIENDO A PASAR!! - Poppy Playtime | Fernanfloo16:33
22.United States Troom Troom9,535,979,389Unicorn in College! If My Teacher Was a Unicorn!10:05
23.United States Jake Fellman9,137,636,542Cartoon Cat 10% SWITCH LOOP #Shorts0:14
24.Japan Kan & Aki's CHANNELかんあきチャンネル8,925,782,886★Vlog★毎年恒例♪たけのこほりと水あそび!16:21
25.Brazil Robin Hood Gamer8,878,334,485DIRIGIR PARA CONSEGUIR A EVOLUÇÃO DOS CARROS!! (Drive to Evolve)24:36
26.Brazil AuthenticGames8,829,027,186APOCALIPSE ZUMBI- part 3 #shorts0:14
27. はじめしゃちょー(hajime)8,715,327,241【自称】天才料理家がスパム®の最高に美味しい食べ方を伝授します。 #shorts #PR0:59
28.Turkey Enes Batur8,682,075,951KIZ ARKADAŞIMA YAŞLI AMCA İLE UYANMA ŞAKASI 😱💤8:27
29.United States Guava Juice8,590,897,072DO NOT CALL YOURSELF AT 3AM (Voices Caught On Camera!)52:59
30. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert8,425,760,252Meanwhile... Endangered Penis Plant Is NSFW | Kid Goes Viral For Tee-Ball Dance8:28
31.United States Flamingo8,351,044,836Every Roblox Horror Game Ever...9:12
32.Italy Me contro Te8,330,182,188SOFÌ E LUÌ SONO TORNATI NEL PASSATO!!9:33
33.Australia LazarBeam8,267,299,030I Played OLD Fortnite8:02
34.Thailand zbing z.7,938,219,794รถแมวสุดหรูของนาซ่า25:50
35. stampylonghead7,914,112,587Minecraft - Ten Years Later... [749]21:13
36.United States HobbyFamilyTV7,869,155,654LEGO Star Wars Luke and Obi wan Meet HobbyFamilyTV26:30
37. elrubiusOMG7,467,425,663EL RETO DE TOM HOLLAND14:16
38.India Aayu and Pihu Show7,465,273,313ROTE ROTE HASNA SEEKHO | #Comedy Reasons to laugh | Moral Story | Aayu and Pihu Show11:51
39.United States Dhar Mann7,270,438,831Performers FIGHT OVER Street Corner, What Happens Is Shocking | Dhar Mann22:25
40.Saudi Arabia شبكة العاب العرب | Arab Games Network7,164,868,101قصة الدكتور الشرير خاطف الاطفال - روبلوكس - Escape Dr Grim's Lab13:40
41.Brazil Porta dos Fundos7,111,724,257NA UPA É ASSIM - #Shorts0:52
42.United Kingdom Slogo7,036,509,446GIANT DINOSAUR VS SPEEDRUNNERS in Minecraft!15:08
43.Spain TheWillyrex6,939,848,036POR QUÉ TUS NFTS, y los mios, SE FUERON A 0$12:03
44. Troom Troom Es6,924,815,631¡Los Mejores Trucos para Padres! ¡Guida de Supervivencia para Padres!13:52
45.United States Flashback FM6,889,650,286The Chase: Agents vs Morpheus | The Matrix Reloaded [Open Matte]4:25
46. Karim Juega6,883,060,774ENFRENTAMOS LA PALMERA LOCA | Kirby y la Tierra Olvidada Capitulo 11 en Español | Juegos Karim Juega11:11
47.United States Lucas and Marcus6,838,695,450😂 #shorts0:38
48.Japan HIMAWARIちゃんねる6,816,728,490簡単♡楽しい☆知育菓子でつぶつぶアイス作ろう♪himawari-CH20:44
49.United States Unspeakable6,748,368,582I Survived Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 In Real Life10:23
50.India Dushyant kukreja6,722,418,580Kids 👦 vs Normal 🧒 vs Legends🤴~ Who play best Swing ? 😂 #dushyantkukreja #shorts0:34
51.United States Lifetime6,698,829,435Menendez: Blood Brothers | Based on a True Story | Starring Courtney Love | Full Movie | Lifetime1:27:37
52.Japan HikakinGames6,658,816,402【ヒカクラ2】Part111 - ヒカキン、のぞく…今までに作ったことないレアアイテム作りまくってみた!【マインクラフト】34:30
53. Angry Birds6,625,016,481Angry Birds MakerSpace Season 1 | Top Viewed Episodes! 🤩22:22
54.France Swan & Néo6,591,978,927Lucky String Challenge 🤑 Tir ficelles comme à la fête foraine !13:31
55.Turkey atv6,560,790,678Canlı yayında ailesi ile yüzleşti - @Müge Anlı ile Tatlı Sert 26 Mayıs 202212:53
56.India Techno Gamerz6,491,064,005I HAVE TO OPEN 12 LOCKS?20:05
57.Russian Federation Funny Family Games tv6,366,038,787TOP 5 - ЛУЧШИХ ИГР С ТЮРМОЙ в ROBLOX!56:01
58.Brazil Julia MineGirl6,318,554,403VIREI UMA BEBÊ COM BRAÇO ELÁSTICO (Grab The Bottle)10:55
59.United States Preston6,312,797,25250 YouTuber HIDE & SEEK *Sneak Peek*0:43
60.Spain DaniRep | +6 Vídeos Diarios De GTA 5 Online!6,287,966,564TIRO A DJMARIO Y SE ENFADA MUCHO!! #shorts #danirep0:12
61.United States Kwebbelkop6,240,666,445Breaking EVERY bone as Sonic in GTA 5! (9.999 BONES)7:08
62.United States League of Legends6,231,455,949Championship Top-3 Recap | Gizmos & Gadgets Championship - Teamfight Tactics5:47
63.Brazil DUDU e CAROL6,223,871,131DUDU e CAROL e CHOCOLATE POR 24H9:06
64.United States Collins Key6,199,445,820Pancake Art Challenge vs Hamster Pranks! How To Make Spider-Man Minecraft Maze Roblox & Squid Game20:01
65.Korea, Republic of M26,197,412,531[릴레이댄스] BLANK2Y(블랭키) - Thumbs Up (4K)3:44
66. invictor6,195,820,995Pasamos de GIMNASIO NOOB a PRO en ROBLOX 😂💪 INVICTOR y los COMPAS MAMADISIMOS TYCOON19:58
67.Brazil Enaldinho6,131,626,787SEM SAL, COM SAL E COM MUITO SAL!10:21
68.United States packattack040826,057,288,732LEGO Jurassic World - All Dinosaur & Character Idle Animations8:12
69.Mexico GENIAL5,914,554,090Un mensaje en una botella aparentemente arrojado del Titanic tiene a los expertos desconcertados8:54
70.Russian Federation Поззи5,901,791,373ЗАСМЕЯЛСЯ - ЗАДОНАТИЛ (930 СЕКУНД СМЕХА)15:28
71.United States Wolfoo Family5,882,943,724Baby Wolfoo Learned To Swim From The Womb - Kids Stories About Baby | Wolfoo Family Kids Cartoon11:44
73.Canada AzzyLand5,795,595,579People Entering Their Villian Era13:55
74.United States Rooster Teeth5,771,749,866Game night with friends post-20200:12
75.United Kingdom KSI5,758,496,812THE KSI SHOW1:09:40
76.Brazil Rafa & Luiz5,718,560,537ELA PASSOU MUITO MAL NA MANSÃO E ISSO ACONTECEU!12:07
77.India Total Gaming5,661,849,055Free Fire 25th May All New Update, Game is Not Opening How to Update | Garena Free Fire 20226:12
78.United States BuzzFeed Multiplayer5,640,147,827Blaidd Reacts To Elden Ring Tweets3:51
79.United States FaZe Rug5,603,414,156TRY TO ESCAPE THE WATER CHAMBER CHALLENGE14:27
80.United States theRadBrad5,590,384,364SNIPER ELITE 5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 6 - ARMORED TANKS (FULL GAME)34:02
81.United Kingdom Ali-A5,581,339,306*NEW* Season 3 BATTLE PASS!9:32
82. Troom Troom India5,575,940,055अनलकी vs लकी vs बहुत ज़्यादा लकी स्टूडेंट कॉलेज में10:08
83.United States CoryxKenshin5,558,137,998who sent me this video bro... [SSS #058]44:02
84.United States A for Adley - Learning & Fun5,539,799,327BEDTiME STORiES with ADLEY ✨ Dad reads Finding Niko, Pirate Pool, Fairy Glitter Fun! Family Cartoons25:11
85.Italy WhenGamersFail ► Lyon5,516,373,190SALTO LA MAPPA DI GTA5 CON LA MACCHINA DI BATMAN!!21:08
86.Argentina Lyna5,453,698,787HACKEO el MUNDO SURVIVAL de mi AMIGA en MINECRAFT!! 😱🔥12:57
87.United States ★ Kids Roma Show5,435,596,822Roma and Diana show how to behave at the Airport and Other latest episodes of Diana and Roma21:09
88.Spain MikelTube5,422,957,133Mikel y Leo VS BROLY Dragon Star de Bandai9:12
89.United States Nat and Essie5,395,100,381Learn Fun Animal Facts with Gabby's Dollhouse Nesting Dolls9:11
90.Japan プリンセス姫スイートTV Princess Hime Suite TV5,378,470,438★建築なし!?ゼロビルドでどこまでいけるのか!?~「フォートナイト ゼロビルド」ゲーム実況~★Fortnite23:51
91. Kuplinov ► Play5,367,109,479СТРИМ ► Elden Ring #291:35:53
92.Mexico SUPER SLICK SLIME SAM5,360,705,205El castillo ambulante de Howl hecho de reciclaje11:23
93.United States Tasty5,343,159,678Can I Make A Korean Dessert Recipe That’s Been Translated 50 Times?15:03
95.Brazil Gato Galactico | GALÁXIA5,258,004,946SONIC + MOMMY + CUEIO ☆ UM PEDAÇO DE CADA ☆ BATALHA DO DESENHO ENGRAÇADO !!! ☆ Gato Galactico14:00
96. penguinz05,239,675,293This Shouldn't Exist14:29
97.United States GameGrumps5,219,359,512Arin will never go to college. - Game of Life 232:25
98.United States Vy Qwaint5,211,096,210HACKERS ARE BACK!20:39
99.Russian Federation Компот5,167,936,849ТИПЫ ЖИТЕЛЕЙ В ДЕРЕВНЕ В МАЙНКРАФТ | Компот Minecraft12:26
100.United States InquisitorMaster5,132,032,302she kissed my best friend... (Roblox Roleplay)10:44