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About Bwarch

Heya hiya! My name is Bwarch, I make videogame-related videos (usually). I'm also a composer and make musical shenanigans here and there.

Feel free to request games for me to check out, and if you're a developer, shoot me a code! My forte is: Platformers, puzzle games, metroidvanias, souls and souls-likes, SRPGs, walking simulators, hero shooters, battle royales, platform fighting games, collect-a-thons.

Genres it would take a special game to get me to check out: Roguelikes, RPGs, FPS, fighting games, survival games, racing games, sports games. Randomized level design is in general not for me.

Wishin' you a wonderful life!

=General things of interest=
Current mic: Blue Yeti
Recording software of choice: OBS Studio
Editing software of choice: Sony Vegas
PC Specs: i7 4790k, R9 380, 16GBs of DDR3.
Favorite platform: Steam/PC
All-time favorite console: Nintendo Gamecube
Favorite musician: Jónsi
All-time favorite game: Journey
I've got carpal tunnel in my right hand wrist! It's not fun.

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Bwarch Reacts - Nintendo Direct 2/13/2019
Featurin' Helucard on the co-star front! Thumbnail persona art by: We react to the Nintendo Direct that happened...
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The Very Best of The Bwarch Show
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My Yoshi is Gettin' Good [Smash Bros Ultimate w/ friends]
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There Was An Attempt To Cheese - Smash Bros Ultimate
It's extremely deplorable that people are able to set up these cheesy ass rulesets. Thanks Nintendo, you're a bunch of morons when it comes to...
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Random Doubles with Friends - [Smash Bros Ultimate]
This is what Sakurai wanted. Check out more stream highlights and more videos over thissaway:
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Kick The Can - A Duck Hunt Montage [Smash Bros Ultimate]
Song: Kick The Can by Bus Stop Well that was fun to do. Hope y'all enjoy the montage. Duck Hunt Dog is oodles of fun to play and probably annoying...
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I'm Starting To Like Kirby - A Quick Smash Ultimate Montage
I'm still sorta searching for a main. Yoshi feels pretty good but there's certain things I don't like about the way they control. And the recovery....
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Easy Mode Modpack [Rain World] - Release Trailer
Download: Easy Mode Modpack v1.0 A rebalance and overhaul of Rain World's...
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Rain World (2017)
Easy Mode Modpack (Testing Stream #2)
What is Easy Mode Modpack? What issues did you have with Rain World?
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[Paladins] My Final Game into Diamond Rank
Uncommentated sadly, but a pretty funny/cool game none the less. ─────────────────────────...
2018-12-29 5:08:04 PM ● 20 views ● 9:45 100.00% liked
Paladins (2016)